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1. Threads Of Life

Each life a miracle
Created by the divine
Breathed into existence
For a destiny perfectly designed

With the freedom to decide
Which of the paths to take
From this world they lead
Into the next and on into
To eternity
For the unity of souls
Or the unending torment
That waits within the flames

Kindness and fairness or the
Misery of the selfish and vicious
In the end each reap what is sown
Eternal reward for unending sorrow


Weave or cut
The threads of life

2. Suffer Not One

Crushed to dust
Beneath the hammer pulverized
Under time's wheel
Creations all crumble
Bloodlines end down through the ages
The deeds and names are the only
Things that will ever sustain

Suffer not one
Demon to live
Punish with steel
It's the way of flesh

The wolf age
The wind age

All hail the end

3. Only The Martyrs

Beneath a boiling sky
Tears stream from upturned eyes
The day for which I prayed
All doubt is swept away

Wrath of the almighty
Through red clouds judgment pours
Angels draw gleaming swords
As they descend

No more forgiveness
No more reprieves
Only the martyrs
Will be received through heaven's gates

Plagues, wars, and disasters
Preludes to the horrors
The screams from the abyss
Echo our own
Now nothing lies concealed
Every vicious act revealed
The fallen condemned to writhe in the flames

4. Down To The Last

Strands ripped from the web of life
Broken tangled and torn
Threatened from the first breath we draw
Starting the day we are born
In haste and in avarice
The defenseless are left overpowered
No way to flee from the murderers
That hunt us relentlessly

One by one
Erased out of existence
As fast as we can swim
As deep as we can dive
The waves above are
Boiling with our blood
Among the few
Who survive

Panic to terror
Sorrow into rage
Killing us down to the last
Down to the very last

5. Lift The Curse

God in Heaven
Let me die or let me win
Straws upon straws
Won't break beneath the weight
What's the lesson
Of all this suffering
A test of will
To be endured
Till the day that the gauze
Peels from my eyes
Lift the curse from my life
Free me from this misery

Scars upon scars
Blood dries across my wounds

6. Alleviate

Alleviate the suffering
With the actions that I take
Contribute to the misery
When they turn away

I see with more
Than just my eyes
Watch it dissolve
Watch it decay
I rebuke you
Dissolving I refuse to decay
Decaying I refuse to dissolve

7. Lilith

In the dark before the sun's first light
Between it's last rays and the night
The doorway shimmers between the worlds
They've many names in many lands

Voices that whisper on the wind
Footsteps on the fallen leaves
Was our world theirs in the past
Did they fade or do they last

The sons of Lilith
The daughters of eve
Are there other worlds beyond the ones that we
Can see the merest glimpse out of
The corners of our eyes
They slip across the veil
Silently and sly

Ancient beings from other realms
Tuatha de Danaan
Magic from the arcane past
For good or ill it still lives on
Here to heal or here to harm
Here to guide or lead astray
Here to hide or to reveal
Here to save or curse and slay

The malevolent careless
The withering
Hand of blight

8. Through The Eyes Of The Angel Of Death

Despair upon despair
Drives me to realize
My heart's desires
Cannot be mine
Frustration upon frustration
Leads to the conclusion
Administer the justice
That they are due

With clarity the wicked
Are now revealed
Strike down the unredeemable
Their fates are sealed
All father guide my hand
Make my aim true
It's through the eyes of the angel of death
That I see through

The powers of forever
The straw house burns
Their legalese abetted
These parasites
Uncage the predators
To violate again
Their reign of terror
Brought to it's end

9. Born In Blood

Born in blood for Ragnarok
Into the world beyond the womb
In the light of the first moments
I know that I'll live well
Each trial I outlast
My soul passed every test

I am the sum
Of all the struggles that I've overcome
Draw strength from them
Push ahead until I've won

A heart beat from
My soul's release
In the halls of my fathers
At last at peace

Born into eternal life

Born in blood for Ragnarok
Into the world beyond the tomb
In the light of the shining moment
I know that I lived well
Each trial I outlast
My soul passed every test

Born into eternal life

Valhalla shimmers through spectral light

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