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1. Vigilante

So Complex
In His Behavior
Crowded Into A

Racial Incoherence
Nowhere Left to Go

[Misery:] Is Unforgiving
He Struggles From Within

He Roams The Human Wasteland
His Memories Grow Dim

Ring Out Loud
Dispursing The Crowd
Bodies Start to Fall
Blood on the Wall
No Time to Tell
Who's Going to
Heaven or Hell

The Acid Air
Blurs His Vision
City Crime
Takes It's Toll
A Metaphor
For This Incision

A Truer Life
Will Now Unfold
No More Pain
And Self Suffering
It All Ends
Where It Begins
A Universe On This Wavelength
Will Transmutate
In Other Things


The Moment Comes
To Eradicate
A Time to Cleanse
The World
This Is Self Illusion
This Has No Conclusion

A .38 Hangs from His Hand
His Shoulders Slung Kind of Low
Smoking Shells Lay on The Floor
As The Blood Starts to Flow
The Sirens Scream Outside The Door
Police Running to The Scene
Inside A Man Stands All Alone
His Face Grinning Obscene

2. Millenium

Into Precision
Into The Light We Fade
Into Submission
We All Hallucinate
Into The Ground
We All Dissipate
Into Delusion
We All Segregate

Amid All This Confusion
We Lose Sight of The Enemy
Like Evil Gods of Destruction
They Move Through Liquid Transparencies

Disposable Heroes
Men of Yesterday
Disposable Heroes
Are Never Here to Stay
Like Gods of Destruction
They Seek to Violate
Like Machines of Seduction
They Will Regenerate


The Countdown to Certain Extinction
Will Now Transform Reality
Slowly The Universe Grows Dark
You Slip Into A Final Dream

Into The Wavelength
Come Conspiracy
Into The Wavelength
A Planet Never Free
In Through The Future
Time Grows Weak
Into The Future
The Strong Inheret The Weak


3. Liquid Seperation

Deep into The Blackest Matter
Where No One Can Breathe

Where G-Forces Rip Out Your Lungs
And Your Brain Starts to Freeze

Deprived of Vital Oxygen
Your Mind Starts to Drift

Sinking Into A Sleep
Your Pulse Grows Weak

This Form We Live in
Is A Fragile Creation
This Euphoric Sensation
Is Liquid Seperation

A Flashing Occurs
Right in Front of Your Eyes
The Final Moment if Truth Comes Time
Never Lies

A Memory Retaining a Love You Had for Life
As Cruel as It Seems Nothing Ever Seems to
Go Right


Deep Penetration
A Dying Sensation, In Sight

Your Blood Stops to Flow
And Now Your Body Lets Go

Colder and Colder Your Hands Turn to Ice

Casting A Shadow
Your Soul Sees the Light

Retrovision Is so Misgiven
Retrovision too Late for Decision


4. Search And Destroy

A Mission from Hell Was Sent out Today
To Search and Destroy, and Blow Them All Away

Forbidding Is The Planet
No One Will Return
Their Lives Are Expendable
Through the Battle Turn

A Victory Must Be Won
All Is at Stake
As The Planet Burns There Is No Escape

As The Clouds Broke Through
The Blazing Sky, Up Above
The Aura of THe Moment
Invasion from Above

The Conflict Still Lay Up Ahead
Where Cowards Fear to Tread

Shocking Was The Value
Abandoned by Aversion
Deployed Were The Robots
Creating A Man Machine


5. Surface Patterns

On to
On to The Mindfield
Into The Hole
Chemical Cauldron
Location Still Unknown

Out of The Tunnel, Into The Light
World Destruction, Now Seems Right
A Barren Landscape of Burning Hell
Within OUr Dreams
We Feel The Spell

Watching Their Minds Blow
Lower than Low
Hooded Mutations
Ride by Nights
Scouring The Earth
For Impure Life
They Seek They Search
And Will Destroy
Immoral Acts They Will Employ


Freedom of Movement
Body in Pain

Stigmatized by The
Sound of Fear
The Land IS Full of Chemical Tears
Communication Has Broken Down
Exterminated Body Parts
On The Ground


6. Victim Of A Criminal

7. Division Of Mind

In Through The Out Door
Out to The West
This Fascist Nation
Never Rest

Fight Back [4X]

Rulers of Hatred
We Execute Pain
Not With Our Hands
But Others We Pay

Fight Back [4X]

No Mutual Surrender
Scent of Chud
With Infinite Spirit
We Never Give Up

Fight Back [4X]

The Alter of Truth Is for The Living
The Alter of Truth Is Unforgiving

A Network of Druglords
Rule This Land
This Democracy Will
Never Stand

Fight Back [4X]


Division of Mind Is Strangulation
Division of Mind is Suffocation

The Tandem Mirror
Shatters in Two
Chaotic People
Invalidate You

Fight Back [4X]

Reprogrammed Vision
Dimension of Fright
Hollow Delusion
We All Lose Sight

Fight Back [4X]

Syringed Injection
Into Your Arm
Final Solution
Now Will Come

Fight Back [4X]


8. This Faith

Faces of a Thousand People

The Sickness in Their Mind Is Real

We Fight and Struggle to Survive

This Cultured Way of Suicide

This Faith Is Real
the Betrayal

As We Fall From The Sky
Our Lives Pass By
Emerging from This Vision
Life Is Stranger than Death

Abusive Statements form The Ranks

Intimidation Has Its Way. The Sun Comes Up
Another Day
.....Just to Fade Away Again

The Strategies of Men Appear
.....World Destruction Now Is Here

This Faith Is Real the Betrayal

[Chorus Repeat]

Decades Gone By
.....Nothing Changed

Mankind Cruelty is Still The Same

Seeking Shelter From This Day

Tomorrow Victims Are Here to Stay

Another Lonely Night Appears

You Close Your Eyes with Hardened Tears

This Faith Is Real
The Betrayal

[Chorus Repeat]
Thw World As We Know Destroyed

9. Plasma Springs

Voices I Hear
Impact Is Near
Switches Are On
It Won't Be Long

Distinguish The Sound
You Must Be Strong
Software Collides
On Both Sides

Run For Your Lives
If You Want to Live
The Situation Is Imperative
As Cold As A Corpse
You Try to Hang On
Your Heart and Devotion
Will Soon Be Gone

Communicate Now
The Knowledge Is Here
No Limitations
New Generation

Attack Slow Rate
One by One
Designed to Destroy
All in One

Control The Machine
Break The Seam
Brainchild of Ours
Devoured by Hours

Now You're Strapped In
It's Your Turn to Win
Skin Stretches Thin
When You Begin

Seconds Go By
Now You Will Die

Machine Is Turned On

You Must Be Strong

Voices I Hear
Impact Is Near
Switches Are On It Won't Be Long

[Chorus X 2]

Distinguish The Sound
You Must Be Strong
Software Collides
On Both Sides

Communicate Now
Knowledge Is Here
Exterminate Fear
Within This Sphere

One by One We Will See New Horizons
To Set Them Free
Break The Seam
In The Stream
Brainchild of Ours
Devoured by Hours

10. Sex Offender

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