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1. Intro


2. Please Don't Shoot The Piano Player, He's Doing The Best He Can

I will not deceive myself this time.
I, with cheating another, I have cheated myself.
I feel so incited that it's come down to this.
This is how I repair the hurt that I have caused.

I offer my hand as an equal, as a friend.
I offer my hand as an equal, as a friend.

Tonight it is a reunion.
We have forgotten everyday that we spent when we dismissed each other
In claiming that we shared in separate victories.
Tonight it's all that I have. It's all I give and it is all that I share.
Because one way or another we all know that our days are new.
Our days are new and I offer my hand

As. An. Equal. As a friend. I offer my hand as an equal, as a friend.

I hope that people see what this all means to me.
Confidence in my actions with positive regard for others.
And I know that respect paves a clear path for successful valor and comaradery.
It's a vision of progression. It's a vision.

Please don't shoot the piano player, he's doing the best he can.
Please don't shoot the piano player, he's doing the best he can.
Let us live by one rule, respect us - we'll respect you.

3. Repeat, I Repeat, Repeat

Thoughts spawn as quick as they waste.
Forge disoriented futures.
Cutting in and out, floating in and out.
I'm about to chance a great deal of my past.
I'm about to chance a great deal of my future.
Why does this decision turn its back on me?
I'm not the only one risking it all.
This must be some sick joke that I played on myself.
This must be some sick self that I joked on my play.
This is where the ghosts play.
This is where the ghosts play dead.
This is where the ghosts play dead wrong.
Patience runs thinner and thinner.
When will I realize I'm floating in space unattached from your life?
Did I belong there in the first place?
Distance seems to go on forever.
When will I realize I'm floating in space unattached from your life?
How long will this go on?
Please cleanse my soul.
Cleanse my corrupt soul.
I threw it all away so I could learn what it's like to waste all of our time.
Did time even exist?
For all its worth, we had a great run at it and I found out a lot about myself.
I found out a lot about living.
I will never forget every time.
I will never forget every time that I made you smile.
I will never forget every time that I made you cry.
I'm so sorry.
For this, I will repent.
Next time, I'll sacrifice.
I was not the right one.

4. Ive Been Running For Miles, Davis

Assessing all the goals and the virtues that congealed.
Am I the sum of all that I have struggled to fulfill?
The hands of time have carried me closer to my intentions;
Thwarted the affirmation in all that I find authentic.
I grow towards the sky, but not alone.
I have grown towards the sky, but not alone.
Always remembering those who pushed me closer.
And this is not just mine.
Selflessly embracing time.
This is not just mine!
Brandishing the hopes we all have.
Flourish in the limitless prospects.
Emphatic in all we feel to be the truth.
Nothing is as safe as the truth.
If I had lived the way I wanted to live, would I have any doubt today?
If I had lived the way I wanted to live...
Is it too late? It's not too late!
I reinforce everything I am and everything I have been up to this day.
Proclaim it: I fortify!
I will try to look within myself,
Compare how strong I've been to how strong I can be.
I will look inside myself to find new strength.

5. Discussions Is The For Pigs

I have a block on my brain and a clock in my mouth and I'm tasting each second.
For days I've swallowed the hours.
Striking worth into the air with words like arrows that were stuck into my knees;
To pin me to the chair, to force me to write,
I've got a pencil and a thousand thoughts but my wrists won't move.
Why are my thoughts the flies on a rot aloft each other in persuasive decay?
Their decay is my demise.
I control this square with just enough space to envelop an affliction.
They are all dead to me.
They are all DEAD.
Oh no, it's a comfortable rape!
Unlike any normal respite, this canon-style boredom is a crippling image.
Ready to pop at any moment, red-faced children can't vomit.
Insignificantly hopeful, they are pulling on these coiled limbs;
They are taught and confined.
In this environment I am my own destruction.
Relying so heavily on every possible sketch...
procrastination... lost cause... knowing nothing...

6. The Last Letter We Ever Wrote

The last letter you ever wrote assured me two-fold
That your words can appease the most blistered spirit.
How much I lust for life... How much I lust...
Finding out what life means to us may be the most intriguing puzzle ever known.
The first time we experienced anything so true,
We were so far apart from one another.
We kept on instilling trust within grasp,
Believing everything falls into place, depleted the sense of complacency.
Forever search, we'll grow!
We'll grow to fix these splintered ghosts.
Everyday I open my eyes to see it break again.
Behind what we are, the sun is but a hand away.
And in the shadows that we called our home exists effulgence within our hearts.
I write you now because one of the necessary ingredients
To this great vision that I call my future is you.

