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1. Die Bastard

Fucking worthless lowlife
Bullshit point of view
Unnecessary aggro
Die bastard

Preying on the helpless
Intimidating stares
Wreaking fucking havoc
Die bastard

Dreaming of our revenge
Taking back the peace
Spitting in your fucking face
Die bastard

No respect for people
Breathing all our air
Rat face fucking cunthole
Die bastard

2. Britains Got Fucking Aids

Your songs are fucking rubbish
You look like a fucking cunt

The artistic roll call is closed
No one can be saved
They say that Britain's got talent
It hasn't
Britain's got fucking AIDS

A carousel of banality
A musical tragedy

3. Necessary Heresies

Chewing on fucking gravel
With a boot in the back of my skull

Will somebody help me?
Will nobody save me?
Stabbed in the back
With the end of your fucking hook

Just a drooling mouthful
Of dead fucking rats

What we did to you
What we put you through
The games we made you play
All necessary heresies
To get where we are today

4. Mind Attack

Subliminal images everywhere
Let us give you what you lack
Mind attack! Mind attack!
All kneel down to the red and black
Mind attack! Mind attack!

Set yourself free
Don't believe what you see
Smash open reality tunnels
Just see what you believe

5. Belief Is The Death Of Intelligence

Acceptable mass thought control
Your web entwined around us all
A nation begs for sedation
Base your life on works of fiction

I won't bow down to anyone
Fuck you and fuck your son

Mass processed blind reverence
How dare you try to think for yourself
The blood shed in this name
Your God would hang his head in shame

How many deaths in your defence?
Belief is the death of intelligence

6. Sadism In The Name Of God

Transcend yourself
Transfigure yourself
Bear all the sins of the Earth

In the moments when all is lost
With the greatest human cost
Sadism in the name of God

The world is full of victims
Let your trauma flower
Transfigurate - become a martyr
Embrace your final hour

7. Dawn Of The Dumb

Pathetic, ridiculous
Not a thought to be found
Not enough IQ
To go around

Dawn of the dumb

Gormless, ludicrous
Just a virus in shoes
Claiming independence
Being told what to choose

Dawn of the dumb

You'd take a faceful of cum everyday
If you were told it was good for your health
And when you find that last braincell of yours
Use it to kill yourself

8. This Is The News?

Government sponsored media
Creating a state of hysteria
No sources so no traces
Pushing paranoia in your faces

Shovelling shit in your faces every day
To satisfy a created need
Lens rammed up celebrity cunt
More garbage for the rats to feed

So this is the news?
Where are your fucking facts?

Shovelling shit in your face every day
To satisfy a created need
When the info wars* are over and done
You'll be accountable for what you did!


9. Greed Machine

In a world where everyone's to blame
As the rich line their pockets with your pain

The jaws are open wide
Increasing with your screams
All fall upon your knees
To feed the greed machine

The putrid stench sticks inside your throat
The devils in suits cast the final vote

Waiting to pounce and steal your dreams
Just wolves with cunts clothing

10. This Is England

Welcome to our nation
Cultural devastation
Crooked politicians
Selling our rights away

This is England

Broken social system
Useless education
What are you fucking proud of
This land of hopeless glory

Is this England?
This is England

Fragmented family homes
Council estate warzones
Endless tabloid headlines
Are you fucking scared yet?

11. Midwinter

Darkness clothe my eyes
Repel the words of Christ

The hands of midwinter
Its darkness claims my soul

Eyes a frosted haze
Nihilistic gaze

All warmth and hope extinguished
My love for life is finished

12. As The World Screams In Pain

When millions are screaming
You just sit back and laugh

You smile and wave as the world screams in pain
I hope your conscience can contain
All the men that you sent to their graves

You smile and wave as the world screams in pain
I hope your conscience can contain
All the people you betrayed

13. One Nation Under One Eye

They're all in this together
And still you think you're safe

Our leaders conspire
They lead us to die
One nation under one eye

I'm sick of being lied to
And I won't take it anymore!

Our leaders conspire
They lead us to die
Leading our rights to the slaughter
Fuck your evil new world order

14. Existential Terror

Existential terror
Gnawing at my soul

Unprepared for life
Lost and alone
Choices made all wrong
Lost and alone

What's here for me?
I can't fucking breathe
Drowning in your bullshit
Just leave me be

15. All Of You Are Cunts And I Hope You Fucking Die

All of you are cunts
I hope you fucking die

All of you are cunts
I hope you fucking die
Boring me to death
You fucking parasite

Screaming in your face
Declare my fucking hate
You've all finished last
If we're in the human race

All of you are cunts
I hope you fucking die
Your existence makes me shudder
Your fucking end is nigh

All of you are cunts
I hope you fucking die
Take your last breath
You fucking parasite

A fucking waste of air
A fucking waste of spunk
You'll be no match for necropunk

Migg ‒ Guitars (lead), Drums
Drunk ‒ Vocals
Misery ‒ Guitars, Bass

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