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1. A Battle So Bright

2. Ærefull Ferd

Sverg ved den gamle
Og forlat ditt liv
følgoss mot fjeller
til Villmarkens Viv
Kjemp med ære
of du vil forste,
at dødenpuster
men lager ei ser
Kom bli med!
Folk og Fe
ærefull ferd

Ser du ilden
i det du ger,
Kampen kaller
og dødenrer

Ner den dag da
hils oss fra
de store haller
E dø i kamp er
den sanne Ære,
men dødenskappe
vil ingen bære


[English translation:]

Honourable Journey

Swear by the elders
And forget your life
Follow us towards the mountains
To the Wilderness’ Wife
Fight with honour
And you'll understand
That the dead breathe
But have no wound

Come join in!
People and cattle
Honourable journey

Do you see the fire
In that you go,
The battle calls
And death rules

When it is the day that
The death calls
Hail us from
The great halls
To die in the battle is
The true Honour,
But the dead's cape
Nobody will bring

3. Drömmefanger


4. Heroes

Where are the heroes that courage revealed,
The battle - bright warriors who strode to the field
Of the war, their swords a light in the fray?
The heroes are gone, they have all passed away

Where are the earls who led in the van?
The chieftains and kings who held sway in the land
Of our fathers, revered in the story and song?
They have all passed away, now our heroes are gone.

Where are the unsung who silently strove,
The women and children and all the unknown
Who were models upon which to pattern our deeds?
Those heroes are gone, from this life they are freed.

And now in this time of dark of the sun,
Remember what is ended is only begun,
As sun sets each evening, she rises at morn,
To the halls of the gods are the heroes reborn.

And we, who with valor must conquer each day,
We to are heroes as gallant as they,
With the truth as our banner and courage our lights
We will come to those halls when we tread the long night.

So lift up a toast with the ale filled horn,
To those who have faced well their wyrd and are gone,
Live well your life and traditions all keep,
Drink to the gods and to hero this midwinter's eve

5. Ragnarok

Austpe satt den gamle
i jernskogen
og fødteder
Fenris unger,
av alle disse
skal en komme
i trollham
og tyne sola,
Garm gjørkraftig
ved Gnipaheller,
lenken slitner,
løs farer ulven,
eldgamle frasagn
og framtid vet jed,
ser Ragnarok koome
for kampguder.
Bror skal gi sin bror
sbaneser i kamapen,
slite blodsbend,
hardt et det i heimen,
hor skal re der,
økstid, sverdtid

sjkold blir splintret,

Sola svartner
jord stiger i hav,
fra himmelen kverver
klare stjerner.


vindtid, vargtid
førverden ger under,
ingen skener en annens liv

Ygg-drasil ster,
men det eldgamle treet
jamrer skjelvende,
jotnen løses.

[English translation:]


On the east sat the old one1
In the iron wood
And gave birth there
To Fenris youngs2
Of all those
Shall one come
In magic features
And shall cast away the sun

Garm3 become stronger
By Gnipaheller4
The chain wears out,
Let the wolf wander;
The old legends
And future I know,
See Ragnarok come
For the battle gods

Brother shall surrender to brother
Mortal wounds in the battle
Cousins shall
Cut bloodline;

Hard it is in the house
Whore shall rule there
Axetime, swordtime
Shield are splintered,

The sun darkens
Earth sinks in the ocean,
From the sky disappear
Bright stars;

Windtime, wolftime
Before the world goes down;
Nobody spares one other's life

Yggdrasill5 stands,
But the ancient tree
Mourns trembling,
The Giants turn loose.

1. It’s Angrboda, the giantess who gives birth to Fenriz-wolf, Loki and the Midgard’s serpent
2. The wolves children of Fenriz that eventually shall swallow the sun and the moon at the end of the days
3. The infernal hound guarding netherworld’s gate
4. The infernal gate
5. The cosmic tree bearing the nine wolrd of norse mythology

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