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1. Slowly We Crawl Towards Crumbs

Oh sweet adorable worm
Begotten in mud, born in mud
Barking at the void, slithering in circles, awry, so awry

Warding off bad luck
Always bouncing back bravely
Never stop looking at the unreachable
Envying the unattainable, the pure, the true,
Oh thou the corrupted

Wriggle with all your strength
Stubborn and acrimonious,
Wriggle to no avail for you're going nowhere
Digging in the mud ferociously looking for ways to escape
In vain of course in vain

Conjure up bad luck
Get a hold of yourself
Never stop staring at the unreachable
Beholding the unattainable, the pure, the true
Oh thou the limbless wretched

The mighty ones are so above,
In olden times, they moulded a world without entry
They feast there on the corpses of you and your siblings
While building houses of cards with your own destinies

But rest assured: They see you not
Utterly oblivious of your feeble existence,
Oh so feeble, perfectly unaware of your sufferings,
Your throes, your woes

Your ceaseless struggles
Until your demise
For nothing but half rotten crumbs
Incommensurable amounts of petty griefs
Minuscule tragedies, cute little agonies, yet unnoticed

You screech
You slay your fellow worms pitilessly
for their crumbs and truth be told,
Sometimes they watch, they watch and then they giggle:
Your strifes for crumbs, jaws ajar, nails sharpened,
Cruel and lethal bitings,ceaselessly
For nothing but crumbs, so deliciously hilarious harken!
You may hear their disdainful giggles

Crawl, crawl further, beyond the feasible
Lower yourself furthermore for more unfulfilling scraps
Slither in bile for just a few miserable ones
And preserve the precious fruits of your labor

Struggle with all your strength
Mulish and bitter but spiteful,
You wallow in your sludge without going anywhere
Oh thou the worthless

Scream your lungs out to no avail as you’re fading away
Your sharpest, most piercing yells are unheard
For they join the cacophony of the worms which cannot be distinguished
The abhorred din of vacuity

Keep the pot boiling, get angered, there’s no way to be resigned before your last breath
Embrace your fate You’re doomed to perish with dry, half rotten crumbs in your dismal mouth

As your remains will be served inside a shabby coffin painfully purchased with your very last saving
Your siblings will all celebrate your demise by devouring your meagre body and feasting on your leftovers

2. Spit At My Face, I Will Pluck Your Tongue Out

A little phlegm goes a long way
says the worm to his putrid self
Shriveled, limp and limbless
On and on he drones,
so runs the phlegm, slowly
and it never dries up, mephitic

Nauseating, sickening, you strike from a distance
Filthy coward, gutless, stuck to the ground,
Skyless realm of mediocrity
Flat world of utter morass, laughably trapped

A little frustration goes a long way
says the beetle to his blackened self,
glutton for excrements
Fiend for filth and tar,
nourished by the waste of others
gutter-licker, sour and acrid

Nauseating, sickening, you strike from a distance
Filthy coward, gutless, stuck to the ground,
Skyless realm of mediocrity
Flat world of utter morass, laughably trapped

And yet you dare blabber, spit at my face
Relentlessly, always hiding behind my back
Out of reach, down below so below
I feel a sting but I can't see you, vermin
Such a ridiculous sting, strengthless,
alone it bothers me not, I hardly notice it
but the accumulation triggers the pain

Enough is enough, I shan't tolerate this anymore
I've been through too much, endured for too long
the countless army of vermin, anonymous and secure
One minuscule spurt after the other,
forming an ocean of unbearable foulness
A microbe's bite, impossible to feel on its own
Repeated a million times, turning into an atrocious Leviathan of spite and envy
A megalopolis of cowardice, towering high in the crimson sky of my harassed soul
Now rise, on your feet, face me, brace yourself
The time has come, your day of Reckoning
Review your choices, smell your own trail of filth

I am the Judge, the Jury and the Executioner
And I'm so eager to pronounce and enforce the sentence
I hereby declare thee guilty of gutlessness

Exposed, revealed, naked and frail
I am seizing you, garroting your throat,
mouth agape, your eyes staring in terror
Wet, crimson and bulging, veins-riddled

The time has come and you know it
Yeah your time has come and you know it!
Lo and behold, it is swelling: your tongue!
It is mine, oh yes, it is thoroughly mine

I plunge my claw in your gaping mouth
and I pluck your tongue out, your blood gushing forth
transparent, lukewarm and fluid
Then I vomit back your bile in your mouth
Finally I clamp it shut for good

3. Vermin

4. Vanishing Once And For All

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