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1. The Inheritence

2. In Hope Of A New Sky

When I'm standing on the edge of precipice
And sea is shaking down
With its strong waves against the coast
And somewhere far away the horizon is seen
That horizon, where sea and sky are the same
And strong northern wind
Is shaking me in the chest.
I take a look in the sky!
In a wonderful blue northern sky
Which beckons and calls my imagination
And also myself
Its white - grey clouds are following above me
Shaking my imagination and fantasies
With its beautiful and powerful forms
Sky is so deep blue above my head, that sometimes
I think I see the silence of space
But as far my look is going to the north
As the sky becomes more and more blue
Its calls me!
All sounds, coming in my interior
Noise of waves and smell of sea
Cold but nice wind
Cry of birds, flying high above the sea
All voice of blue northern sky
Covers me with its blanket and takes me away,
Far away, for the limits of my consciousness
And subconsciousness,
For the limits of my imagination and fantasies
It takes me to another world
Where I can't feel the reality Where I will see my bright blue sky forever!

3. My Angel

How young are you but how can finely comprehend.
You feel me and know how to understand.
You reveal all my secret thoughts
And truth you tell me mine!

More often declaring your love to me,
For my reciprocal one you wait.
But you call it insincere and
Just a gesture of considerate attachment.

My faults and weaknesses you find out,
Reproach, kiss and forgive me,
When I start again to try
Be over others!

You love, you wait and try to help.
You keep worried but don't lose your heart.
You lead me with confidence
And safe me like an angel

You call me to love and return to life!

4. Lost Wings

Pure as a mountain stream,
Credulous as the unborn child,
Strong as thousands of swords,
Defenceless as a blind kitten.

She flew to the fire of affection,
Burning the graceful wings.
That was love calling her to the light
And made her walk through the darkness.

But now she's lying on the ground,
And her mighty wings are cut.
Between life and death, in gloom she's crying,
But may be it will be better.

But deep purple blood trickles
To the snow-white feather,
So she never can fly again
Even too much believing.

And since now she won't dream any more,
And she wont believe in the truth.
But during the whole life she'll be dying,
May be it will be better for her.

5. I Don't Believe In You

This night we are not together
The mist of another delight
And tomorrow well look for the date
Somebody'll be in nervous, somebody will cry.

Finding each other - passion burns us
But falsehood hides inside
If promises soon to burst
And it wont be place for love any more

Perceive your game - play faster in mine with you
What are you waiting from me?
- Oh, yes, defeat again
But I don't trust us. I don't trust myself
Tell me, how can I believe in you?

Everybody knows all about everyone, but they keep silent
And tomorrow our place will belong to them
Were young, we look for something, treading our feelings in mud
While betraying, we despise

6. When Faith Dies

Someone puts you up to it
When you're alone
I think those you believed in
And you loved, and for whom you wanted
To become the best and with those
You'd feel great and tranquilly.

You become older, years pass by
But think; don't leave the others behind,
Try to trust them,
Cause you felt so great with them

And where are they now? Have they betrayed you?
No, just you're the very person,
Who made the wrong choice.
You want to change everything.
It's unlikely to happen, but!

And what about love? Will you also replace it?
That's true! Time treats everything,
But the scars are not likely to heal.
There's so little love in you,
But give yourself one more chance,
Believe in yourself and in the others.
Is it unlikely? But!...

7. Angel's Love

Only angel can love in such way
So devotedly, truly and easily.
Suffer from inflicted wounds,
Being grieved of injuries.

Your wish is to keep your feelings
In the insane burst you appeal to the light
And returning the hope
You recall yourself to life.

Your call of energy draws me
And leads to the lifepower.
It makes me believe in my strength,
It saves me from the gulf and disaster.

Only angel can love in such way,
Keeping the hope untouched.
But when you know your fate
Will you forgive me?

8. False

As if you're waiting when I'll stumble.
Then it's never be forgiveness to me
But at least I'll make a step,
Saying bye in my thoughts forever.

To see - that's what I beware of.
And time not always treats.
It's better disillusion
Will grip my look forever.


9. Lovefire

I wanted to reach a certain goal
Exposed many people including you
And I can't run away from the shadow
Which chases me
My sins? My sufferings
And given in the measure and deserve
That whisper of the thoughts and desires
Which carried you to me
I demed in vain
I've been captured by the power from without!
Voluptuousness was all and wanted
To get inside, to enjoy the thing
The most wonderful for me
Was something that my soul could not forget
The passion and uncovered
And the fire inflamed in you
Leaned to me and burned
But more important was for me
The lovefire smitten
I wanted to reach a certain goal
Exposed many people including myself
I ran away from the shadow
Which still chases me

10. The Last Love Song

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