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1. The Secret Of Steel Part I

The poor and cold village
Was devastated by obscure warriors
The symbol of vipers grappling
Under a black death sky
Desolation - blood on ice
The son sees
Father and mother die
The ashes were stopped, blood has turned to ice
Weapons of steel or of death

Winds and fire came from the sky
Giants hidden in chaos' obscurity
They have taken possession of the steel's riddle
The earth shaken and during the battle
The Gods forgot" the secrets of steel

Growing up and living like a slave
Under the son or snow, a painful life
Games of death - Slaves, but warriors
Killing to survive
Nothing else matter either life or death
Just a killer warrior
As a reward he was sent to the east
To learn the arts of war!

Learning the arts of war
Learning with Samurai warriors

The Kitai's poetry
The Suna's philosophy
The pleasure of the women"
The discipline of steel always remains!

The best in life is
"Destroy your enemies
Hear the women's scream"
The discipline of steel always remains!

A dream of freedom awakes"
Warrior, run to the freedom!

Living as a thief
Getting to know the civilization
Between the cult of the towers
The warrior steals the "Serpent's eye"
Tasting all the flesh's pleasure
Tasting all the wealth
"The result proves to the spirit
As much as to the biggest enemy"

The barbarian has so a mission
To save the young princess
For the king
Only the wish of vengeance lives on
Rage and hatred against Doom
Penetrating the cult of death
The barbarian is captured
And taken to death"
"Flesh is stronger than steel"
So says the tyrant - "Crucify him"

Days on the tree, crucified"
Flesh gives off the smell of death
Dying, after many days,
Salvation comes by a friend
Only power and magic can revive the steel Barbarian

Ancient symbols are tattooed on the warrior's skin
Lighting, black clouds, winds and spirits try to take him
The warrior that after many days close to death
Revives and is thirsty for vengeance!

"The one who does not kill us, makes us stronger" [Nietzsche]

[Lyric by Márcio Tadeu Silva (October 2002)]

2. Sons Of War

Under the Sunset, flows the blood on your sword!
Put away your armor, take hold of your soul, impale your enemies
Groans and screams, cries of death, agony and ecstasy
Women and children counting the bodies, victims of war

Clean your sword, red is the blood spilled in Hell

Go ahead, this is your way, your last steps
Dive deep, die in this river of tears and blood
Your soul now has another master, handing it over
The new father live in flames, no god - only Satan

Clean your sword, red is the blood spilled in Hell

In Hell lives your soul rests, paying your sins!

Innocents crying,
Feel the pain
Pain and death
Your sword
Remove the souls
Of sons of war!

Bastards, warriors, walking
To condemnation
No swords, no armors, no life
Until the eternity!

False and christians pray
To Hell you will go!

Clean your sword, red is the blood spilled in Hell

[Lyric by Márcio Tadeu Silva (March 1998)]

3. Os Doentes


Aquele ruído obscuro de gagueira
Que à noite, em sonhos mórbidos, me acorda,
Vinha da vibração bruta da corda
Mais recôndita da alma brasileira!

Aturdia-me a tétrica miragem
De que, naquele instante, no Amazonas,
Fedia, entregue a vísceras glutonas,
A carcaça esquecida de um selvagem.

A civilização entrou na taba
Em que ele estava. O gênio de Colombo
Manchou de opróbrios a alma do mazombo,
Cuspiu na cova do morubixaba!

E o índio, por fim, adstrito à étnica escória,
Recebeu, tendo o horror no rosto impresso,
Esse achincalhamento do progresso
Que o anulava na crítica da História!


Mas, diante a xantocróide raça loura,
Jazem caladas, todas as inúbias,
E agora, sem difíceis nuanças dúbias,
Com uma clarividência aterradora,

Em vez da prisca tribo e indiana tropa
A gente deste século, espantada,
Vê somente a caveira abandonada
De uma raça esmagada pela Europa!


[Poem by Augusto dos Anjos]

4. A Warrior And His Battle

- Hate in my soul
Please, come to me...
Enter my soul
I see the disgrace in my life!

I see the future
Tearing my heart
Only I know what I am saying.

Please, come to me...
Enter my life
I feel the Hate in my soul!

- Enter the forest (my sacrifice for you)
Penetrating the dark forest,
I hear the lonely children of the night's cry

In my deep walk
I follow your trail, Nocturnal princess
Your dark veil enchants me
For you the wolves cry
Your magic involve me,
And thus I feel the darkness...

...And KILL!

...And kill for you!
With my sword, I kill
Ancient, children and women
My sacrifice is an
Offering to you
Feel my heart beat in your grip...

- Agony and Death
My blood covers your soul
Your fire burns my flesh
It's my pleasure,
It's your pleasure!

- Deep melancholy
I hand over my life to you
I hand over my soul
Now die, how the time dies
I died for you...
My soul rests
In the shrubs of your heart
Where my tears
Form an ocean
Of sorrows and blood
Spilled for you...
I lived for you
I died for you...
My soul rests

My suffering is devoted to your beauty
(Tears and blood by)
...Princess of the night!
Never forget those who hand over the
(Live my life and live yours)
...Life for you!

