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1. A Dissonant Prelude To Divine Decay

2. The Downfall Of Jezira

[lyrics by Birgit Lages]

blood from our blood
flesh from our flesh
spirit from our spirit
death from our grace
now it's the downfall of Jezira.

they may try it all their lives
to become a bit like us
they may live a million years
but they will never understand

for in darkness we rule
for in ages we roam
for in silence we grow
and we wait

a dark fire we'll be
a cold floating stream
an impermeable fog
a galaxy

a miracle we are,
a promise unspoken,
a curse

the gods have left the burning heavens,
the angels have fallen to earth and died
now it's the downfall of Jezira.

3. Demons's Diaspora

[lyrics by Birgit Lages]

and me,
as demons dance between
the stars and our secrets,
I am the centre of the world.
So woe betide you,
woe betide you.

and me,
as olden gods grow stronger,
I am the one who knows about
the fire burning cold and cruel.
and in my redness I shall rule.

if you could see what's in my head,
what would you be looking for?
what would you expect to find,
and what if it was not there?

and me,
as all the world grows blind,
I will see that proud you wear my sign.
so I will recognize you then
and you will drink the blood of doom.

if you could see my visions grow
would you believe in what I see?
and will you follow me then, blind?
and what if we will reach the end?

4. Sestra

5. Gods Of Gloom

[lyrics by Birgit Lages]

there is something going on
and it's rough
and it's cruel
and it's deeply satisfying

there is something from inside
that is huge
that is cruel
that is something that you'll never understand.

somewhere beyond the far horizon
the gods of gloom and gore arise
where from an everlasting wound
bleeding are the western skies

the darkness talks, if you do listen
the silence will dance at times
if you don't live within this world
you'll never know about the fight
that's fought within myself so often,
you'll never know what demons dream
how wolves became a part of me,
how crows and ravens rule the night.

watch me rise
as I celebrate your decay
watch me grow
as I fall
and pray

6. Opus Noctis

[lyrics by Birgit Lages / Uli Bauer]

l'ombra della notte
circonda la materia della terra
I corvi fanni grandi cerchi
sapra dimenticati nell'passato.

posti, dore fuerrieri sono diventati eroi
e la spade diventano rossi dall'sangue.

cold shadows arise
from the darkness within
like ravens they glide
above times that have been

at places where once
delusion and lies
turned into death

'cause sometimes they lie
and in oceans of blood
they drown the truth
sometimes we die.

un tempo, dore la rabbia era forte
e nessuno sapera chi era buono o male
che l'ora della vendetta riarrivera,
e la povere creature spariscono
nella palude dell'eternita

sometimes satan takes a fancy
to assume the shape of man
and walk among the mortals
to learn about their desires
to open wide the portals
for his coming from the other side

7. Blood Dark Floods

[lyrics by Birgit Lages]

born from illusions, bread by dreams
no one can follow us.
we were gone before we came, alone, eternal
dark and damned

don't ever try to understand
no consolation
and when we reach what we came for
it won't be a victory,

it's just the beginning of another end

the mechanism masochism
you have given back hell to me
and I will keep it now and forever
my mechanism masochism

as long as you sit calm and small
you'll never feel the chains
and then we'll create ourselves a god
without whom we cannot live.
at night like a big black beast
with scars and blood dark floods

there's the beginning of another end

the mechanism masochism
you have given hell back to me
and I will keep it now and forever
my mechanism masochism

8. The Anatomy Of Melancholy

[lyrics by Birgit Lages]

you are not there anymore
where you used to be
but you are wherever I am

here in my heart
there's no more love
there's no belief
in heaven above

here in my mind
there's sorrow and pain
here is my life
poor and in vain

from a distance I hear voices
words that I remember well
spoken in another world
a million light years back in time

there`s an echo of emotions
lived through in another life
a dimension long forgotten
maybe in another me

a look in my eyes tells you about hidden secrets
the blood on my hands shows where I've been
the words I don't speak run from darkest desires
the scars on my soul talk of what I've seen

from a dark and bitter silence
shadows rise so grey and cold
and long before the time was born
those dark, forbidden things were old

you are not there anymore
where you used to be
but you are wherever I am

9. Dark Angel

[lyrics by Birgit Lages]

and yes, we are mortal
now that we've left Eden.
the raven's calling for my soul.
come, dark angel, strengthen me.

ablaze my rage, come, dark angel,
tear open my wounds, let me bleed.
keep me free of indifference,
drink my sorrows, gorge my grief.

help me to shine in godlike anger,
help me never to forget,
let me hate and let me live,
let me remember that we've met

and that you've cast your spell on me.
far off lies the universe,
sunk in ashes, mud and tears,
far off lies reality.

and yes, we are vulnerable,
vulnerable and earth tied.
but it doesn't matter any more.
come, dark angel, be my guide.

before I slip into the damnation
of obedience and apathy
in a cloud of dust and blood
come, dark anger, rescue me.

10. Raben Nutte

[lyrics by Jachym Topol]

Ich hörte eine Stimme
hab Maschinen gesehn
es waren Raben da.
Zwei schwarze Vögel ihr Gefieder hat die Nutte gelutscht
sie zischten die Spucke der Nutte
ist auf die harte Erde getropft ich zog den Draht
und tötete sie die Krallen die Schnäbel der Draht
wurden zum Collier.
Es schien die Sonne
aber es war kalt wie im Krieg. Ich hatte meine eigene Religion.
Die Menschen als Futter des Todes. Den hielt ich in der Hand
und liebkoste ihn. Und hatte Angst.
Aus dem Blut wurden Monster geboren.
Auf der Erde wuchsen Flecken.
Das Wasser zermalmte die Knochen im Lehm.
Ich erreichte die Stadt und fand dieses Haus
da war meine Liebe
sie trug ein weißes Kleid
und war tot.

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