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1. Moths And Rust

Stand up
Don't trip up now
Just see this through
Hold firm your grasp
You will pull through

Your scars have been erased
Have you not yet learned-
Salvation has never been based on works

Stand up
Don't trip up now
You will pull through

Now's not the time
Now's not the place for this
You're in way too deep to care for what you've missed
Fix your gaze on what's ahead
The path that tempts your foot to stray from this place
Brings death

It will tear the beating heart from your chest
It will find your darkest thoughts
For moths and rust would you damn your soul?

So take your life back
Take the reigns and never let them go
Just find your place
Where's your strength-
Where has it gone?
Find the courage that was yours the day that you gave up

I want you to mean so much more to me
Just like the day I gave up

So give
Just give it all away

So give it all away and never look back
Tonight a thousand eyes could see your selfish lack-
Your lack of faith
The yoke is easy; the burden is light
There's no excuse, no, not this time
You're being watched straight through the night
So stand up; get up and fight

2. It's Been A Pleasure

Your wrong is right
Your faults are none
You'd swear 'til the end
Your wrong is right
Your faults are none
Open your eyes, my friend

It's the last thing that I wanna hear
Your excuses lie cold and dead here
Just play your games; just follow suit
Around and around, they're haunting you

Circling you has been a pleasure of mine
And I must admit
Your faults don't surprise me one bit
They don't surprise me
Not one single bit

Oh God, bring Your judgement
Let's see it

What have we done?
What have we become?
With this sin, I'll put down the caster's stone

Bring me back, oh God
Wrap me with Your love

Your wrong is right
Your faults are none
You'd swear 'til the end
Your wrong is right
Your faults are none
Open your eyes, hypocrite

3. Charlatan

So just put on your mask-
The veil of your faltering persona.
I can see straight through your lies.
What's done untruthfully is done in vain.
Choose a side.
Fall in line,
And don't forget
What you've held to be the truth all along.

Will the words you choose to speak
Ever line up with your actions,
Or will you stay a hypocrite?
Lead them astray.
One by one, they fall.
I'd rather see you drowned in the depths of the sea.
Or didn't you know?
We're watching all that you do.

I don't have to tell you
That there are open arms just waiting for you.

Come back.

I hope to see the day you find my
Reason is purely enough to give my life for you.
I swear I'd give anything if you would throw
Your pride away.

Learn from your mistakes.
Now turn away.

4. The Pessimist

What good does it do to hate everything in your sight?
I know your past-
Full of darkness and deceit.
Can you not look back and find one time worth reminiscing?

Nothing ends well this way.

There is so much more for you to hold;
So much more in store.

So give up everything you call your own.
There's such a better plan for you that you can't even know.
Brother of mine, come home.

Oh brother of mine, be still.
Come home.
Love can end this disastrous state.
Come home.

You'll reap what you sow.
Make this count.

Just like a serpent, he'll flash his his teeth.
The venom calls to betray your newfound peace.
Keep watch.

5. Vindicator's Carousel

Rinse and repeat.
The thought sickens my insides.
Solace never came so easy.
This carousel you ride won't last forever.
So I'll beg you and I'll plead,
Get off while you're only bleeding.

Justify everything you do.
It's nothing major. It's just fine.

How long will you return to failure?
It's becoming a second home.
And we both know it's nothing you'd ever show.

This could be your fall.

Spiraling farther down,
there's nothing but black inside this pit you're digging.
Now hang your head in shame.
So absolve your last transgression-
Your failed attempt to gain acceptance.

You coward.
When will you learn your lesson?
What will it take for you to see that you're not fooling anybody?
So please, just take it easy.

6. Caesura


7. Pedestal

For the very first time
Take a bow before them all
Show them what greatness is
How great you are
For the very last time
Take a bow before them all
Show them what greatness is
How great you are

You've been blinded by that mirror
You've been staring at for years
Don't let them catch onto your selfish intentions
You've been blinded by that mirror
You've been staring at for years
They've caught onto your selfish intentions

Were you never taught
Pride goes before destruction
A haughty spirit
Before a fall
This could be your end
Watch your step because this
Won't end well, not at all
You've made your choice

Let them beg, let them bleed
As long as you've satisfied your needs
You've become so cold
Your heart's been crushed with a vise
You're convinced love won't suffice
There's no need to explain
It's just your egocentric way

Your pedestal is breaking
It's failing right at the base
Your pedestal is crumbling
Now wipe the smirk from your face
Lay down your pride

8. The Antagonist

Malice found its home in your words
Empty dialogue with no present or eternal worth
It's so easy to stir up hatred and meaningless disputes among those that you love
Control your tongue

Did you really think
This was your only option- speaking without discretion
I hope this will be
A lesson learned
I can only pray you will step back
And watch the things you say
Make it your aim to live quietly

Words can't change what you feel
Your mind is stronger than what you hear
You're indestructible
You're fooling only yourself
Did you really think we wouldn't call your bluff

You play sticks and stones
But we've seen your hand, and we've prepared
So go ahead and fold
I tire of this game
I tire of this charade

Bring on the wave of your worthless tirades
I'm sick of everything
It's useless
Can't you see no good comes from this
No good will ever come from this

When you speak death into the lives of your brothers
Only God can judge- you will be judged- you will be silenced

9. The Wide, The Narrow

This is a tragedy if I've ever seen one
You've become a captive with your loaded gun
I've seen this before
I know how this ends
Pull the trigger once again

Following the crowd, it seems
Is your new profession
No matter what it takes
You'd die with them again

It's true- there's still hope, my friends
But this you knew
Your refusal and your cowardice
They will be dealt with

We'll see who's right in the end

So come back my friend

10. Devotion

Grant me words to speak
Fill my ears with Your melody
Lead me to a higher place
I need Your spirit to pour out over me
I surrender my will- take over me

How could I say
Everything that is on my heart
I pray
Just to feel Your embrace
I will never
I will never

Keep Your arms open wide
I beg as I drown

Forgive my faults as I am only a man
Mold my life to Your will
Break me down
Keep me accountable o the promises I've made

I want to feel ten times the pain that's Yours
When I fail

Just take my everything
All I am is Yours

If everything fades
If everything is turned to dust and decays into ruins, I swear
I will never turn away
I am Yours forever

I will never be ashamed

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