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1. Beyond The Universe

Stars are shining so far away
Even though they died a long time ago
The world is only a tiny place
In a universe that still is unknown

Are we the only ones? (in this universe alone?)
Is our mission here undone?

Far beyond the galaxy, is there a place for you and me?
And if it’s true then I will follow
The world has served me pretty well, but has now turned into a hell
So I'll be leaving here tomorrow

Fear is filling my heart and soul
But I know it all will fade when we reach our goal
Let’s go! We fly with the speed of light
To a destination that is still unknown

Beyond the universe, destiny will call
Beyond the universe, a future for us all
Forever going on, until we find this place
Beyond the universe, we know there is a place that we can call home

Where do we go from here my friend,
is this the beginning or is it the end?

2. Hellfire

Words are pouring from your mouth again
Friendly eyes is smiling, wants to be your friend
There is a beast behind the mask that is ready to attack
Once you walk into his trap he will watch your neck snap

Falling down into the trap, there is no way out for you

Hellfire, burn burn, we wanna watch you burn

Always waiting for another one to come
Starts out friendly and then they break you when it’s done
Like a cat who’s playing with a mouse that’s on the run
They chase you down and bring you back to finish what’s begun

3. Lost Forever

In my heart, in my soul
There is a darkness that could unfold
Hold it back, push it down, don’t release his evil crown
It’s a king, it’s a god, it wants’ control over my blood

Can you hear me now?
Or are you lost forever?
Trapped inside of your mind
Can you see me now?
Or are you blinded forever?
Please don’t leave us all behind

In my mind, there is something wrong
I can feel it, it won’t be long
Hold it back, push it down, don’t release his evil crown
It’s a king, it’s a god, it wants’ control over my blood

No more light, no more me
I have redrawn myself, and ceased to be
You let it out, you let it loose, the evil crown he now will use
It’s a king, it’s a god, it has control over my blood

4. Mirror Of Truth

Once your born you start to die
From the air that keeps you alive
As you grow it's hard to stay true
To yourself and the people around you

Searching, for the answers to it all
Sometimes you may wish that you had never been born at all

Creating a wall, afraid you're gonna fall
You don't want anyone else to see the same as you do,
when you look into
The mirror can tell, even though you hide it well
You don't want anyone else to see the same as you do,
when you look into the mirror of truth

Hate, hate I see it in your eyes
even though you're wearing a disguise
I told you once, I told you twice
I am the truth, I am the real you

5. Bounded By Blood

Down in a hole, dirty and cold
Crawl through the mud and into the light
Fire below, faster we go
Now it is time, we’re gonna break free

The big wheels are turning
Over and over again

Now that we see all the horror and pain
We must walk through the darkness and rain
The sun we will see if we stand through the flood
Because we are bounded by blood

Over the wall, get out of sight
Never give up without a fight
Tormented souls, crying in pain
Now is the time we’re gonna break free

6. Ode To The Past


7. Farewell

There is a voice deep inside, and it’s telling me to go
Far too long I have tried to heal, but I know it’s time for a change

Hold on to your dreams, don’t ever let them fade away
Because you only got one life
Even though I'm leaving here today, I won’t forget about yesterday
And you will always be in my heart
But this is farewell

All the years I spent with you, is something I will never regret
Your memory will never die, but now it’s time to say goodbye

8. The Raven

They are calling from far away
The voices are crying for help
and I have to leave tonight

I am flying through a thunderstorm
Navigating in the night
I'm diving from the rain

I am the Raven, king of the sky
Show me the reasons to live or let die
Falling from heaven, a master of flight
I am the Raven fear me tonight

I am the Raven

Below I can see my destiny
Up in the sky looking down at my pray
as they run away

I am gliding silently
Trough the air, down to earth
you'll never hear me come

9. Behind These Walls

Staring at the wall, I see the shadow fall
Is there someone at the door? Have I been in here before?
Voices calling, please don’t let them take me
Voices calling, there’s no place to hide
Darkness falling, terror creeps inside me
Darkness falling, the smell of death arrives

Behind these walls, tears are falling
Behind these walls, every day feels like there's no tomorrow
Behind these walls, the darkness is moving
Behind these walls, here you shall stay forever more

My heart is slowing down, as I lay here on the ground
When I take my final breath, I close my eyes and welcome death

What happened to me?
Am I dead?
Is this really the end?
Can I go back?
Please let me go!
Please, please let me go!

10. Falling Into The Abyss

Doors are closing, system fails
The final curtain is now falling down
Take a bow and say goodbye
The lights go off for the very last time

No more great reviews
No more applause

Falling down it seems like there is no ground
Don't know how I ended up this way
On the edge is where I spent most of my time
Falling deep into the abyss again

Liquid shadows on the wall
The show is over and the audience is gone
Empty rooms and empty chairs
The theatre of life is ending here

Coming back from the beyond
I see that people have been moving on
Thinking that I might be forgot
But my memory lives on forever more

11. Dark Secrets

Behind the perfect smile lurks the dark
A twisted mind who likes control
Inside the kindness you'll find hate
A heart of ice and no remorse

Wake up the world and realize what is wrong
Open up your eyes and see all the things that are going on
Find the things that we have lost in a world so cold and grey
When you see something you don't like don't turn the other way

In a cage born and raised, is that right?
The only purpose is to please our greed
Man plays god and can do anything, is that right?
We only see what we want to see, yeah that's right!

12. Last Chance

From sunrise to sunset
All over the world
People are dreaming of a much better world
The colours are fading
The fields are no longer green
The water is being poisoned
Do you know what this means?

When the last chance is coming it might be to late
We must open up our eyes stay strong and keep the faith
All the things that man has done isn’t always for the good
Now it’s time to change our ways and I hope it’s understood
It’s our last chance

From the dawn of time
From the very first crime
Man has evolved for better or for worse
Why are we doing this?
Why don't we care?
Why can't we all be friends and take care of what's out there?

It’s our last chance
It’s our last chance
It’s our last chance
It’s our last chance

Thomas Chr. Hansen ‒ Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards

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