Dark Lyrics


1. Destroy Us

Confusion of a beautiful mind, separate skin from bone.
Pencil in my body, to see my live. We move apocalyptic thoughts beyond the grave.
Destroy Us, limb-from-limb. The resolution the only way is death.
And now you'll feel my shake. Our inner ashes will awake.
The moral of the story, Is I have planted my feet. This soil is forbidden.
Destroy us, limb-from-limb The only way is death. Your resolution, the only way is death.
Carry my body to the sacrifice
And now you've lost your own, you've finally made it through.

2. Leviathan

Your blood drips down, as my smile gets grotesque.
My heart gave to you, then ripped from my fucking chest.
This life means nothing, this life is absurd, Your time reaches its final stage.
Don't say a fucking word.
(You Will) Live and die for salvation,(You) will never breathe the air.
(You Will) Betray me like you always do, swear to him I fucking hate you.
Locked in a world, filled of violent horrific ways, All I see is darkness.
When light comes all I see if gray. Locked in a cellar of distress as I strive for the gates.
You've fucked with me for the final time, Now heres your fate.
Release Your Hatred,Release Your Hatred. Leviathan.
You will never change all these ways.

3. In The Face Of The Faceless

Trapped confronting falsehood with reality, As the lies seep through your teeth.
Blinded by stories of hopelessness fearing what is to come.
Do not falter, do not abate, do not retreat to the keep.
empower the revolt, with words of patronage. Will you crumble before you liege.
(And now you beg for forgiveness) The faceless liege.
(Upon your self you brought this, suffering) You see whats present, but believe whats thought.
Will you crumble? Will you stand as your baron, or will you kneel with doubtfulness.
Now you've faltered in the face of the faceless, Faltered in the face
of the faceless, faltered in the face of the faceless.
Your absence was awaited, now we're free of you. We knew long ago it wouldn't last.
You've failed in this world, Your time has passed. You've got yours at last.
You'll fall before your liege.
and now you have faltered in the face of the faceless. Crumbled at the hands of your maker.
(And now you suffer.)

4. The Chosen One

You're the chosen one, Taste hate at the hands disposal. You pretend to be the chosen one..
But who you are, from the outside in. Take these answers and throw them away.
One day you'll look down at this recollection, Portraying yourself as a god.
But simply I am just a being, my eyes stay forever blind. A single move is all it takes, to end.
The lines, the lines they came crashing down.
Your mine. Your ours, the lines came crashing down.
Your mine, your ours. In time they'll all fall away.
Your the chosen one.

5. Shameless Crucifixion

I have been sent here, to kill all of you. Can't see beyond your reach is a world of..
A world of pain and suffering, everyday you'll re-live.
Your shameless crucifixion, shameless crucifixion. In Hell.
I won't think twice, to pull the switch to end. Your life is fading faster, just like and hourglass.
That has been running dry.
This shameless crucifixion. Crucifixion.

6. I'm Not Afraid Of Tomorrow

Brand my eyes, with this lifeless expression. Forget it now, its lost all attention.
Follow the path, the way of destruction. This silence has been broken.
I'm not afraid of tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring the stars.
I live my life in this sorrow, for the morning will bring the light.
The morning will bring the light, and now it's too late for regrets.
Lets fight this tide and fade away.
I see it in your eyes, the silence has been broken once again. There
will be no miscommunication. I know this morning brings the light.
Flat line these waves will pull away. Fight the aggression, flat line
these waves will pull away.
We fight the aggression, flat line the waves will pull away.
In the wake of this moment, the waves will pull away.
In the wake of this moment.

7. Upon Your Grave

We will not, we will not stand in your shadows and we will not,
bow down and we will not suffer your torment again.
Sign this declaration, sign it with your blood.
You live this life of your own, the path to hell you chose.
This putrid angel of demise, and father of his sins.
I stand upon your grave seeing disgrace. I wake in misery, every day I
know that you still alive.
This death note, you've signed with pride.
Upon Your Grave.

8. To Burn Alone, To Burn Alive

The switch has been pulled, a trigger heats the barrel. Forever these words,
They haunt me inside.
This image has..
Our worlds collapse, falling from the sky.
To burn alone, to burn alive.
And now you'll take my place. Fighting the difference with reality.
In my eyes you've had your time. And now you cry.
Now you cry.
Follow the trail. You'll meet your maker.
This image has been burned...
Follow the trail, You'll meet your maker.
Follow the Trail

9. All Left Drowning

You cant stop whats within, these skies bleed with hate.Burn this temple
killing horrific rates.
Condemn the founders, we cant all survive
all left drowning. Shall arrive in your dreams tonight.
Nothing you've known will survive. In your dreams tonight. Not a soul
you've known will be left alive.
Forever in your nightmares, you'll have to chase.
The one thing more,longing for.
Enchained in reality, We cant all survive.
All left dead
Shall arrive in your dreams tonight. Nothing you've known will survive.
In your dreams tonight. Not a soul you've known will be left alive.
You won't stop me.
Your skies will bleed.

10. Restless In The Tides

It was a dark day. Who knew if would be her last. All I remember, the waves broke her like glass.
Your eyes, paralyze me. I realize now that your gone.
Take her away, She's restless in the tides. Theres nothing left but this, Black day.
Now here I stand.. Restless in the tides. The gunshot rings.. Wash ..Away.
The memories of her eyes, Blind me. Kill me.
And I know you'll be gone forever. Kill me, Kill me!

Nick Borukhovsky ‒ Drums
Johnny Burke ‒ Guitars
Chris Bianchi ‒ Vocals
Josh Owen ‒ Bass
Nate Marti ‒ Guitars

Thanks to hefbe666 for sending these lyrics.

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