Dark Lyrics


1. Tattered Sails

We killed the captain, we sunk the ship(we sunk the ship)
threw your men overboard looked south and proclaimed this is it
so we push forward on and on to keep our hands upon the throne

there was an empty nest in sight, the timing couldnt have been more right
with a flick of my wrist things fell in place, rose from the mist to end this chase
so silently we crept youll be the only one who's left
be prepared for a ship wreck
be prepared for a ship wreck
so beware because were not turning back


with such ease in such a little time, we showed the world we are ready
to cross the line
any last words before this dark ocean devours your soul?

no last words will be said and you wont be saved
so say goodnight and say hello to your salty grave


2. Sin.Sin.Sin.


oh how I want to understand where youre coming from
while you believe i can see(so much clearer)
from way down here i know who to fear
we can still walk together from where i stand

trust me, its solid ground
trust me, there is no faith to be found

i know its not exactly the way you want me to be
im sorry you have no idea how bad i wanted to believe

when you lay your head down tonight
will you pray that i make it out alive?
the truth finally came out and you must have been aware
the feeling the feeling has disapeared

did sleep find your mind?
or were you up all night (all night)
thinking of the monster that ive become?
but were all a little sick on the inside

ive reacher deeper than your average sinner


you practice what you preach
theres nothing wrong with me
sin sin am i a sinner?
sin sin am i a sinner?

3. Backstabber

this is the sickest season, your darkest day
we know your games and the ways that you play
its your obituary, the spit on your grave
its about that time you shook hands with your fate
i will destroy you (we will destroy you)
this grave was dug for two
this night will be your last

youre nothing but a backstabber
you cross the line, they should lock a man up for thinking thoughts like mine

you called yourself the savior of the scene,
but we paved the ground you walk on
there are no bridges left to burn(left to burn)
this time you better fucking learn(better fucking learn)

you are sicker than the plague you spread
get back to the hole you crawled out of (you wont get away)

when will you see, you are done fucking with me
said it once said it twice revenge is my name its a thin line that lies between infamy and fame

4. Born To Lead

My disgust in humanity grows stronger everyday
i have to reason to believe there are debts you need to repay
stronger everyday give you strength, give you reason to betray

we must be held to a higher standard
only we can save them all
there is a key, there is a key
only few can hold

how is it not obvious, were the hand to take
the hand to trust

looks like your surrounded(and dont be looking that still)
you should have know by now (when its time to kill)
wed end up here some how

it began to consume me, this is sickening
only moments before i witness your failure
we called upon strength from below
the time is now, empty your soul

this word will wake you from your dreams
and leave you in our nightmare
so let this story play on
this is a violation of all means

My disgust in humanity grows stronger everyday
i have to reason to believe there are debts you need to repay
stronger everyday, we go stronger everyday


i wont stay humble this time, this is your life on the line
so begin to understand and embrace the failure of this crime

born to lead

5. Dead Man Walking

YEAH! eerrah!

Were holding on to the untouchable or so it seems(or so it seems)
when we lay our heads down to dream this what we, this is what we see

dont look now were not the same
you let our trust slip away
we wont forget yesterday
youre the one youre the one to blame
are we nothing more
than a scene to your dance floor
we will prevail and proclaim
you are the one to blame


well im a bitter man but i can still tell you whos in the wrong
so what the fuck is your problem
i cant wait to turn my back on everyone
because theres no more room at the top


you may be smiling now
well ive got a feeling this is it
the next time you come around
you better take what you can get (take what you can get)

so go ahead
take your prisioners [x2]


betrayal is our new best friend
you did it once and youll do it again
betrayal is our new best friend
i see you falling, youre a dead man walking

youre a dead man walking [x4]
betrayal is our new best friend
dead man walking [x2]

6. Hopeless


so this is it, dont let us down
this is just what we needed to get off the ground
we couldnt ask for a better time (not a moment to soon)
so live your life its time to move

its time to move, so leave this place and the faces you know
its time to move, dont turn your back, take it run its all we know

is this a dream? if so ill sleep forever

its just, its just the first chance of many
while yours falls apart
you never believed in us, why would it ever change?

you are hopeless, we are
we are alone

you will see the truth, when the time has come
you will see the truth, when the deed is done

we are the chosen ones

7. Eyes Up Here

stand aside and let the big boys
do what we came here for
til they are screaming more, more
we tried and tried, so keep your fists up high

we didnt ask for your opinion and i sure as hell dont appreciate
the way you stand, just to intimidate
i wish it was in our hands
just to decimate

we all know that this is war
so we will sail away, while the weather turns
we hope for a better day

ill sing a song about how the world is yours
but not here not anywhere, so get the fuck out

youve heard it all before this town is a fucking grave yard


my friend this isnt how it was supposed to be

can you survive, without violence?
so watch the hunters become the hunted
we never wanted this but this battle cant be won

we all know....

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