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1. Universal Glory


2. Children Of The Earth

On earth, children of the eternal light slowly hear the universal call .
They transcend their fears and unite with the Creation.
Beyond the wall of illusion.
Beyond the wall of death.
They are the ones who will bring back the spirit of real Love into the heart of Men.

Into the shadows of the night
Where all the light seems to fade away
Last hope for mankind, here we stand once again
Under a blackened sun my friend
Trapped by a deadly masquerade
Free men are shining for the world 'till the end

I feel my spirit rising
A power mesmerizing
A cosmic glory in my hands
The universe is calling
The everlasting dream
I feel the power rising again

United as one, we're the children of hope
We've heard the call from our soul
Galderian dreamers, we still carry on
For the universal call

We are the children of the earth
We are the ones to break the curse
The universe is calling for all of us
We are the children of the sky
We are the light, the only chance for all mankind
We stand united as one

After millennia of fear
We reach the point where we'll return
Back to the land of light where all dreams remain
And then the sun will rise again
Held by one hundred thousand men
The Universality will shine in our hands

I feel my spirit rising
A power mesmerizing
Now all the darkness fades away

So when the sun shines again
Inside the heart of every man
Into the whole world for mankind
We'll find the way to paradise
Out of the darkness of the lies
Truth and unity, all as one
Beyond the universe we'll rise
Across the sea of a million stars
Out of the void ruled by the blind
Glory of freedom in our hands
Beauty of life to light our days
Love and purity, so divine!!

3. Universality

I've searched for a long time for answers and wisdom all around
I've found and followed the clues inside my mind
I look around me, a strange world, a false reality
I feel a deadly mighty eye that looks at me!

Mankind is going mad! I'm leaving the ground
Alone! Far behind!
I know there's a place, out in the space
Where wisdom shines bright

Out in the sky
Where the dreams learn to fly
There is a true revelation of life
Open the gate
And a million will see!
The Universality will shine for you and for me

When all minds of the universe will see the clues inside their entity
They'll find the means to understand their destiny
Legions of dreamers, full of power, will rise above the air
A million voices will unite everywhere!

And wisdom will guide Creation in light, salvation in minds!
And all of the races of all the space will unite to find the keys
Of all mysteries!!!

Here, in the soul of men, awaits a universal dream
A revelation for everyone!

4. Raise The World

Firelight is ripping the world
Mankind is sleeping under the stars
Illusions possess our minds
Blinded by lies, we crawl on a velvet ground
We still learn to follow the blind
Now wake up or pay the price

It's the time of the sorrow
We all live in the fear
What will be our tomorrow?
Lost for a million of years

Raise the world
Faster we rise, one with the stars
Brothers unite for all mankind
Into the light, follow the sign
Follow me

From the stars echoes of cosmic light
Resound through the universe
To teach how to break the curse
Voice of God is calling from our very soul
The spirit of Creation
Now wake up and hear the call

-Dying time is here in a scream of light
-Men shout in agony, lost deep inside
--Darkness has come from the space to kill us all
--Reptiles are crawling inside our souls
-No place you can run, we control it all
-Men shout in agony, the last dance has come!!

5. Sundancers

The Spirit of Life is inside all of us.
This feeling makes us experience the vibrating Creation around us in a phantasmagoria, a complete harmony.
It awakens inside us this joy, and absolute sense of euphoria which actually is being alive...connected with the whole universe.
The Spirit of Life is pure Love.

A flash of light, a beacon in the dead of night
Can you see? Something's calling from the sky
Yes I hear! The power of the thunder
Strikes the ground to awake all the dead in mind

Time to rise, to fly into the endless sky
To feel the breeze of life again
The air, the sea, are crying out in agony
To tell us to change our way to live

Now the sky opens wide before my eyes
Millions of stars! Beacons in the dead of night
Now the dawn emerges at the horizon
We see the sun returning from the underworld

In the soul, the dream is here for everyone
The sun is shining again my friend
Flying free, fly into an ecstasy
The breeze of life is inside of me

We dance in the sun
We feel alive and so free on the run
Yes we dance, no return
We chase a dream and the way just begun
We feel alive and so free on the run
Eyes are shining bright! With joy we dance in the sun

The dream is living inside our soul
The way to find it lies inside us all
Can you feel it? The call from above!

Yes, I can hear it. I can hear the call, the call, the call!

6. Far Space

Somewhere, in the immensity of Creation, the eternal realm of unity awaits.
One day, when Men hear the universal call from the inside of their soul, this realm will be revealed.
Lies will be thrashed by truth.
And what is inconsciousness will become consciousness for there's nothing that
is out there that is not illusion.
Truth is inside and so is the path to the universal realm.

Alone in the far space, I drift in a spaceship
Escaped from the madness to save my old dream
Far in the distance I search for your trace
Here in the silence will you reveal your face?

I dive into the far space
Alone in the far space
I search a distant trace of a place far beyond!

Aeons through the stars, guided by my own heart
Galderia is calling all the universal dreams
A celestial harmony, land of universal unity
Here no place for slavery, it's the place where I would be!

One day, the world will learn, and so, I will return
When the children of the earth will understand that all we are one,
That all we are the children of the universe!

