Dark Lyrics


1. Blood, Phlegm And Vomit

It's time to regret the day you were born
So curse all the prostitutes who gave you this burden!
Called LIFE! Yes LIFE! You know what it deals with now?

You are just a bunch of rotting corpses to me
I will grind your tongue, pierce your eyes and cut your ears!
Vomit in your mouths, skin you alive and lick your wounds!
Then, I will take your guts out and defecate on them!
In the name of our LORD! Yes in the name of our LORD!

Finally, you will tied (sic) down and left to a herd of pigs in rut
You will be defiled and I will sew your little holes with barbed wires!

I want to inhale the smell of your burning flesh
Then, I will bathe my face in your own blood
Yet, I will carefully keep you alive until the gallows
I will be the first one sitting butt naked on your corpse
And I will devour you for the sheer pleasure of vomiting you out

2. 21st Century Ineptia

Scums! Chant for me
Worms! Crawl to me
Corpses! Rot for me

Men! Bow to me
Women! Be free to pleasure me
Children! Feed me

Minions! Lick my feet
Slaves! Worship me
Insects! Obey my will
I'm the lord Ineptia

Thus now you know your god
The master of Defection and Falseness
Run and rush to nothingness
Rejoice in the baseness I offer you
Love the intellectual void I feed you with
No food for thoughts, you're on ground zero
No wonder, no pain

You worms! Crawl to me
You plagued! Empower me
Already dead, still walking
Accomplices in the arrival of the Great Ineptia

Thus now you know your world
A world where I rule with Art
Flesh puppets of my will
Your mind is gone to ashes
Bow your head, walk in line
Fuel the machinery I am
Break your hands, your spines
There is no truth except my lies

Don't even dare to think by yourself
You've already been lobotomized by my toys
Turning consumption to compulsion
Turning culture to ignorance

Do the will of thy Architect
Grease the wheels with your blood

When you'll awake, it'll already be too late
Storm comes near, inside your mind
You tend to find out but you're delusional
The law of the new Era mass control
Poor media, you scream in horror
But nobody cares!!!

Inhale the fragrance of my stench
You're the source of it all
It comes and goes as you get in deeper waters
Conditioned behaviors only feed me more
As mediocrity and idiocy are the new standards

You live by it, you live in it
You crawl like worms, my worms
What you preach is what I vomit
My wastes are your idols

But deep inside, you know something
Is still moving but you forbid yourself
To face it to unveil the truth
Beyond the plan, to reach once again
Your own consciousness

Now you see, you all belong to me
My world of worms, my brethren
Pathetic empty shells under my will
This is how I spread Ineptia

Awakening in the sweat of awareness
The horror of understanding dilating the eye
The ridiculous dominion of all that is superficial
In the Great Ineptia era, nothing is random

Walk the line, watch your feet
The unbearable predicament of being a toy
The story of your existence, same as all the others
Will end up in the coffin that feeds my machine

The final chapter is already written
The coldness of the barrel on you tongue
The Final Clap of the Trigger

3. Deceived Idealism

All these squandered but precious years could have been spared
Keeping faith with mankind has led you do a well deserved dire fate
You could have avoided all these mockeries and this awful sense
Which have both led you to a path on which nothingness dwells

But you have remained adamant that this was the decent path
Trying to reach a respected social status, all mirrors and filthy lies
By smoothing your life over, always smiling to fate, whatever comes
ow the stench is poignant but still you refuse to acknowledge it

So bury once and for all every single one of these stinking principles
Dictated by that so-called moral and that will to become someone honorable
Set now an example of yourself by walking with a conspicuous humiliation placard
Then embrace your deserved misery in the middle of the most crowded public place

There yell your pathetic story like a martyred pig and beg them all to stone you to death
Rejoice when the stones hit your shameful face expressing the sign of your own defeat
Purify your body with the mixture of blood and humiliating spits covering your mortal flesh
And ask for pity to be able to teach the lessons of benefaction to your children and relatives

