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1. The Will To Die

All the ways to crush a soul
Dressed naked, raped by heartless ghouls
Slowly I left the livings sphere
Into a world based on fear

The will to die
The desire to be
The desire to fly
The will to be free

Once more did I wave good-bye
They all knew that I was gonna die
A life lived based on futile hopes
Death would untie my ropes

Trapped in this net of lies
Missing the light in those eyes
On the day that I lost my soul
Did I finally reach my goal

My demons, they were mocking my soul
In hell you will know it was your own fault
Before hell's throne I did find my way
To the ghouls my soul was easy pray

2. Those Fated To Fall

A leper seated on the corner of a street in the new world
Crying sorely, as he was destined for so much more
Nobody helps him, they are busy reaching for the sun
No more love or care, the leper is the last one

He was the strongest, he was determined to help the weak
He caught what he fought, the hatred of a world gone sick
Condemned for an imperfect world, the path to hell in sight
The bringer of light was blamed for the darkness of the night

To count towards infinity within borders of finitude
A lesser perfection, to obey is to break the rules
Through quantum steps the path to hell is eternally trod

It is time to break the seal of empathy
What was true has become a lie
Gravity will set you free
Unleash upon the world your true misery

Invite them to your labyrinth
Make them pay for their sins
Dare them step through the door
Into the lair of the minotaur

The cornerstone of their playground will soon be gone
Their punishment is to become what they have done

3. The Strength To End It

Please excuse me if I do repulse thee
I have still not found the strength to end it
So I silently withdraw from your society
To await for life to release its grip on me

So many souls condemned to live isolated and alone
Human warmth is swiftly dying in your perfect world

Marvel at the beauty of your empire
Our suicides will not convince you otherwise
The architects behind your luxury
Shall be the first to fall with your decline

Still you force this to survive
Though all it wishes is to die
It can never exist among you
Truth can never become untrue

So excuse me if I do repulse thee
I have finally found a way to end it
I will silently withdraw from your society
To await for lie to release its grip on me

So many souls rejected for the essence of their thoughts
Pearls cast before swines ensures that Hades keeps her warmth

4. The Elusive Light

We have gathered to honour those
Who so early passed out of time
Flock together to preserve some warmth
Last children of mankind

So many have died for a cause
A cause without reason
So few dared to take a stand
Against the prevailing treason

What science gave
Science did take back
All religions enslave
We walk in our own tracks

We are killing the sun
To prove that there is none

We have gathered for a last farewell
To the essence of life itself
Sing together on this final verse
Last children of the universe

They all suffered pain so that our time would gain
The knowledge and wisdom to avoid it
But we had to know for ourselves how it goes
Impatiently causing our own ending

The said don't touch, but we had to learn
How it feels like to burn
It was shining so bright, the ultimate light
It blinded us all into darkness

5. In The Fathoms Of Wit And Reason

At the marvels of shredded flesh
Unfolded in tormenting beauty,
A stone fell to the heart
And all was in vain

From ancient crypts arose
That sibling of despair
Spread like plague inside
'Till all and hope was slain.

Icy black
The beacon of this riverside.
Thread the crust
With childish glee.

Draw night from the domes of heaven
And step gently on the porch of death.

Soon all stars will shine and play
Merrily on our skeletal keys.
There will be silence and night
Like none had ever dreamt,
Even in the fathoms of wit and reason.

So lay to rest
'Neath crying pines
When dusk brings rain.
Copper tongue, it must be death
Flooding, my mouth and muse tonight.

Your time will come
In cryptic images.

6. Towards The End

Abandoned empathy
Is this how life ought to be
A grander theory
Morality replaced with greed

Vice become virtue
And virtue unwise
Material fortune
Our souls were the price

Within the sands of time is stored the data of our minds
Through the sands of time unfolds the tragedy of our kind
From the cross to the stake, to the trepanning chair
Another cup of poison is swallowed in despair

In the dead of night comes the memories
I recall the things that they did to me

The art of torture has its origin in hell
In our basic nature, the mastery handled well
We have been created in the image of infinite pain
The path that lies behind us denotes the future as it has been laid

To seek the truth
Is to swim in a sea of lies
To speak the truth
Is suicide in disguise

Cartesian reality
Truly caused by insanity
A cure for the disease
Remove what does not exist

In the dead of night they came for me
To remove the thoughts that they caused to be

7. Let Us Die Alone

Holocaust, freedom lost
The price we pay, for living our way
Obey the norm, conform or be gone

Please just let us die alone
We are soon going home
We are not fit to live among you
Prejudice makes itself true
A self fulfilling prophecy
When your point of view became ideology
We are no longer of utility
In our new order for society
Only those who comply shall pass
Into your new utopias black mass

Please supply us with the means to die
We are unworthy to exist by your side
Since we became to ill for slavery
Only a burden to society

The morning bell, another day in hell
A master-plan, to those who understand
So many in pain, still their hands remain clean

We are sorry for opposing you
But our last virtue is the truth
You are the servants of the ruling class
Safe when bowing to their lies
Infected with sympathy
We pose a threat to your reality
We are no longer welcome in your lives
So please provide us with the means to die
We are the symptoms of dystopia
Our extinction shall bring forth your paradise

8. The Absence Of Heaven

The fate of the damned
The absence of heaven forever mourned
To walk among men
Eternally reborn, souls forlorn
We are bound to this earth
Cursed to be crushed beneath eves foot
Yet another rebirth
Destined to carry the burden of lot

An empty hell for our own well
A full heaven that no longer sells
An empty promise from your deity
A world full of hate seals its destiny

Come take my hand
Find shelter in the realm of the damned
Its founder have long gone
But no one here will do you harm
Their shepherd has grown weak
Allowing the wolves to attack his sheep

Try to understand
We once served by his right hand
Through millenia we were taught
A lesson he himself has forgot

The sensations of dirt
In dying is found the core of life
We were damned from our births
To material desert, spiritual night
There is a mark on our souls
Burnt for our disobedience
Recognized by the trolls
Caught, then released through lenience

Follow me
Into a richer reality
Step upon the gallows trap
Enter your new home as you fall through the gap

9. Hunger

Bitter-sweet nostalgia...
Desire pulls hard,
But it's too late.
Dead are all my virtues
And gifts.

It dulls not any pains,
And hard covet
Reaps a poor harvest
In these latter days.

Starve me in
Bone man torture.
Skin-tight lover.
Pound upon pound
Of flesh paid well
With gnawing ache,
And hunger.

But your want lies asleep,
Under frozen layers of ignorance.
Or even fear.

Dressed in sacrilege,
I sprawl in hurt
...And wear thorns
Just for you.

Read my scars,
Count my sorrows,
But see me!
'Lest the cruel beauty
In my song face the trial
Of deaf ears.
And that is truly worse than death.

I dance in your spirit
And sleep so well in your arms.
Awake unattainable one...

10. Fallen One

I surrender my heart to thee
I bow my soul in misery
Take my hand where I stand alone
Guide me safe on my way back home

Take my heart and eat it warm
Filled with wisdom to mankind forlorn

I bow before your earth-born son
Guiding me with claws and horns
And I praise the messenger
Your time on earth has now come

The fallen one has given birth
Praise the morning son
He now walks the earth
Release my soul and let me be
Your hand on earth in victory

Fallen one

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