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1. Sentinels Of Light

Shame, guilt, anger, wrath

To cure yourself
To prove them wrong
It’s an endless battle
In an obscure void

Humiliation guaranteed
Dropping your tears on the graves of your fathers
Washing your hands from inevitable guilt

Rewarded for committing crimes
Life’s overrated
You’ll die one thousand times
Reality is nothing but a lie

Sentinels of light
Show me the way to freedom
I’m not here to stay
Sentinels of light
Take my hand
We’ll fade away

Doubt, grief, panic, woe

Mischievous reasoning
Unknown by some
Enjoyed by many
But left ignored

[Repeat verse]
[Repeat chorus]

2. Negativity

A lost outlet
defined by other’s promises
it’s a sinner who leads your way
Among deserted fields
gain the courage to follow through
end the world in cold blood
Inflame my heart with tales
of rebels who fought well
they gave their lives and failed
Depict the horizon
left by the gloomy arrival
of thousands of mad men
a new age of denial
The skies are falling
no prophecy foresaw the enraging desire
of underrated power
Untrodden empires
endowments from the idols
Shift into beings of light
set your boundaries on fire
Bring your devices of torture
Put your own head in the deadliest one
I doubt that anyone will ever care
so give up faith
Retrain from coming back for a rematch
the gates are closed and there’s no way back
so welcome to the endless pit of souls
find your own spot and leave me alone
A ghost threshold
exposed to you as valid truth
subjugation of self control
Amidst no man’s land
extermination of cynic fools
inhumane conclusion

[Repeat verse]

Look into the eyes of fortune
the evolving circle fades into the night
reincarnation found its last stage
so give up faith

allow your demons to take over you
what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger too
until you realize it’s better
to stop demanding what you cannot have

[Repeat chorus]

3. Barbed Wires

I don’t want you to rectify me
The truth lies far beyond men’s wit
It’s dark so you won’t get to see your own creation; Extermination
It’s boundless, fearless, vicious…
and it’s coming for you right now
Whatcha’ gonna’ do?
Watch your own back
then realize that it’s never going to stop
Limited expression
Signs of neglectful discipline
You gave them one reason
to give it up and die alone
This is as far as you can go
My fate is false and you’re not real
The maze I’m trapped in will reveal
the truth to what I’m doing here
so take it or leave it
I don’t need you to reach my goals
You weren’t there when I lost my war
So I’m prepared to walk through barbed wires on my way out
Don’t try to run away from me
I don’t care this was meant to be
I’ll find you just to prove you wrong
You cannot defeat me
You treated me like a simple toy
What’s right for me is wrong for you
With a smile on my face I cut through barbed wires on my way out

[Repeat chorus]

4. Grayscale Rainbow

[feat. Jennifer Boldt]

Oh, It’s the weird kind of thrill
a burning desire that must fade away
Oh, I found my own way
(now go back to the start again)
Oh, Now that winter is near
I’ll glance at the past and smile again
Oh, You’ll fall into to this game
over again
And live life alone
all hope is gone
affliction grows
tears carve like acid
heartbeats pump coal
ground into dust
now the trial’s lost
Now again
sweet downfall prevails
let the anguish leave marks on the sink
and fight for breath
damn the thoughts of a new world
they’re like a feather in the sky vanishing in rue
Cursed memories, timeless stains of ink,
childish misconceptions, dust in the wind,
hearts shaped clouds, blurry silhouettes,
faceless individual, foreign to the cold…
Breeze from the north, pushing from above,
journey of the mindless, words left untold,
false promises, treasures thrown away,
wisdom cries that in the end it wasn’t…

Perfect… Perfect…
It wasn’t perfect after all
(There’s a shadow that flies away)
(I’m the flower that blooms again)
It wasn’t perfect after all
(Our redemption will come after midnight)
Oh, It’s the end of a tale
shattered to pieces that cut through the skin
Oh, It hurts to be sane
(the piercing rain strikes again)
So long my unrecognized friend
I’ll linger through shadows to make sure you’re there
in death you will take a glimpse of my face
it’s never too late
As young time goes on
Innocence falls
and letters burn
frozen flames melting
on ghostly roads
I’ll turn back the clock
for the sour fruit lost all its meaning
And again
the roads will not intersect
because these are brighter days
and times have changed
some belong to the cold
others should remain far beyond

[Repeat verse]
[Repeat chorus]

5. −needle−in−an−eye−

Segregate hate
to hear
the mind raping lewd symphony

Deceive them
one more time
Bring back your forbidden desires

They weep, they scream, they fear
they see the ghouls at night

They bleed, they need to feel
their skin being ripped apart

Dye the whiteness
with remnants of crimson lunatics

Set the bar high
become the new king of foolishness

[Repeat verse]

The pulse of regret is near

Lick the blood off my skin
(Needle in an eye, needle in an eye)

Drink all the acid in me
(Needle in an eye, needle in an eye)

Wash shame off your hands with spit
(Needle in an eye, needle in an eye)

Bite off the eyelids of the living
(Needle in an eye, needle in an eye)

We haven’t got far in life
their words are corrosive lies
the filth is what fuels our lives

[Repeat chorus]

Cruel as a god
you wipe off
the smile on your saviors' faces

Seize the death
of others
for your life is also valueless

[Repeat verse]

Push the thorn in
between wounded flesh and fingernails

Chug and gargle
the vomit from lustful harlots

[Repeat verse]
[Repeat chorus x2]

6. Like Hell

[originally by Loudness]

[Words by Minoru Niihara]

So many times, I've been lost
And blinded by the light
Caught up in a maze

Now I feel just like a wolf
Who forgot how to fight
And frozen by the haze

I was a hungry mean beast
I'll never be satisfied
Always looking for the next feast
Wailing for the next ride

Like hell, I'm gonna do it like hell
Like hell, I'm gonna rock you like hell
Like hell, I'm comin' at you like hell
Like hell, I'm gonna shock you like hell

Just one more sip to ease my thirst
Another for the fire
That's all I need

The time has come to break the spell
Or give in to desire
There ain't no in between

No, I won't stay and take it
Get caught up, standing still

Looking for a day to shake it
Looking for the kill

[Repeat chorus]

No more hiding in the shadows
Runnin' from the light
No more cryin' when the wind blows
Howling at the night

[Repeat chorus]

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