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1. L8x Queen

Wanna tell you a story
About this girl I knew
I became mesmerized
And got my head screwed
She's been playing with my mind
And she knows it far too well
She's my obsession
I'm a slave under her spell

'Cos what she wants she will always get

Her looks might fool you
But innocent she is not
When she struts around
Heads spin on the spot
She might play the violin
In that black latex dress
But she will never blow my horn
Or become my mistress

'Cos what she wants she will always get

She knows the game and she can play it well
How to make a man's life into a living hell
In the distance, she looks so damn fine
But I know she won't ever be mine

What there's inside
I don't want to know
I'd rather keep my dream 'cos
She might be a scarecrow
She knows how to fake herself
Into every man's dream
But reality becomes a nightmare
For the latex queen

'Cos what she wants she will always get
But what she got left her goods to rot

2. One More For The Dead

Raise the glass or raise the roof
It's all the same
I raise the chalice for all those
Who are in the grave
I wrote this song to remember
And to never forget
The ones in my heart
Who are now laid to rest

I remember all the joys we had
When you were still here
Thinking of you, my friends
Wets my eyes with tears
But I can't cry forever
'Cos life is ahead
You are always in my heart
So let me sing
One more for the dead

You were the king, you were the clown
Always there hanging around
You might be gone but your spirit lives on
And that is why I sing this song

I wish you had died in my arms
But that wasn't meant to be
I did everything I could
You meant so much to me

3. Morning Sun

Good morning, Sun
How do you feel today?
Lead us with your light
When we are astray

We will lose, we all will die
The countdown has begun
But as long as I live
I will enjoy the morning sun

My morning sun
Tell us when the darkness descends
Or when our almighty quest will end
So we can prepare us for the worst
And find salvation before the outburst

Good evening, Sun
How was your day?
As your curtains have fallen
Wake those who lie

4. Human Value Zero

Home, religion, and fatherland
Terms carved in stone, now engraved in sand
Indifference is our host
All information guiding us lost

We pay the price
If we let our minds to the blind

Please, mistress, set me free
And do your dirty deeds
Don't exhale, just suck
Screw morality and fuck
Pornographic revolution
Mandatory masturbation
Evolution of society
The decline of humanity

We pay the price
If we let our minds to the blind
We live a life
Where emotions are hard to find

Who is the master, the living disaster
Who is the lord, who'll die by the sword
Who is the king, the lord of the ring
Who is the hero, where human value is set to zero

No need for fantasies
In a virtual world
There our dreams
Become reality
We don't need emotions
Just faster processors
Our lives are complete
Without humanity

5. The Dragon

I wanna be on top of the world
I try to get higher than before
How do we find the truth
By searching for solitude?
We sail through the depths of our souls
As we run away from God

In my dream
You lie next to me
You are like poison
A divine but deadly disease

I - I would like to hate you
But the taste of deaths remains so sweet
You are a deadly infection
But someone always wants a trick or treat

When the beast has been awakened
It will stay awake forever
You can't turn back the clock anymore
When it all gets too hard to handle
The dragon is there to heal
But in the end a tear will run my cheek

The dragon
You are the fuel in my veins
The dragon
You don't you leave my brains

6. Geysir

There was a time
When you were young and restless
You looked to the sky
Spreading warthm and joy
Higher and higher
Down from the ground
When you erupted
Our world turned

Then came a time
When man wanted more
You were torn apart
And crucified to your core
You breathed and lived
As the heart of the world
You cried for help
But were never heard

Geysir - show us your power and your might
Geysir - spread your wings to the starlight

You couldn't survive
All the torture and abuse
Your soul was exploited
By man with no excuse
Why do we wake up too late
To see what's happening
Why don't we even learn
What nature is teaching

7. Nightderanger

I am your nightderanger
I am your soul eraser
I'm gonna get you high
I'm gonna suck you dry
I am your inspirator
I am your devastator
I'm gonna make you learn
I'm gonna make you burn

I'm gonna make you change
And won't that feel strange
Just sit back and enjoy the ride
Your life won't be the same
But don't be ashamed
The shame will always subside

I will bring you glory
I will bring you sin
I will bring you power
IThe kingdom within

Escape your reality
And take a trip with me
'Cos I am your destiny
Your boring life will be
A distant memory
Just accept my bribery

Don't try to get away
I'm here to make you stay
This is your lucky day
What, don't you like to play?

Just take a taste of me
And you'll be under my spell
Because I am your nightderanger
And you're going straight to hell

8. Live To Suffer

It's so sad to see the way you act
When you ruin your life by being sacked
You try to convince yourself things are fine
Why don't you just admit you're sliding to the wrong side

I've seen the way you were and the way you're now
So I'd like to stretch out my hand somehow

Before it hunts you down

Reborn through pain - or live to suffer
Is this the way you wanna live your life
Sacrifising your body, soul, and mind
Reborn through pain - or live to suffer
No easy way out as you know
But on this route you know where you will go

I'm not going to preach but only make you think
I won't just stand still and look as you sink
If you swim in firewater you might get burned
So grab my hand before the tide has turned

9. Dead Man'S Hand

I'm sitting at the table
With four aces and a king
I know I have hit the jackpot
And it's my turn to win
Today's been the day
I have dreamt for my whole life
I rocked hell and rolled
Three sixes with the dice

My luck has finally turned
I got what I deserved

I didn't know I was playing with a dead man's hand
And there is no escape from no-man's land

I had four aces and the king
But I forgot the joker
A bullet through the head
Wins any hand in poker

I didn't know I was playing with a dead man's hand
And there is no escape from no-man's land
I made a pact with the devil for gold and glory
And that was the end of my life and my story

Bet, hold,
Raise, fold
Win, fall

I wanted to live in luxury and never go bust
But as I died my gold was equal to rust

10. Castle Of The Stars

I have never been able to move mountains
I have never been able to sing nice
I could not even draw a picture
I failed in everything I tried

I was shattered before I met you
You took my hand and made me whole
I'm sorry there's not much I can give
Except this song, my heart, and my soul

Look at the stars
And what they could tell you
Look at the sky
And try to imagine how high we could fly

I won't ever get invited
To the temple of the king
I'm poor so there isn't much I can give you
Except my dream, a prayer, and a wing

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