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1. Hyperventilate


2. No Me No You

No right no wrong no true no lie
No I no long no live no die
No heart no break no see no hear
No real no fake no cry no fear
No hear no see no see no feel
No feel no be no thing be real
No here no there no they're no I
No I no care no wanna try

Wide eyed and cynical
Right to the middle
No emotion can get in your way
The solution is clinical
Little by little you push me away
Keep pushing away

No win no lose no lose no find
No find no choose no better mind
No I no we no run no hide
No you no me no sea no tide
No love no leave no give no take
No more believe no more mistake
No one no way no wanna win
No year no day no thinner skin

Wide eyed and cynical
Right to the middle
The emotion I can't keep away
The solution is clinical
Little by little I cut you away
Keep cutting away
Killing my love
Killing my love for you

Even now in front of me
I disavow the family
Here and now it would be all beyond a doubt
In my life
Truth and you not all you could be
Killing my love
Killing my love for you

No right no wrong no true no lie
No I no long no live no die
No die no live no live no love
No love no lose no leaving of
No see nowhere no air no sky
No true no dare no reason why
No have no say no say no do
No god no pray no me no you

3. Snowman

Death has done her work this morning
Cutting me back down to size
Frozen in this winter warning
Gentle in it's own demise
Starving sun in deep November
It cannot feed us any more
Leaving us this dark reminder
Of things we should have done before
Even as our days are numbered
I can feel it getting near
Deafened by the sounds of others
Who only got as far as here
In the chilling of the evening
They find the ones that won't survive
Taken as the day surrenders
While we fight to stay alive
Can you feel the summer ending?
Will this be the end of me?
Afraid of all that might have happened
And all that never came to be
Will you tell me when it's gone?
Will you tell me when it's over?
Even though it's just begun
Even though I'm going over
Death has done her work this morning
Cutting me back down to size

4. The Other Me

I got the news today
Elsewhere I am dividing
Feels like my world is ending
I've made another me
Warm, red, barely dead
Thoughts running through my other head
Fingers twitching, muscle building
I've made me obsolete
Relive my life
I feel safer inside
And the things I see
Hidden in the chemistry
Is there anybody I can believe, believe
And the eyes I see
As I face the other me
Is there anybody I can call me, call me
No longer this year's newest type
Superseded, absent hype
Spoilt, faded, over ripe
I'm so much older news
Evolution come around
Jury trial by ultrasound
My handiwork will hunt me down
And masquerade as me
Relive my life
I feel safer inside
Now one on one has made us three
I look away, too sick to see
Our faces staring back at me
My little Frankenstein
I sit alone beside the cage
And try to fight with all my rage
End of story, turn the page
I'm not the one you want

5. Black Light Machine

I'm just a stranger
I walk in the black light
Boy to a soldier
I'm fighting the good fight
And I wait
I wanna go, don't wanna know
'bout the danger
I'm just a farm boy
Just doin' what I can
When I'll be a killer
It'll make me a real man
I can't wait
I'm gonna know, I wanna go
Through the changes
And I can't breathe
Or is it all in my mind?
The faces are changing
Misplaced in time
And I won't dream
I will be the headlines
Your features are fading
Too late this time
And you know
You'd always be the first in line
And you know
It's all about the life divine
A hero's ending
All the signs
You're the one
And the one you must survive
And you know
It doesn't matter what you do
And you know
The luck you wear will pull you through
The never ending
Light you find
For the one
The one will survive
And you know...

6. Milliontown


My worm cathedral
All earthy for your infestation
These little workers build me an empire
Your loyalty I burrowed out mined by erosion
My little kingdom ready for me now
These careful times
The residue of past digestion
Get what you can now
Good staff are hard to find
My bitter name
The full effect of time and tension
You utter duty and fight to stay the same


With a cross upon the wall
I was blinded by it all
Now the faces left behind
These are no friends of mine
When your fears are cast aside
Out across the great divide
Rage is part of your design
But I won't play this time
Hero waiting in the line
Here on my own
All alone
On my own
All alone


Why do you run and hide?
Here inside the lighthouse
You lose the way
Ghost of yesterday
And before you know
You'll fade away
You and I were will live and die
We are not the only survivors
You and me we're too blind to see
We are not the only survivors
Games that you people play
Here inside the lighthouse
You'll have to stay
Time she ran away
Slipping through our fingers
Time running out


I, number you
Carving circles in your soul
I pull you through
As I do
Cut your family ties
Before your eyes
Too much, too soon
Early warning
Saved by the day
Carried away, you're still falling
Take me over
Harder, colder
I want you to be...


Awake again and I'm alone
The thoughts I have are no my own
No one knows I'm here
The faces move around the room
Their voices cut into the gloom
But they're not listening
What's that shadow moving?
Is that a life in here?
Won't someone please come and free me
Here, dead but still alive in here
Help me come alive
In here
There's a lot I've got to do
It was not your place to choose
And now
I lose


My worm cathedral
Diseased by all the intervention
I watch them turning
Into things they might have been
These fatal days
Corrupted by our own perfection
You're looking to me
But there's nothing more to say

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