7. Pterodactyls In America

Terrified to change, terrified to lose with all of this on the line.
And why decide right now?
In the ways we thaw.
In the ways we flaw.
In the ways we stain.
In the ways we concede.
In the ways we please and in the ways we rid...
We are all just as abandoned with our thoughts as we are with our own actions.
They'll say: "The truth is really amazing but we can never reach it again."
I guess that in some ways we never know the truth exists at all.
Substitute all of these myths for a fable.
We refuse to fly with our wings in our mouths.
We refuse to fight with our fists in our mouths.

8. Serenity Now!

Those women are breaking monuments in their sleep.
Constructing the rhythm, fracturing silhouttes.
They are the products of their inconveniences.
And yet they'll still break rules.
They'll even demonstrate how you can sell out your friends.
This seems like the most obvious swindle, right?
Ignite. We can burn the books that impale us.
These stories blind/decieve rationale.
Falsity is bludgeoning every inch of our being.
So quit fashioning the black metaphors, model X,
it's time to have sex with your masterpiece.
And it all makes so much sense when you look back
And realize you stayed so true for the entire ride.
Proves once more that one can...
Never discount glory for those who helped you grow
And allowed you to choose how to live.

9. Today Jeremy Challenges The World

Who can balance the time we once shared, the strength we must bare?
Who can balance?
Time can not wane any slower than this.
This will be the first and last time that we ever coexist.
We could have had the wealthiest harvest in years
If we had not burned down every single crop we had.
We tested the will as we wagered our pride.
Is this the end of our lives? Is this the end?
Restrain and repel the future in your hands.
Slowly break the stares.
Tear away the air.
After we are long gone,
Will we have the chance to remember the times we once shared,
The strength we must bare?
The strength we must reveal, disclose, unmask, unfold.
It would have been really nice to escort you today
But I can't, I decline, today is the last day of the world.
We could have been the luckiest people right now
If we had not gambled away everything we had.

10. The City Is Drowning

Desperate plans impact hearts.
Do not stop seeking what you love or you might end up loving what you find.
Tie me up and blind me with your...
What is time now other than my longing?
Drag on my dear; you have to hurt to pull on.
I could have held you from that night on.
I see that desparation in your eyes.
What's it like to be so far from here?
Can you feel the sun?
Can you feel the warmth absorb your solace expressions?
It's very cold up here, a symbolic emsemble.
I can feel the air, like an orchestra, tune behind the curtain.
How is it possible to understand the distance when we both see the same bright stars?
At night we'll scream about forefeiting, misplacing everything.
We cry divisions, we love decisions, imperative exiles.
Wrapped up in happiness, distorted in reality.
Tie me up and blind me with your love.

11. Sweet Water Death

Lift the sky above the city lights.
After all, these are the brand new boundaries
From which we offered and accepted the distinct ideas and evolving though.
There was somewhat of a distant insight left vacant
By voids exceeding the expectations of prior lifestyles.
As eyes veiw other eyes, those I's may view other I's.
Homeward thoughts rely greatly on the weight of one's heart.
Moonlight is shading the thieves of the sun.
Moonlight shading the thieves.
The son!
If this life is like the surf, we'll give ourselves away like the sea.
These are the days when the open road points to the sky and screams:
"Our brand new face rested on every unknown floor,
And every time I look back this saves me."
Long time, no sea.
Thanks for everything!

12. The Weak And The Wounded

In my left hand pocket, I may not have been aware,
But there's a note addressed to "I Am."
In my right hand pocket, I may not have been aware,
Another note addressed to "The Cynic."
They both read: "Look into the mirror, you'll never see yourself like this again."
If I evaluate and analyze, I become twice as guilty.
I must deny and learn to reprimand myself for this fascination.
Is it in your mind? In my mind?
Should I withdraw or should I deposit, should I risk everything for this?
Terrified for someone to show me what I will not become.
Deny. Reprimand. Myself.
Should I risk everything for this?

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