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1. Introcity

Let me introduce you to the ocean deep
where the lost souls lay their heads to sleep
be prepared to join them by our hands
beware for this is not our last stand

2. Shi(TTY)

I can see right through you, quit being so fucking loud
in a place where this bond shall not be broken
youve left him all alone (abandoned)
he wont live with out you
he couldnt keep himself entertained
so ive decided i could care less

if i end up under ground, its no problem to me ill get up claim my victory
im taking over this town i didnt come here for this but ill do what needs to be done
what have i become?
my gun makes a beautiful sound when she collapses your lungs

keep on telling yourself that three to one are odds youd bet on

so tell me what did you expect?
im hoping not a bullet in your neck
keep on telling yourself that three to one are odds youd bet on
you wont wake up

ill dirty up the ground with your insides
ill make a mess of what youve become

[pre chorus]

its time to find out
if the image you reflect
can stand on this battleground

3. The Anti-Virus

stop the presses! something has crawled out of this hole
our new life begins on a not so familiar note
quit running around like you own this town
before too long your face will hit the ground

BEG FOR MERCY! only our ears can hear you
BEG FOR MERCY! but its already too late

its makes no difference to me, he'll never hear your god damn plea

the thoughts of you have been few and far between
but this time around there is no cure for our disease

the times have shown they are so easily blinded
so take this for what its worth
you can think of me, when your lungs start to bleed
the image of you, tossing and turning in your sleep
tossing in your sleep


beg beg youll be begging for it

4. Kill To Live

Looks like I've found you and it wasnt that hard to find you
this is years in the making so keep this in mind
where theres a plan theres a message inside
i hope you hear me, you hear out

everywhere i turn, every time i click
your god damned face is burned into my eyelids

let it be known that this is your end
you dirty mother fucker you son of a bitch

i will strike you down with a hand thats mightier than god

now thats the talkings over, how will this go about?
will it be slow? will it be quick? or shall we feed them to the pigssss?

what makes you all think you can pick and choose
werent your morals decided for you?

discover your fate. i wish it could be up to him
its obvious there will be no wrath

this is where you break yourself

is this your definition of sin?

5. Live To Kill

im awake but i will never become weak
break free from acoma(beef beef barbacoa)
laid in silence for how many weeks?
a moment to decide how they had known
im back and im coming for you
im not an advocate of violence
but this time its necessary

you should be ashamed, now you know whos to blame
my name is revenge, dont wait for me ill be waiting for you
(ill be here waiting for you)
my name is revenge, dont wait for me ill be waiting for you
(this time well make sure you are through)

stay at home, the docks arent safe tonight
thats right were taking it back

when i fight( i fight alone)
and your "family" is fucking gone
this will be permanent so dont expect another breath
youve planted yourself into something i love
now i have pulled you out, burned you down


and one by one two by two ill be the death of you

6. WBC4lyfe?!

youre controlling me with just the thought of it
this game better stop. but you know ill never fucking quit
(i hope this is it)
im a magic man watch me make them disappear
there is no yes or no
there is no yes or nooora

if theres another lie involved, you better bet your pretty face is gonna get cut
weve got two options. i can give up or you can give in

wait for the sound, im sure ill be around
like i always do i cant get out
1234 go
ive done nothing wrong
youre punishing me for what you have done

im not alive when i am alone, can you teach me not to care at all?
im not alive when i am alone, but you seem to.
keep me breathing
keep me sleeping
woah baby are you listening

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