Dark Lyrics


1. Bludgeon

Emotion boiling over rip us from our rest
Frustration & contempt but hate is the best
Stumble & fall, we've set the trap
Relentless pushing on
Forced Entry at your back!

Gripping firm
Tool of revenge
This is to be
Deception's end
Helping me
Crushing life & breaking bone
And growing stronger than you know
Bludgeon psyches
Bludgeon spikes
Beaten senseless, bludgeon strikes

Breaking your back, retaliate
Raging full force, to exterminate


Bashing, smashing, forcing our way

We shatter the walls of the taken
For granted exposing cowards in this
Naked truth, velocity gaining speed
We're crunching the slack
Unrelenting pushing on
Forced entry at your back!


Forcing our -- way!

2. Kaleidoscope Of Pain

Nightmare strikes
With drunken fist
Blood trickles
From father's kiss
Brandish love
As a plastic toy
See, he loves
His little boy

First they cry
Then they hate
Then they kill
Then they rape

The patterns change
But the cycle won't break
Kaleidoscope spinning it's webs of fate
Beat this child he'll beat his own
Kaleidoscope grips with powers unknown

Twisting mind
Plays awful tricks
Mother whips
When she has no fix
Guilty of birth he shares the pain
Slowly drowning but he stays
Falling tears, breaking heart
Suicide becomes his start


Endless mistrust
Sick with disgust
Confusion bursts as flood
Sick with neglect
Loves reject
Bedrooms splatter blood
Violent fits, shattered wrists
Gifts of the game
Terror rips, kaleidoscope grips
With strong arms of pain

3. A Look Through Glass

Skeletal forests stand alone
Watching poisoned river flow
Acid rains bathe our hell
Burns our flesh & fill our well

Fluorocarbons fallen heavens
Concrete jungles useless barren
Corruption rampant thing built must fall
The day I was born I saw through it all

We made our bed
And in it we'll sleep
Layed to rest
But no one sees
To serve ourselves
To save belief
We cry in shame
But no one sees

Broken glass reflects our world destroyed
To live or die, no longer a choice
Look through the glass
With your sinking heart
Your window-pains screaming
You had your part

No longer a choice

Wastelands writhe ultraviolet light
Ozone extinction nothing left
Smokestacks whisper forgotten words
Never forget that this is our world


Broken glass reflects a world destroyed
To live or die, no longer a choice
Asphalt insults are our gifts to thee
We cry in shame but no one sees

4. Anaconda

Thick slithering turns your head
Better watch it or you'll soon be dead
Fifty breaths, one hundred, you feel him creep
From the branches Anaconda leaps
Piles of broken shattered bone
Litter the jungle's floor
Doesn't have to eat them all
Knows there's plenty of fools in store

Feel the coils, take your breath
Crack your ribs, the grip of death
Into the room, you feel him creep
Anaconda haunts your sleep, haunts your sleep

Mana, towa, guna, mona
Witch doctor chants the tune
Thunder & lightning storm the shores
In the light of the moon


The sounds of night they haunt your senses
Apprehension tears down your defenses
Your skin crawls you feel the sensation
Indian legend fulfills revelation
There's nothing left for you to do
You feel Anaconda come for you
Bright flashes in the Amazon skies
Reveal the patterns of Anaconda's sides


5. Octoclops

Eight-eyed horror
Scaled to the waist
Lives in desolation
Long forgotten place

Re-entering the world
To a time changed scape
Hibernation disturbed
By the cycles of eight

Loosed on society
Drawn by his need
Descending to the village
At last it's time to feed

He's a walking death
He lives on pain
Sub human creature, remember his name
Eighty thousand years
He slumbered in shame
Now he claims his throne, the Octoclops reigns

Moving through the villages
Clearing one by one
Thriving when he finds them
Nothing when he's done

Blessing all of them
With slow & painful deaths
Living on the violence
Growing larger yet

Enslaving all humanity
To ensure his food supply
Ruler of all mankind
Master with eight-eyes


6. Unrest They Find

Bred conditioned serve for good
Give but not receive
Slipping on life's stepping stones
Blindly they shall be
Following the evil
Emanating from within
Locking doors behind them
Never to be let back in

Them in darkness
Cancerous regret
Cowardice reigns
Pay your final debt

Extraction of their values
Poisoning their minds
Desecration of religion
Evil thoughts unwind
Finally now they realize
How ignorant they were
But it's too late, so pay the price
In lakes of fire they burn

Them in darkness
Cancerous regret
Cowardice reigns
Exhale your final breath

Pagan rituals ended
Revelation proves it's fate
For they hear the final verdict
Cast unto the realms of hate
Falling now the black prophets
See torture & demise
Suffering pain for endless years
Until the death of time

Unrest they find

7. Morgulon

Slaughtered, unmercifully
Torn apart, left to die
Resurrected, painfully
Deliverance, immortalized

Undead, alive at last
Freed from the grasp of the ancient gods
Flag of death, flies at half-mast
Out of the past comes the dead

Stagnant earth, chemical wastes
Chaos ruling, it never waits
Mutant cells, join as one
Lethal minds spell destruction

Undead, alive at last
Freed from the grasp of the ancient gods
Flag of death, flies at half-mast
Out of the past comes the dead
Undead, prepare for war
Ten million ghosts rising from their ancient tombs
To seek revenge, is all that's left
Now on Morgulon, it's planet death

Superimposed animation
Vicious ghouls running free
Tearing limbs, amputation
Stumps spurting blood profusely


Death, planet death

8. Foreign Policy

Dormant & still
Lying cold & slow
Unmoving currents
Lurking below, lurking below

Hate fills your eyes
Strike with shock & fear
Kremlin awaits us
The eastern borders leer

Awaken now the nation
Lightning violence flies
Striking down the imposters
Ending political disguise
Let sleeping dogs lie

Shadows come a creeping
Shattered family,
Mother weeping
Shallow graves,
Rotting reeking
Scent of death
Warm & good!
That's my foreign policy!

Dormant & still
Lying slow & cold
Unmoving currents
Lurking below
Seething in pain
Contorting fast then slow
Twitching you bleed
Your blood staining the snow

Falling now the enemy
Explosions fill the sky
Crippling deceit
Ending sickening lie
See through blood stained

Foreign policy just for you!

Tony Benjamins ‒ Vocals / Bass
Colin Mattson ‒ Drums
Brad Hull ‒ Guitars

Thanks to gruesome777 for sending these lyrics.

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