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1. Veritas


2. Negative Infinity

Consequences if I do
Consequences if I don't
Maybe I should roll the dice
What's the difference anyway
No matter which of the path I choose
It feels like I am damned to lose
I risked it all just on the chance that I could win
Negative infinity
Swallows down my soul
There's nothing that can hurt me
Nothing anymore
I lose again
Torn into forever more
No peace inside or past the door
Disconnect and push away
Further and further everyday
The coldness sinks into my bones
Accept I'm doomed to be alone
Hanging from my fingertips Until I slip into
Negative infinity
Swallows down my soul
There's nothing that can hurt me
Nothing anymore

3. Down In Flames

Down in flames
It all falls
Everything that I fought for
Proceed with abandon
What's inside is all that's left
The reward for my sacrifice
It's scron and a fist full of crumbs
Gave everything that I had and more
Despite it I am still denied
Run Away
Get as far from the wreck
as I can get
Waded through
Broken glass
As the garbage rains on me
Watch as the serpents smile
From shadows they leer at me
On my lifes blood they thirst to feed
Refuse to fall despite my wounds
Now my sorrow turns to something else

4. Glasseating Smile

Glasseating smile
Stretched on mouth
Have to learn to accept all the pain
It never matters
How hard that I struggle
All my efforts seem in vain
Swallow the shards
Fate takes a hammer to my dreams
Swallow the shards
Every try just ends in flames
Make a wish and watch it smashes to pieces
Get so close to fall straight down
All my hope is fading
Contemplate what follows
Emptiness and sorrow are all that waits
Ahead for me

5. As The Last Light Drains (Valkyric)

The frozen ground beneath me
To mortal wounds I succumb
All of the pain is ending now
The fallen surround me
I'm lifeless in the scarlet snow
My place beyond is now assured
Send her down to me
Grant this final wish
May she claim me for her own
As the last light drains
Looks into my eyes to see
That the time here is over
Sees all my worth and draws me near
She whispers softly to me
The halls of what await you
Cross the bridge of light into eternity
Drink down the details
Hold them in my heart
Shapphire eyes
Flaxen braids
She is my salvation
As the last light drains

6. Dead In Her Eyes

The wounds decay inside my soul
Pain harsher than any that I've known
Realized it simply is what it is
There's just no way to win
This is what it is to yearn
To struggle
To stumble
TO crawl
No miracle comes to save me
Misery consumes and chains
I fought for as long as I could
With my back against the wall
Doesn't matter what I try
I'm dead in her eyes
Takes and takes and never gives
Drinks so much blood that I barely live
Of A vampire I am captive
Within her spell
No way to win

7. April Witch

This misery that holds me under
Won't let me get away
One day you'll see that this could be perfect
So I'll hold on
Can feel it waking up inside of me now
It would be so easy just to bring it to life
I always wanted for this to happen
Now you'll finally see that I'll always be the one
Is there a chance
Don't get my hopes up
But it seems it's finally here
Could light break through the grey
Can my wish be coming true
Could this be real or is it all just in my head

8. Resuscitatc

The scythe the hourglass
He hold us in his grasp
So I can't rush in haste
When I wait it changes everything
Sometimes it all just falls apart
Sometimes it turns to what I want
Bend back the rusty bars
Set the bridges ablaze
Cinders drift in the air
To light the path below
Refused to fall in line
Will not be caged or chained
I know there's more for me
All the pain that I have suffered taught
me I was stronger than I thought
There's enough time to turn back the tide
Resuscitate all the drums time killed
Bring them back to life
To let them carry me over the broken ground
I will not be forced down
Cast the cards that have been dealt away
The futures mine to make out of it
What I will I'll be the one to bring
My dreams to life
Bring it back to life

9. Throwing Rocks At A Drowning Man

Won't kiss the mouth that mocks the pain that's inflicted
Though that I could trust but I was tricked instead
Won't embrace the one who burdens me until I snap
Left to languish bleeding caught inside this trap
Throwing rocks at a drowning man
Everyone should try it
No point to struggle anymore
The one weapons that sharpens every time it's used
That venomous tongue is always eager to abuse
When everything around me starts to tip and fall
Vicious when I'm down winds up to kick me when I crawl
Throwing rocks at a drowning man
Everyone should try it
No point to struggle anymore
It's all just useless now
I can't keep it up
It's just useless now
Drains my energy
I won't waste my time no

10. Doomsday Device

Let there be lust if there's no love to feel
Let there be war if there's no peace that's real
All sentiment drains from my consciousness
The agony boils through my veins
Fight to keep my hopes alive
The despair starts to crush them
Bloodshed and pain
No justice but my own
All reason lost and dissolved
In the madness
Axe age, sword age
Until the world is smashed

11. Tortured

I'm trapped under the weight of what is not
Tortured by what can't be changed
Never feel the way that I feel
Just a step away
But there's a million miles of distance
Just thought when I awake in my mind
When I walk alone I can see her when I close my eyes
Just to have her haunt my dreams
I am crushed under the weight of what's not returned

12. Seize The Day

Rather regret the thins I've done
Than mourn the thoughts of the things I haven't
All of the failures that weight down on me
Are leassons sealed into my memory
Time is precious so I use it wisely
Sieze the day who knows what lies ahead
Won't conform I'll be myself instead
Now or never cause it's worth a try
Don't waste this chance and let it pass us by
Carpe Diem
One run straight through
and then it's all over
Carpe Diem
Live now this time
May never come again
Drink now if there's water
Tomorrow our bones
May lie beneath the burning sand
It there's one thing I know
It's this real
If there's one thing I know
It's this can last
If there's one thing I know
It's we could win
If there's one thing I know
It's meant to be

13. Daisy Cutter

Hard to see when everybody seems to have their someone
Hard for me to be alone among them
It makes me want for it to be the way it was
She lets me starve outside her door
Always seems to haunt what I should leave behind
Always seem to hold on when it's down to a flat line
Just can't touch her heart
No matter how I try I am a ghost
All I wanted was for her to love me
For just a little bit

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