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1. The Barren Skin

May I wear you this night
As we marvel at our death
I would wane within your art
As you would become me
Like ashes circling the pyre
With virtues of the seraphim
While prancing indifferently
Amid the devil's fingers
The sun, the moon
Our garments of glee and distress
In their wake we are born dying
Voicing insignificance
Awake with me into glacial skies
As the earth below lies august
Should time be meek we may drink
Of oceans of ageless silence
The north is unfurling
It's presence welded on us
Latent - a monument
Amid ethereal bosoms
We kneel in tragedy on tundra
This barren skin
Ailing slaves to the word
Within the rigid commandment of woe
Shackles corrode lesions
In the morning regions
Where the pores expose
Beneath a cynical host
Designs of irony
Raped and bereft of all
In a sigh of ephemeral room
And eternal baptism of fire

[Lyrics by K. Ottersen]

2. From These Wounds

In our cruel history's aftergloom
Mankind's treason brought it's children doom
The thin texture between wrong and right
Mostly broken by those who saw the light
Up to this day the lie remains
To rid the world from it's finer strains
Through pills and acid that alter our brains
A utopia they seek to gain
The fundamental laws of our universe
As they are taught us by our greatest curse
And they are so right those who administer the truth
When their truth is controlled with poison to the youth
Up to this day the lie remains
To rid the world from it's finer strains
Through pills and acid that destroy our brains
A utopia they seek to gain
To save our world from the ones thought insane
Truly the work of the self-proclaimed sane
Evolution has come far enough
Our psychopathic future is set, just learn to be tough
What is the value of intellect and brains
If it is only used to hold your rivals in chains
The human race imprisoned to it's end
The tyrant of religion and science will never bend

[Lyrics by F. Forsmo]

3. The Architecture Of Loss

A few days have passed since I heard the word
There is not much time left for me in this world
I try to be strong so I put on this mask
Yet the burden of death is a heavy task
About to lose my everything
Cancellation of my future dreams
So I have written my testament
My desire to live it screams
I received my death sentence
From a friendly man in white
The being that is my essence
Soon to fade into the night
When you go out of town do you ever think of me
The poison you put in your veins might make you share my fate
I am so scared that I am shaking all day long
Answer to the great mystery, most likely I'll be gone
The doctors are kind but unable to help
As the panic grows I reflect on the self
Will I remain beyond or will I be reborn
For what is not longer should never be mourned
As darkness and light collide I finally understand
Atheism and faith unite as nature lets go of my mind
As I let go to never ever again be here
Passing into the heavenly void, never again to be scared

[Lyrics by F. Forsmo]

4. Red Moon

The aeons, by they go
They will never let you know
Shining down on fields of doom
Tribulation casts a blood-red moon
Immortality in death
How I long for my last breath
Covering the lands, a blinding fog
Keeps them ignorant of their holy dog
When you hear the cries
Of the ones that should have died
You find safety in the void
In rational illusions truth you avoid
And I thank you for the mass
The word of God is coming out of your ass
They are guarding all the gates
Hell made real through prayers and faith
Goddess of dignity
Shamelessly she pisses on me
Forcing upon me her will
Her stinking leprosy makes me ill
My surrender will seal your lies
Bring me up to your hell above the skies
We die not for your souls
We die for your selfish goals
When I hear you speak his voice
I understand that I never had a choice

[Lyrics by F. Forsmo]

5. Vagrant God

No one could deem this an end
Yet there is no grave for you to tend
The feathers fell to dark intrigue
A tell-tale praise - a solemn need
Reconciled with torment fraught
Swallowed down the throat of nought
Your hands lay bleeding with regret
The night when angels sorely wept
The manic sea of smothered cries
Ran in his blood, poured in his eyes
Yet the unrest would pine away
In solitude where death holds sway
So this is how credence declines
All words come down and laughter pines
A vagrant god released from debt
Discouraged yet - who will forget?
Their failing stare - despondency
The nature of his entity
The heartfelt warmth of which they sought
To brace comfort, he shelters not
Black rivers dug into the earth
Bearing out the human worth
He owns no awe, no love to crave
Only his death would have them saved

[Lyrics by K. Ottersen]

6. Pendulum

Here I lie
Awaiting to die
No cigarettes
No drinks after eight
Here I lie
Medication cut down
To preserve my breath
To postpone my death
This is the waiting room of Hell
How did I
Become so old
Why didn't I
Prepare my soul
The forces of nature
Also forced me to mature
This thing called welfare
Is a joke in this nightmare
The lights are shut
The doors are locked
I am tied to my bed
Only waiting to be dead
The youngsters are rude
Contemptful to see me nude
What they see if of course
What will soon be a corpse
As my foggy mind reaches out to it's ancestors
It is given no reply but it's childhood fear of trolls
And I wait, I wait, I wait to reach the gate
As my role is fulfilled I gladly embrace the end of my fate
Daddy won't you please take me home

[Lyrics by F. Forsmo]

7. Saturn

I came for help
Against my fears
What harm did I ever do to you
I asked for your help
You helped yourself
What harm did I ever do to you
Now I suffer from tardive dyskinesia
All my demons are gone but one
When I look in the mirror I feel ashamed
Moderate suffering replaced with pain
When I go out the children they laugh at me
Here comes the man who drowned in insanity
They assisted the demons that brought me down
Now I look and feel like a clown
So strap me into this chair
Electrocute my head
Then firmly force me down
Lobotomize my mind
Give me pills to make me well
Your reconstruction of Hell
My thoughts no longer a threat
Until the day of my death

[Lyrics by F. Forsmo]

8. Breathing Through You

[bonus track]
[Words: F. Forsmo]

A dying world in a dying universe
A starving poet singing on the last verse

I was a fool to fall for your charm
I was deluded into loving a scam
Lured into misery by laughter and smiles
Another tragedy brought forth by her lies

I should have known that I was standing in your way
I was only an obstacle to be controlled
Now I live in shards on minimal social pay
Another life sacrificed for her goals

The cold air of the winter night is freezing my skin
Without her treason where would I have been?

When you were in need I took you into my arms
Giving you shelter, food and warmth
Now that I stand on the shores that you once stood
I see your house of wealth painted in blood

I should have known that I was standing in your way
I was only an obstacle to be controlled
Now I live in shards on minimal social pay
Another life sacrificed for her goals
In altruistic foolishness I helped you on your way
The purest form of stupidity is love
The greatest ugliness is the beauty that leads you astray
Now I only live to soon die alone

Band Members:
Frode Forsmo-Vocals,Bass
Kjetil Ottersen-Guitar
Jon Borgerud-Keyboard
Andres Eek-Drums

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