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1. Our Passion Is Everything

Burning all the limbs
Wounding my pulsing heart
Carving my soul that doesn't
Belong to me as well as my heart

In you are my feelings
My bright flash
Whom I met
On my lonely way

Now I'm not the one
I used to be

I don't recognize myself
In front of me there's only
The fire that absorbed us
Appealing to you who subdued me
As I met the tempest carrying you
How I attracted you dazzling feelings

And your flared up love

Before I saw you from afar
But now I'm in you
And the pleasure is great
Our world is for us
And the horizon we change
Is the display of our piercing,
Stormy and rainy feelings

Our embraces are eternal
Our fire is never dying away
Our hope is great, we're one
Our war is inside us
And no one will understand us

For our love is beyond the space
Where our life we create
Exploding skies our feelings' display
Our emotions are the hurricane
When we're gone we will leave rain
My delight is thunder your pleasure is flash
Our passion's in everything!

2. Something Remains

I try to mortify the feelings
To destroy the memories
But something remains
It ties me to the past

The past I lived
Made me enjoy itself
I loved and hated
Lived and soared like a proud bird
Which had its sky and freedom.

I ruled like lion
Conquered and subdued
I fondled and caressed

And only carrion-crows and mean hyenas
Asked for my blood and sufferings.
The passion came to me, and insult
Love and fury
It was my past in which
I couldn't understand
Who was a friend or enemy
And what was tenderness and passion
Of gamble and revenge
But something... it remains!

3. Cold But Magnetic

Moonlight through branches of the trees
Cold but magnetic

Inviting and putting me only guard
The light of dreary solitude

But hardly everything is so faceless
The look of the moon like your reflection
The thoughts of the lonely heart
The grief and joy of your soul
The suffering of unrequited love

On your face the silent movement
Of the cold light

Coldness penetrating into flaming heart
Night embrace carrying you away
Following the moon so taciturn
Like you are in your solitude

All day long you have been waiting
For the moonlight approaching
To impart to it your story
To disclose your thoughts to it
To reveal your soul
To chill your heart

You are free in night time only
And concealed from alien sights
Confronting your reflection
Moon is the mirror of your consciousness
Into which you look any time

You want to understand yourself
You're grateful to dusk
You're hardly waiting for the dawn

Moonlight through your glance
Cold heart inviting
And putting you on your guard
The loneliness of faceless night

But hardly...

4. The Fire Of Your Feelings

The fire of your feelings
The light of my desires
The flash of your hope
The beam of your love
So much bright and scorching

Only the angel of my dreams
Can beam that way
The angel of suffering,
Of love and pride

You wait and hope for us to meet
You are invited by your tender look
And soft touch of your feelings
You're afraid of your demon
But you're attracted by him

He suffers greatly
His heart is broken, his soul is crushed
Like a shroud of dense mist on his way
His blind oblivion kills his flesh
On the bloody feasts and voluptuous pleasures

He escapes from his past
He destroys his real world
It's the thirst of irreparable

War with himself
The ray of light is his only salvation
Your demon is dead without an angel
The fire of love will warm his heart
And will return him back to life.

5. The Road I Saw


6. Like A Lonely Crow

I flew alone
Just like lonely crow
The wood lay ahead me
And the mighty wind behind

The road I saw
It was so clean and real
I didn't want to lose it

And the thoughts
Which didn't let me sleep on rest
Flew faster than
My real time itself

And fasten than the wind
They chose the space, the skies
As their goal,
And took all of my passions within them

They wished me to uncover me new space
A new space,
Which could have brought me happiness
And I could be conquered by no one
I could be free
As if I flew like a lonely crow

7. A Proud Bird

Space inviting upwards
And feelings born by the will
In energy have interlaced
In breathing, even and free!

But the burst won't come, don't wait for
The body amorphous? And sounds?
Streams carrying upwards
Once hands the wings are now.

You were longing for soaring like eternity
Higher and higher fly for your life
Scorn all the principles
Dictated above

But is there an aim you head for?
You wanted it pure, but is it?
Are you certain in it giving all your strench
To the upwards inviting space?

If sure, then fly and break all the bars
The call of your heart, it won't disappoint
And the sky will accept a proud bird
But the main thing for her is not to fall

But the proud bird doesn't hear the words
That all that invites is not a good sign
And the main aim for her is to merge
With the space to which she aspires.

8. Escape From Myself

Thoughts carrying into eternity
A road leading into the distance
Space inviting upwards
Anxiety tike on my way
A shadow dismal
Makes me return to the past
From which I'm longing to escape
But there's no sense in escape from myself

Will it last long if I find a new state?
To return to what I've gone through silly
To after myself may be

For everyone you're just
One side of the coin
But nobody sees the reverse
And you're left in private with it

In collision with solitude
Struggle or indifference
In search of yourself
Inside your own senses

The target that makes you live
The meaning & values of your deeds
Who are you for others,
Who are you for yourself?

And the wind anew,
And the road once again
And the brilliant stars
On my night-time way
Wonderful skies in the new space
And there's sense for a while
To escape from myself.

9. Targetheart


10. My Pain

[bonus track]

You need my pain
And sight of suffering
You want to get this feeling
And you'll have what you are asking you
I'll give it all to you like in a play
And you will never understand the composition

On the surface, there always were
The tender feelings, those
Which anyone could see
But inside there are stayed the thing
Which you will here now
'tit neither hatred, nor blind fury
Out the mean of what I feel
With my since heart

It seemed I could be used
You thought that I could like
Being suboned by you
The worse of it is it you believe
That I'm just angry like a snake
'tis not revenge, like you could do
It's my entire self
And it's the shape which my soul takes
When I just think of you

I did not betray or wanted to destroy you
I just want to bring a motto to your
I am the master and the ruler of the play,
And I want take this general defeat,
like you could do
I live, I suffer and I ache
This pain is mine, the one you'll never get

Recorded at F-studio, Kiev, Ukraine, 2001
Mixed at by Faith-studio, Kiev, Ukraine, 2001
Mastered by Day Studio / Eugeny Vinogradov, Moscow 2002
Prodused by FLYING & Victor Ozolin
Executive Producer: Evgeny Aksenov
Published by Metal Agen Records
Cover Art by Swanna
Photography by Yaroslav Avdievsky
Management: Victor Ozolin

Victor Ozolin - vocals
Viatcheslav Kosarev - guitars & keyboards
Vasily Sivko - guitars
Alexey Saltykov - drums
Alexander Druker - bass

Thanks to meandor for sending these lyrics.

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