Dark Lyrics


1. Final Impact

Hardened disciple
Feeling no pain
World domination
A restless day

A new dimension
A fatal impact
Disturbed conditions
Terror reigns

Pleasure constricts us
That is the way
Empty perversion
Crippled by fate

Hostile agression
Resentful mentor
Our strength is growing
We're here to stay

Unseen alliance
The sun is blackening
Memories fading
The final impact

The skin starts tearing
Exposed the weakness
A piercing blunder
Holds no restraint

Diverse communion
New revelation
A shrouded mortal
Bleeds all day

2. The Blade

"I don't think that..."
"Any means necessary for survival"
"Stick 'em up motherfucker..."
"I don't think that..."
"I don't think that the real violence has even started yet"
"Stick 'em up motherfucker, this is a hold-up""

Deep inside the angle hurts
Rotation moves
The amber burns

Silently your hands are tied
Persuasion slowly slips inside
Stretching skin it has a burn
Sooner or later you will learn

Inhibitions from within
The only thing we really want
Is sin / skin

Are you ready to believe
Are you ready to conceive

Are you ready to come
Are you ready to be one
Are you ready to come
Are you ready to be one

The leather cracks
You feel the heat
A hardening pulse
Is oh so sweet

The blindfold slips down
To your mouth
You taste the flesh
It makes no sound

The blade it skins
On your chest
Perverse illusion
Never rests

"Any means necessary for survival"

Are you ready to believe
Are you ready to conceive
Are you ready to come
Are you ready to be one

This sado game
Is now for real
You suffocate
With fear of pain

The blood starts running
From your vein
The straps are tightened
For pleasured pain

3. Mindphaser

"Jesus...had days like this"
"Cyborgs - cybernetic organisms..."

"Machines with living human tissue and programmed to destroy"
The silence is deafening
Regression hangs in the air
A motionless world sits waiting
For new codes

A war of technology
Threatens to ignite
Digital murder
The language of machines

Mesmerised by a decade of faith
Flowers and remorse
A fading vision lost in time
Tragedy on course

Synthetic conspiracy
Masters of the human race
The mind now knows
New levels of fear

Implanted brain cells
Control is gone
We seem to believe
Truth is regression

The tension shows
The tension shows

"A quantum leap forward"
"Full OCP binary cyborg technology"
"State of the art destructive capabilities"
"Commanded by a unique combination of software and organic systems"
"Jesus...had days like this"

The target we seek
Slowly comes into sight
The countdown begins
For launch into hell

The tension begins

"State of the art destructive capabilities"

The kill is swift
It makes no sound
Aggression take its toll
Rhythm of violence
Cuts through the air
There's no more control
The sky turns brighter, a evil red
Missiles fly through the air
Shattered dreams
Shattered hopes
There's bodies everywhere

"State of the art destructive capabilities"

4. Remorse

"The killer drove an ingot into each of his own eyes, then cut off his head"

In their hearts and souls
The fear and desire
Just won't let go

Naive as it seems
We all want control
You're paralysed
When panic sets in

Quietly you drown
In your sleep

We once had a passion
It all seemed so right
So young and so eager
No end in sight
But now we are prisoners
In our own hearts
Nothing seems real
It's all torn apart

No-one knows
Where to draw he line
Accusations, a pledge
For resistance of mine

In power we trust
We can't get out

The time we spend fighting
The anger and hate
Hope for tomorrow
Is never too late

We all turn to dust
On heaven's command
Time moves by fast
No second chance

5. Bio-Mechanic

"Keeping the brain going with microshocks."

Melted faces
Fractured cells
Implanted memories
Syringe of hell

Crippled mutants
Strapped with chains
Tortured users
Laughing in pain

The track marks your spine, they say
Machines are humans
We're programmed that way
In God we trust

Empty vastness
You can't hear a sound
In space they float
Users unbound

The pulse it races
Chest is tight
A higher feeling
Censored with fright

"I believe in disease"
"I believe in pain, cruelty and infidelity"

Synthetic stimulant
Artificial plague
Demented erosion
Existence for a new way

In God we trust
In God we trust

6. Outcast

"And even though he was crazy, Go now!"

Abusive and reclusive
No self-motivation
A view so cruel
He's nobody's fool
Manipulated tension
Underneath the anger

Inverted and repulsive
Progression and rejection
On the fringe
The outcast grins
Spellbound motivation
Broken circles

He's lost compassion for his life
That tempered angle
Changing sights
Lost inhibitions
One by one
He takes them down
Unconsciously they hit the ground
Amnesia sets in

A killer
On the binge
Strange voices
From within
When you sleep
He preys on you
Unconscious levels
Burn for you....

"And even though he was crazy, Go now!"

7. Gun

"The human hearts that I have taken into hell"
"Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby"
"I didn't hit nobody without no provocation,
I mean, I didn't say nothing to the man,
I didn't pull out no gun and tell him that I was gonna
do this to him and shoot him. And he just shoots at me,
thats was a perfectly radical group right there if you ask me"

March to the rhythm
Fists in the air
Statues torn down
Burning flags everywhere

Atrocity starts now
The weapons parade
A nation in turmoil
Reflected by hate

Believe in the fight
Believe in the right

A paradox of discipline
Only the strong will win
Kneel to the man
Who's pointing the gun

A victory
Or nothing at all

"Quantum moves"


"Listen to me, or we'll all be killed"

Move ahead
Move ahead

"Corruptor of justice and innocence and youth"

A paradox of discipline
Only the strong will win
Kneel to the man
Who's pointing the gun

A victory
Or nothing at all

The State must fall

"Sworn enemy of all the human race"

8. Lifeline

A fire burns
In your eye
You gasp, you suck
The line of life

Relentless confusion
Day after day

In the shadow
An angel cries
Hearts and minds
Torn by lies
Tormented conscience
Buried by weight
Innocence confused
By hate

Walking in silence

A ceremony
Of false ideals
The anguish and deceit

Hard reality
Begins to set in
A hostile state

"..inflicted heavy losses"
"There were no survivors"

A steadfast dream
Creates blindness
The wound inside
Runs deep

"There were no survivors"

1992 Third Mind Records

All titles written by Bill Leeb & Rhys Fulber
Production & Programming: F.L.A.
Engineered and Additional Production: Greg Reely
Assistant engineer: Mike Landolt
Recorded at Creation Studios, Vancouver

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