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1. End Of The Line

I swam until I was too far out and I would never make it back alive.
Drew my last few breathes and screamed my terminal final act.
Faster I ran towards the end of the line.
Returning not the worst to come until the waves wash clean the shore.
The dirt will ever mold and crust.
Crushed into dust my hands.
Forever freed, the dust, myself.
You could not keep your thoughts to yourself.
Tears swelled up in your eyes when you spoke right to my face.
Failure claims all that is touched by your hand.
Collect your dreams from out of the trash.
Unable to stand what you’ve become.
Behind your grin and open palm a fist concealed a coward’s heel.
You always knew.
You’ve prayed for this curse and now that it’s here, you have no hope for salvation.
The things I recall, you killing me twice.
One final grasp of your hand marks the end.
Then I will be the first to stand guard in this place.

2. Home

The things I recall; you killing me twice. You embalmed my will to speak, all that’s unsaid. Destroy the love and love my own death. My roadway, in ruins. You gave me something for which I never asked. How can I blame you? Surrounded by my needs, scared, alone. Free in a cage, I’m home. How can I blame you? They’ll have to drag me kicking and screaming to get me out of here. This is my tomb, these walls, this space. You embalmed my will to speak, all that’s unsaid. Destroy the love. And when you’ll ache, I’ll ache with you. If you fall, I’ll reach the ground beneath you. If you stop breathing, I’ll rest mine too. When tomorrow comes and brings hope for change, I’ll be there, but will you?

3. Running The Wolverine's Gauntlet

Keep yourself shaking to that beat and set my dreams on fire. These bags are getting deeper, yet still I think I won't rest; I think I can't rest; at least not yet. Why not press your luck? Lived entire lifetimes in these deep recesses while marching onward with no clear goal in mind for far too long, so what's a little bit longer? Perhaps opportunities lost; or have they just begun? Indulge me; that's never stopped me before.

4. Impromptu


5. À Contre-Courant

Nous sommes si fiers de notre identité culturelle et oublions souvent que nous ne suivons que le courant.
Nous avons droit à une pale copie des hits américains, sinon une traduction bâclée. Les mêmes têtes que l’on voit à toutes les stations. Ils s’invitent d’une émission à l’autre; ça en fait de l’action! Quand je te regarde faire la cocotte, pour camoufler ton manque de talent, je nous trouve généreux de qualifier les personnalités publiques d’artistes. Je cherche encore l’art… je reste plutôt sceptique. Quand je te regarde Mahée, je me souviens pourquoi je ne regarde pas la télé.

6. Misery

I dropped. I devoted myself, blindly, for one’s life. A well-aware choice, knowing this free fall was right. I dropped. I sacrificed everything at stake, my own wellness. I fell apart. Broken and weak, I held, and stood still, ripping through my fragile ground. And I held, knowing I was losing the most of me. When everything is gray and your guts scream misery. When you can’t handle looking at others. You can’t deal with their happiness. It’s so dark here. I barely recognize my own substance. These blood-red eyes, this grim expression that can’t be my own. I lost track. Time is holding me in this confused state, playing a silly game. Has it been weeks? The clock, has been stopping its course between minutes. Stretching every moment to make it last, to make it hurt. I devoted myself, blindly, for one’s life. I lay down waiting for my body to lose consciousness. These endless days, these permanent nights steal all my heart, steal all my soul. I’m burning within. I haven’t seen the sun in days. I crawl around this odd place that has no silence, that never sleeps. In this place that never leaves your mind at peace. The fragility, my existence. Trusting my own lies; believing it will all be fine. It’s so dark in here. I haven’t left my bed in days. Curled up, cold, in a shut in. I entered a slumber, a deep sleep. Can

7. Unburden

Life, we gasp for breath. Our planet, relentless sun. Look up, the sky is gray. No song, no shade. Life, we gasp for breath. There are no birds. Breath. Even the sea will turn when the sun reaches its awful moon.

8. Smooth Beige


9. Inside Out

Buried alive. Feeding on broken dreams. Virgin, undone. An aging white page. And it eats you up. From the inside out. Eats you up. Inside out. Try to convince yourself this is for real. And the bitter taste in your mouth keeping you awake at night. It eats you up. From the inside out. Eats you up. Inside out

Topon Das ‒ Guitars
Marc Bourgon ‒ Bass, Guitars, Vocals (additional)
Johnny Ibay ‒ Guitars
Mathieu "Vil" Vilandre ‒ Guitars, Drums, Vocals (additional)
Mel Mongeon ‒ Vocals

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