7. Galderians

Time will show us the way
Hope and dreams will remain
I swear by the truth and the light
That one day Galderia will rise
Dreamers, the dream is alive
Here, just deep inside
The realm of the eternal light
Will show us the way through this life

All of us here for the light
Galderians call through the stars
We unite in our hearts, for the kingdom we rise
For the spirit of freedom inside

We all stand together
In a place we call home
In a land full of hope
Here we'll shine forever
And the spirit lives on
Inside of us all
The legions of free men, Galderians, as one!!!

Wisdom is our religion
Freedom our guide on the run
With honour and courage we rise
For the true mighty spirit of life
All the universal light shines
Like a dream in our hearts
Our kingdom awaits far beyond
A diamond of wonders to find!!

8. Ocean Of Light

From the ashes of the lies, we are rising from the stones
Legions of the light, we share the dream of love
And the spirit in our heart, the strength to carry on
We are rising on, rising on and on

From a world of misery, where illusion's all around
We break the chains of agony to rise up with the stars
Joy is our key to sail the ocean of light
We are sinning on, shining on and on
We are sailing on, sailing on and on

To the land where all dreams are calling
We sail the ocean of love
Through the storms we transcend all fears
In the soul the spirit lives on
And the quest for life's never-ending
We sail an ocean of light
Through the stars our land is awaiting
We are one, and the spirit lives on

To the air and the sea
We are born to be free
Now we sail to the ocean of dreams
To the stars from above
To the ocean of love
We are one in a same energy
We are one, horn to be free!!

When the world does understand that the power is inside
That the key is in our hands, we'll reach out for the skies
But the choice we have to make is waiting our heart
Will you understand? Before the end
Will you understand? Rise before the end

We sail the ocean of fate
We dive as one into the silent space
Do you remember the days when we were young?
And the dream of love that shone inside our souls?
There's a light for mankind, here, inside us all
Will you come with us on our way back home?...

9. Beyond The Cosmic Winds

The door to salvation lies inside the heart of human being.
The key is in his hands.
The choice belongs to him.

Someday we'll fly
Someday we'll return to the sky
Into the glory, the power, the spirit will arise
After the wars, after the madness and the lies
Mankind will return, resurrected by the universal light!
Unity found inside of us all
Like a diamond in the sky
Forever rising!

Riding the cosmic winds of a dream
Higher and higher we fly
Now that it's time
You realize that the key is the love from inside your soul

Beyond the stars
Salvation is calling our minds
The spirit of freedom,
Of the universal dream, is alive!
After the wars, after the madness and the lies
Mankind will return
Resurrected by the power from inside!
We travel this world, and the cosmic Creation
Just to find all the answers: why and how!

Ho, ho, ho
Somewhere beyond
Ho, ho, ho
Beyond the clouds

In the stars, echoes of cosmic light are calling for the dream that lives inside our hearts
We are the ones to try! We are the ones to fly across the silver sky, the shining paradise

10. Rising Soul

Fire and thunder are striking the ground
From the universe we can hear the sound
The power is rising to give us the force
To transcend all illusions around

Where is the glory? The spirit inside?
The ashes of decay are ripping mankind
Lost in agony we fall through the abyss
Of madness ruled by the blind

Flying up to the light, just to find
The way through the lies
Freedom is awaiting the choice from our heart
Calling out for the dream, the Universality's realm
Freedom and unity, from deep inside

And so I've learned to be one with myself
Body and soul, united my friend
The key to salvation is here in our hands
And I know that we'll rise at the end

I'll find the way to reach the sky
Another day will shine on earth

I try to reach for the stars
To never return again
Flying high, beyond the light
To find my own way through this pain
Rising again

11. One Million Dreams

Keep the faith my friends!
The power of the spirit will lead us into eternity.

We're searching for answers, we search for the light
We'll never surrender, we're born in the fight
None shall remember who was good or bad
But we all stand together 'til the end of our time
All we are strangers in a dark evil world
Still searching for answers, for the true mighty words
Dreamers and loners, all those who heard the call
Unite all together! For the light! One for all! Beware! Be strong! We stand as one, we fight for light not for gold

I follow the fire from the sky
A never-ending thrill, here in my mind
One million dreams from deep inside
After the rain the sun will shine
After the storm the rainbow will rise
Nothing is lost if you can find
Another dream in your mind

Always remember the fire inside
That will guide you forever if you follow your mind
Look at the future! See all the madness!
To understand this world you must free you heart from the blindness

Wake up! It's time!
Dreamer, dream now!!
Spread out your holy light

12. Call To The World

We march to the end, in a world of lies
We keep in our hands hope and love alive
We search in our dreams for the truth inside
Forever free! Will you hear us cry?

United once again in this end of time
The power in our hands will show them the truth from the lies
The spirit inside leads us to survive
Salvation to find! Will you see us rise?

We call to the world all the dreams of light
We spread in our words the truth from inside
We stand in our minds for the land of light
Hear our call to the world for the spirit of life

Rise for the truth until the day you die
Keep inside of you all your dreams to wake up the blind
And finally rise with a cosmic mind
Free from all lies, you will realize!

13. Outro


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