But guess what? They won't listen to you at all, ignorant filth, they'd rather forget you
Forsaken creature, you will be left alone, scorned and scolded like a guilty wimpy child
Protest in vain, your weeping won't be considered as rain falling on a burning dried up soil
Behold how they err, and how they are happy to err, so ignore what you have been taught

Basking in ignominy, you might reach salvation
Flirting with fallacy, you may achieve redemption
Fighting all calumny, you must face aggression
Embracing your folly, you shant avoid oblivion

4. Hang These Bastards

Drag them by hair
Bring them to the place
Please, no forgiveness for their acts

Make way for the hangman
Invoke his heinousness
Please, no pity towards their weeping

Bring them to the gallows
Hold tight their ropes
Yes, behold their brutal agony

Their tar tongue swollen
Burst red eyes disfiguring
Rigor mortis from retribution

5. Don't Hope For Any Better Things Now

You'd better stop screaming towards these merciless walls which keep on echoing back
Feel and touch, blood is running from your own ears, you are making yourself deaf

Scratching your throat, sore, exploding your ears, sore, ripping your vocal cords, sore
What shall you do when you're deaf and mute? Only your eyes left to tear off
So don't hope for any better things now

Your empire has fallen so trying to gather all its pieces won't make the sun come again
So forget these ruins, swallow your bitterness and look beyond your everyday variations
Just because villains will always remain the same glorious parasites for the whole mankind
Vultures feasting on your demise, scornful grins as an audience, worms and cockroaches

Moss on the fallen rocks, harsh and deadly cold
No softness whatsoever; they are your last refuge
Broken rocks scattered on a hostile ground
Your feet would bleed; your fingers could turn blue

Damp and penetrating: the biting cold your blood slowing down, shunning your fingertips,
Your hands, your torn feet
Blisters scorched by the freezing cold, what a vengeance!?

Your empire has fallen and it could have crushed your skull,
But its unforeseen collapse, oh it was tremendously slow
Like decay, rocks poured from a lurid sky

And there was nothing you could do about it,
They fell and fell, one by one, your fate slowly dripping away
Now grab these rocks, hold them ferociously
With all your strength and love, that's all there is

And lo! Within that confused head of yours, something is rotting; the miasma makes you feel dizzy
The sheer pestilent smell of lunacy resulting from ceaseless disappointments, over and over again
Don't hope for any better things now

Fucked in the head, they took you for a fool repeatedly, they have been vomiting in your brain
You're so full of acrid disillusions; they are munching your hopes, corroding your values,
Don't hope for any better things now

Corrupting your senses, piercing your chest
Choking your soul, bursting your ire
Powerless, defenseless and helpless

Don't hope for any better things now

6. The Higher We Climb, The Harder We Fall

I bitterly loathe all shitheads on earth
Yet, I'm undeterred to hijack all their feebleness
Yeah, I'm climbing again!

I teach them how to be the most flawless crooks
And collect their stolen gold
Yeah, I'm rising again

They tear apart one another and are devoured by envy
They're divided and against one another, craving for gold
Yeah I'm ruling again

They finally spit at my face like a louse
And stab me remorselessly in the back
Why am I stumbling now?

I see their shrieking laughters (sic) and sparkles of cruelty
It's all reddening now, it's all befogging now
My remains are already being shredded
Tattered and torn, each wants their piece
I knew this was coming, oh what a farce
I don't really feel anything anymore, not for much longer,
It's all dim, darkening and crimson as these very last seconds last forever I can reflect...
Sad to be just a one eyed man ruling over the land of the blind

My decline had more grandeur, a sardonic grandeur
The struggle for power has begun, who will replace me?
I'm being scattered nothing ever really mattered
Nothing really ever mattered
Nothing really ever mattered
Yeah, I'm dead now

Berserk – Guitars
Charlesward – Bass
A.D. K'schon – Drums
Asmael LeBouc – Bass, Vocals
Marquis – Vocals, Guitars

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