- Triumph
With my sword...
With my sword, I trample over those who under-estimate my power
With the powers of Hell...
With the powers of Hell, fill my soul with hate and rancor
Without either sentiment...
Without either sentiment, I trample over those who under-estimate my power!
Without either remorse...
Without either remorse, fill my soul with hate and rancor!

[Lyric by Márcio Tadeu Silva (10 February 2000)]

5. Pagan Ritual (A Call To The About Ones)

At night under the full moon
I evoke my ancestrals' strength
I carry with me the strength of a thousand spirits
I feel the southern winds touching my soul
Awakening my primitive instinct
Living in the nature and by the nature
Protected by Pagan Gods
Honoring a warrior's compromise

At night, riding through the forest
I see lights - I see the red fire
I see beautiful witches chanting songs
It's an important night - it's a Sabbat
Ancient spirits are evoked
At a night of respect and contemplation
Naked bodies fire and steel
Magic echoes through the nocturnal mist

[Lyric by Márcio Tadeu Silva (2002)]

6. Resistência Pagana (The Inkas' Revenge)

The Gods would come from the sea
A people waited for their arrival
Pacha Mama mother of this land
Salutes you with the strength of the Sun!
The ancient people respects
Sacrifices are made for thou
Our altar of sacrifices
Has become our shroud

One day damned invader came from the sea
And brought swords, diseases and tyranny

Taking advantage of their innocence
Bastards killed, stole and raped
A people was fooled
Wise and kings were dead
A new culture was imposed
With a cross in the hand
More tyrants arrived
Bastards lambs sons of jesus!

Filthy tyrants unworthy of respect
You have fooled strong warriors
With your religion imposed by priests
You have forgotten the God's fury
You have won a battle
But haven't won the Pagan Resistance
You have killed our heroes
But you haven't put out our memory!

Los Inkas son un pueblo fuerte y de valor
Sobre las montañas aparecieron los guerreros
La Resistencia Pagana esta viva
¡La antigua raza quiere venganza!
Muchos templos y noches de frio
Com la fuerza del Sol y de los Vientos
La sangre de los conquistadores va a caer
¡Los Inkas no temen a la muerte!

¡Los Inkas no temen a la muerte!

Monuments and impressive empire
The Inka warrior fought
He gave his blood for his culture

Machu Picchu sacred city
An empire that bloomed
The empire of the Sun

The empire of the Sun
And its cosmic forces
The richness of a people
Remains in the memory
Of those who still honour
Its culture and wisdom
And worship the ancient race
By the power of the Sun!

The worship of the supreme, the ancient Gods and the Nature
Remains with those who are still warriors

[Márcio Tadeu Silva (May 2002)]

7. The Cursed Egyptian Saga

[Part I - Prelude (Instrumental)]

[Part II - The Creation Of The Gods]

Ra-Harakty, the great Sun-God and Creator, arises from the liquid chaos and, at the highest sacred peak, he masturbates and spits, creating thus a pair of divinities: Shu and Tefenet. They in, gave rise to Geb and Nut - Heaven and Earth.

Rise from liquid chaos the creator of divinity
From above of sacred peak spit in profanation
Like this will be damned Shu and Tefene
Rise Heaven and Earth!

Geb and Nut give rise to four gods: Osiris - the sovereign of the world of the deads; Isis - Osiris' wife, guardian and magician; Seth - Osiris' brother, disorder, desert, storms and the War-God; Neftis - Isis' sister, guardian divinity. These nine divinities form the Nine of Heliopolis.

Sons of darkness, members of Heliopolis
Women and sister, guardians and magicians
Scepter and whip, white crown, feathers and horns
Supreme of dead's world!

Seth, the disorder's God, promotes chaos and death

In the eyes of Seth,
I see the death
In the eyes of Seth
Disorder and chaos
I see the death
Into my world"

[Part III - Betrayal]

Seth, the War-God and betrayer, slays his brother, the sovereign Osiris

The God of War is king!
[Seth:] Osiris is dead!

So Horus is born, the Heaven's God, the most ancient nationalized Egypt's God, conceived by Isis and Osiris' dead body. Horus, furious, wants his father's revenge

Conceived the son of supreme
[Horus:] Vengeance, my heritage!

[Part IV - The Battle Of The Gods]

Horus and Seth wage for Osiris' heritage

The dust of desert is raise
For Seth, the traitor
Horus, old God, God of Heaven
With rage and fury, will destroy
Storm, War, destruction
Dominate the Egyptian spirit

Seth, the disorder and chaos lord, is defeated and dead by Horus, so losing the battle.

Death, funeral, Seth
Now a dead God

Sun-God rises every morning, crosses the sky in the sun raft, grows old and dies. During the night, he travels around the world of the dead in his regeneration cycle. The jackals conduct the raft, announcing thus the death of Seth. Horus, triumphant, stays with father's heritage now revenged.

