Dark Lyrics


1. Prologue


2. Blood Oath

Screams of fear drift in the wind
Those are the signs we are following
Towards death we ride
Across this land, together, side by side

Horns of war echo from the mountains
Unknown tribe descends from above
Who are they? Are they here for us?
An army is revealed by the light of dawn

Lend your hand
This is our proposal
What will you decide?

Blood Oath has been sworn
These scars are made to recall
That together we can achieve more
And now as one we are ready for this war

Wilderness unfold before me
The great unknown is what I see
Two tribes walk the same path as one
To protect this land for our sons

How this land can change
From beauty to a grave
Everything will grow back one day
And we’ll see this beauty once again

Now is time to run
The might of this legacy won’t be undone
Our enemies are raising their swords
Bring it on, we’ll show our force.

3. Gates Of The Asylum

Silence overwhelms my mind
A storm is coming and I see the signs
Escaping from my body trying to fly free
When is the time for massacre?
The answer is…

Gates are opening
I run towards the horde
I run towards my nightmares
I’ll face my fear

The new chapter started in our lives
We closed one era and now is our time
The change is in our hands
How we utilize this chance
Leave your fears behind and remember that

As long as we are here
There is a path for hope
Choose your side and write the ending
To your tale of life
That path shows the way
To your dreams of the night
If you decide to read the chapter
Of your tale of life

Time slows down, heart rate accelerates
Our war city will tremble in the air
Till this day is gone

Show your force
Show your might to us

I feel a new wind blowing on my face
Whispering the question:
Do I want to stay alive?
You can try to strike us down we’re here to stay
We have found our path and we’re not going away

This is the place from the ancient stories
The kingdom of domination
Bloodstains paint the asylum
Our men still stand

4. Fate Redefined

Back then we lived within the walls
Wide-eyed for everything
Didn’t know the walls could break
The dark shade finally came

Real life nightmare no longer lasts
Now these days are reminding us from the past
Let’s start a new chapter

That day was the turning point
Which defined our way to live
This date marks the birth of our nation
And it will live in our memories

When the darkness showed its shade
Reality hit straight to my face
Uncertainty blurred my mind
But I was sure I won’t step behind

Past days are now only a memory
If those come back
We may be stricken down but we will rise
We are here to stay, we will fight

Real life nightmare no longer lasts
Let’s start a new chapter.

5. Traitor Within

Exciting times are changing
Carefree era is here
Before restless times faded away
Adrenaline flowed when my enemy died

Am I traitor if I think for my own?
I just want to feel the thrill of war
I’ll do everything to bring it back again
I may be a traitor, but do I care?
Hell no!

I don’t know how to live anymore
I was born to be free
In chains we slowly limp to the grave
But from that burden it’s possible to break free

The idea starts to grow in their heads
It’s possible to get some more
Only one barrier is guarding the treasure
If we betray the allies that could be our pleasure

Traitor within!

6. Foreshadow


7. New Reign

Usurp the values
Things will change
Betray the ally
How cruel is the world
Worship my name
Soon you’ll kneel down
Unforeseen change
And new reign will begin

I can’t stop time
I must live the now
Memories will remain
Time flies with the wind
But the way of the wind will change
There’s no way back

Dear old friend of mine
Could you understand?
Carefree life
Is not our way
Abrogate the blood oath
It’s our turn to prevail
We’ll create a new kingdom
Your fate is written

New chapter will start in our lives
Unwritten is the end
We’ll march towards our destination
And be free again

Under the darkening sky
Wave the flaming torch
This is our time to rise

Gather together again
It might be the last time
It’s time for final test
Before no sleep, no rest

Bow in front of me
Worship my name
Otherwise you’ll taste the steel
New reign has begun

The order of precedence
The perfect harmony
Between the villagers
Torn apart, forever
The throne of might
The crown of fear
The kingdom of power
All those are now ours

8. Winds Of Winter's Call

In the top of the world you can see the suffering
What have you done? Why do you close your eyes?
From the ground a gold-plated statue arises
Arrogant smile fills its face

Towards the mountain, we looked up high
To the top we dreamed to climb
One day that dream became reality
But once on the top, you cannot climb anymore
The only way is down below

There’s no turning back
My thoughts are under a siege in my mind
From the ruins of defeat we build this land
Unwritten is our quest for glory

Human’s outer shell remains the same
Inside the head the fight has just begun
Rewards and riches arode the pure humanity
The presence of evil taints the good-hearted
Is there anyone who has common sense anymore?
If I find you, please escape with me from this lunacy

Two different roads open for us
Which one should we choose?
Two different destinations await
Only one can be reached, it defines our fate

I’m starting to lose my mind
Everything is too fine

If we continue this quest
We’ll march to the throat of death
Even if we don’t gain victory
We will not regret

I know this can’t last
Think a while about your past
We betrayed our allies
Fueled by anger
They will revenge

Dawn of despair arises
By the winds of winter’s call
Could this be our awakening?
The future is engraved in the stars.

Lauri Myllylä — Bass, Vocals (backing)
Joni Snoro — Guitars, Vocals (lead)
Felipe Munoz — Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Juho Patinen — Guitars, Vocals
Joonas Nislin — Drums

Thanks to emppa321 for sending these lyrics.

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