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1. Far Away

Die my heart, I'm here again.
I've been alone again.
And without you here, there's just so much to say.
The loneliest of times may come when I talk to you but you're not there.
There's no way out now, I've got to stay in here.
The walls are tired of hearing what I have to say.
What I try to say is almost pointless to start,
because you're only in dreams and inside my heart.
Hope the time will cease tonight.
Hope this darkness makes me bleed.
Deception, the sight.
Night, do not give up on me (I have given up on myself.)
Time has shed and we all this time we share in other things.
I miss you darling, I need to see you more than this.
I know you have all you want and what you have, but you don't have me.
You have to feel the same.
We will be home soon.
Normality will take it's place.
Being able to talk to you and see your face.
Embrace what we have, enjoy what we made.
We created a bond that miles can't break.
We did this. We made us. We did this.
I feel my feet touch the sand.
I miss you.
Submerge my heart into your soul.
I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.

2. All The Same

Nothing is nothing again, you're on your knees and in the rain,
you close your eyes but you still see all that you had
so you say "What's it to me, I've had this all before,
I've had this all before, so what's it to you?"
Feeling that the thrill of living left long ago,
you're stranded as a shadow dies in front of your heart,
your back's to the wall so you fall
because it's so much quicker to end it all.
Steal this away from us?
You can't take what we smile for, what we strive for.
And you can't break us when it's our time, this is our fight.
You can't give it up, although you've had enough,
we have no other hand to lend.
You're under the gun with one way to run, you're all the same.
Again like another day, you're looking for the time to pass,
so when's it gonna go, and when's it gonna stop.
You're falling falling falling, seems you're falling more than gaining
and your time has stopped a while ago, so what's it to you.
When the sky fell, so did my life and my dreams
but now I have the strength to keep going.
What's it to you?
Can't take your life away.
What's it to you?
You've been here before.
What's it to you?
You're all the same.

3. For My Friends

Take my eyes.
And you will see what pulled me from my ignorance.
Sight. See this. See us. See us. See us.
I can only feel this around you and no one else.
I have searched for a sympathy.
I have searched for a brace to lean on.
And now you're my only brace, and yet I stand so tall.
You would pick me up if I'd fall, you would carry me.
Our great ascension.
We're one in the same.
On that mountain and on that beach.
We watched the sun rise, we watched our lives.
Come so far. Together.
And now your my only brace and yet I stand so tall.
You would pick me up if I'd fall, you would fall with me.
Our great ascension.
We're one in the same.
The love that you return to me (this is for my friends)
It's more vital than the blood pumping through my heart.

4. Blending Day With Night

Slave your slumber, it is ruin in miles.
Holding her blank like memory.
I saddle illusion.
(And I burn delusion.)
They were always one.
Flint is a root, the type of wrath in your smoke.
I burn like one pawn.
Seeking taste in imagery.
I only truly gain slumber as you enslave me.
If we never have light to borrow, then let us cry like the fall.
When sleep only notes tuition, Stack naked one will.
Writing a formal love in her, graduate from better humanities.
Why the night must always sing, yet above every sound is you.
Above every sound is you.
More water... Love above morning beauty ...Than a watch.
She never asks, she swims to me.
Blue goddess, I manipulate this full finger.
Will this open you?
Sense this timid structure, this hard chain of magnetic white.
Will this open you?
Slave your slumber.

5. Coalition

If you would like a coalition with my in in my eyes,
mark me down -say it- this institution demands these words.
Knife your worth.
We said, "Your vitality is like a throat and in this cold it stains,
survives a haste. In the ascension taste sun in your mouth."
Burn burn burning the callow of will.
Herd into this pen the escape of, the escape of what you infer to be true,
won't you slice open your wrists and crawl through your veins?
You remain forever what you are.
You put on full-bottomed wigs with a million locks.
You can wear these high stilts instead of socks.
But you remain forever what you are.
Float or drown in these blades of canvas, perceive a fluid of manipulating skin,
the skin turned from flesh, turned its face from the sun, revenge of a knife.
Knife your worth.
When you thought you heard the sun it was the fire in my eyes
and when you thought you heard the dove it was my whistle in disguise.
And when you let it go with little might,
you found that down here there is no day or night.
The wisest man will make you feel like you are a man among mankind.
The devil has died.
And you have been born.
Knife your worth.

6. Contrite

You find this easy to kill her mind when everything you took was irreplaceably mine.
You'd still expect her to know what to say?
When all the time she spent scared of you.
You weren't even there, just in her dreams impending doom,
and every day she cries because she can still fucking see your eyes.
What right gives you the chance to erase a beautiful face?
What right gives you?
In her inner most thoughts you come from behind,
she suffered your rape, she suffered your kind.
You'd still expect her to know what to say?
You call her up late at night when she's forgotten all about you and everything's right.
Now she comes to me, like she did before.
Because of you.
Scared because of you.
You're not sorry. You're not right.
Her vanity you've taken.
She can't hold it inside.
And she can still fucking see your eyes.

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