Jackals leading the ferry of the Gods
Advertising the death of the Father-Chaos
Hours, receive the heritage
Of dead father, now revenged
Storm, War, destruction
Dominate the Egyptian spirit

[Part V - Storm In The Desert (Instrumental)]

A great sandstorm gives way to a devastating rain. It is the end of the battle of the divinities. A storm as furious as the Gods anger calms down the deserts heat.

[Part VI - Pharaohs, Pyramids And Slaves]

Too hot is the desert of this great civilization. Slaves, serves the almighty Osiris in earth - The Pharaoh

Fire is the soul of the desert
Burning in the sand
Slaves don't have soul
Contemplate your God
Working for him
You are my slaves

Thousand of slaves work in the desert, carrying huge stones for the building of the Pharaohs' temple - The Pyramids. Symbols of greatness, the pyramids are part of the empire of the some great and merciless kings, the Pharaohs. In the pyramids lie the sarcophagi where its Pharaoh will rest in the future.
Mummification as part of their funeral customs guarantees to the Pharaoh life after death, as well as the "Spell to advance the day and to get into the underworld" (The Egyptian Book of the Dead - Chapter 72)

The Pharaoh: I am the Pharaoh, you are my slaves - Obey me!
Construct my temple, because I will be - Immortal!

[Part VII - At The Nile's Edge]

From the spring to the delta, the great Nile crosses Memphis and Tebas. Countless cities surround the Nile, as well as the magic oasis. From North to South the Egyptian magic involves the Nile.
ABU-SIMBEL - Power and wealth involve the grateful temples of Ramses II, its colossal statues justify his divinity.
SA EL-HAGAR - Almost disappeared delta's civilization that protects mystically the temple of Amon.
EL-SHEIKH IBADA - Death suits to those who explore the graves caved in its rocks.
KOM EL-AHMAR - Nekheny, the Falcon-God, guards the graveyard of this ancient civilization from High Egypt.
Magnificent thou are, oh Nile! Thou guard in his sacred waters the most magnificent secrets of these civilizations. As immortal as the Pharaoh, you guard in the deserts, power, oasis and pyramids. Hail!

[Part VIII - The Curse]

Baboons clamour Ra's solar boat, that by traveling in the dead's world calls for Nut, Son-God's granddaughter, who becomes mother, whose mouth the night enters. Who is born in the morning. Gods, guardians of the Egyptian spirit, keep curses for those who disrespect the Egyptian temples, the Pharaohs' soul. The Ancient soul.

In the sunrise and sunset
Living the supreme souls
From this empire of slavery
Enter my tomb
Discover your reaches and
Cursed you will be for all eternity!

Men will pay for disrespecting the Egyptian souls and Gods. Time is coming. Egypt will reign again. Invocated will be the strength of merciless God Seth. With anger and rage the Nine of Heliopolis will return, and thus will destroy! Damned be all of you men!

Cursed you will be for all eternity!

[Part IX - Epilogue (Instrumental)]

[Márcio Tadeu Silva (April 1999)]

8. Hail To Nature !!!


9. The Secret Of Steel Part II

Rage and hatred in his heart - Thirsty for vengeance
The Barbarian has by his side a loyal Amazon
"Not even all the Gods can torn us apart
I would come back from the death to help you
From the depths of Hell to fight close to you!"

Paintings of war - The war of revenge
Through the obscure caves they go to the cult
The cult takes its course through the night
Orgies, naked bodies - The pleasures of the flesh
Pretty women and human flesh soup!

The princess is there by Thulsa Doom's feet
The warriors are ready to the steel battle
Steel in human flesh - killing all enemies
The princess is saved while chaos rules the night
The tyrant runs away, but sends his death arrow
That gets the warrior's partner that soon dies"

Revenge shall come!
You killed my father
Revenge shall come!
You killed my mother
You took out my father's sword"

Your blood will be shed!
You killed my wife
Your blood will be shed!
You will die and
I'll put an end to your empire!

Your body shall be burned
Where fire does not burn
At the top of the mountains
Until Valhalla"

A great ambush is prepared
Arrows, traps and weapons of death
The Barbarian so prays to his God
"You won't remember if we were good or bad
Why we fought or died
You admire the value, Crom
Then Give me a request, grant me revenge!
If you don't hear me, to Hell with you!"

The axe cuts the flesh - Desolation
Honored men fight with the strength of steel
Arrows, spears and swords,
Against the symbol of two vipers
The warriors cut their enemies
But Doom runs away riding to beyond
Triumphant the warrior raises his sword to the sky
He walks to revenge that is eminent

The tyrant is in his temple
With thousand of disciples
The Barbarian arrives
Like a savage shadow
And unmercifully kills!
Revenge is real!

All the lights have been turned off
The disciples disperse" it's the end of this cult
All the temple burns
The fire burns until the sun rises

Conan takes the daughter to king Osric
He went to west, fought feuds and wars
His name was honored and feared
He became king by his own hands!

[Lyric by Márcio Tadeu Silva (October 2002)]

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