Dark Lyrics


1. Shivering

Shivering all night long
I've been shivering all night long
It's a sheer disaster
A real bastard
It's not even cold

Yet I fire it up somehow
Just as much as I'll allow
Pills accompany the leaf
Satisfy the call

It keeps me down
You keep me down
So keep it down

Come my way
I'll be damned if I'm refused
Those ain't the words that win me over in my mind

You've got the mystify-fly-by wonder juice
I got a ton of curiosity
And though it might just kill the cat
Satisfaction brings him back

It keeps me down
You keep me down
So keep it down

Shivering all night long
I've been shivering all night long
It's a sheer disaster
A real bastard
It's not even cold

Yet I fire it up somehow
Just as much as I'll allow
Filled above the shot-glass line
Satisfy the call

It keeps me down
You keep me down
So keep it down

It keeps me down
It keeps me down
Keeps me down
It keeps me down

2. Through My Days Into My Nights

Rise to the stars with a scar because I've paid my dues
Ain't got too much more to lose
I've got a soul to find before my mind can rest yet
Fall to my knees and praise the lucky

Ha lf-speed and lonely...
A shelter for the alone...
Wheels riding through my days into my nights, I curl up with no one

Feeling sometimes I've been bathed by the razor
Lost in a wild touch of illness - cold
I fly higher when I'm down
Restless are the souls that burn for more

Late at night I curl up with no one

You're so damn...
Believe - tonight you suffer

3. Before The Line Divides

Just a matter of time before the line that separates the love and rage divides...

Giving and then some
I've suffered
You've given none
My fingers
my calloused hands
I've suffered
I've given and then some
Still I miss you when you're gone

It's a cold, black, stolen world
My curtains drawn and then tied
So gifted
Falling behind
How can they justify the confliction?
My fist is curled and tight...

World of subpar
Stolen world of knaves

Please help before the line divides

4. Those Days

Cries of failed allegiance
Got no reason to feed them all the noise
Riding alone
Mistakes never bother you
And brother, how it shows
I'm reaching out for more

Reach for more

I feel it burning
I'm never full

Those days long behind
Shattered visions of due supremacy
Stepping on our fingers and our toes
One is thing is certain
No one will ever know...

Still I am burning
Still I'm not full

I've got a little self-generated hunger
Send it to my fingers and my voice - a roller
I was lost
I should have started long ago
Hard life
Hard like a stone
Freezing cold
Down to the bone
Break from the hold

Those days long behind
Got the feeling my best are left to gain
More dues to pay
No trepidation; only focus of liability inside of me
My patience wearing thin
Cleansed of all sin
Or am I causing more?

5. Till My Soil

Till the soil
Coming rain quenches thirsty crops again
Laying idle keeps you tired since the growing time expired
I don't know what's come over me
Once I was so scholarly
And now I realize my fate
Time has come to irrigate

Gotta till my soil
Fertilize the plains to keep the brains alive
Sucker-fools around
Counted on by those who clearly keep them on the ground

Ground level street-wise pain makes a good man go insane
They taught you well by teaching none
Now you help their business run with your consumer ignorance
Coerner you at no expense
I sometimes wonder who's to blame
Mighty nation falling lame

If you're thirsty for knowledge, then drink of the wine
You'll never achieve it if you don't tend the vine
A glimmer of sunlight wrestles the clouds
Calling the rooted seep up from the ground

Driven by will
Not by fear
Driven by will to keep my planet here
Criticize me - I'm taking it back
I am the millions that pay the tax dollars that keep you fat
It's about damn time that we bury your crime

Crime-ridden government
Can you hear the message sent?
The education has begun
Billions all becoming one
Your faithful flock now bearing teeth
Find your wicked beneath the hooves of all you've made recoil
Earth is for the ones that till the soil

6. Whole

Bathe in the swill of life
Covered by the stench of the trail
Bitter is the one who won't feel change
Cauterize the wounds that the fathers left behind...

Because I can't believe the words of the chosen doesn't mean I won't be alright
Spirits rise and take to flight
Galvanize the darkness
Upon my soul render completion


Render my whole

7. Second Guesser

I'm getting down
I'm feelin' good to go another round
I've got a fistful of broken promises cast to the wind
Will you be yourself again?
Another day is gone and if I'd have done it differently
And so it goes, falling short of guarantee
I sailed across the sea and I saw the world in another light
I'm coming back to you
Coming back to see you

Feel you, touch you, taste you
The land is sweet, the offerings are good
Take it all; I know I should
Should I be leaving here?
Once again, second guesser fails!
The blackness sweeps
Over zealot fairs the same
Gettin' cold by the hour
I was only a child when I first saw their lies
Saw them all...

They've got the answers to the problems that cannod be solved
They make the accusations then commit the very fault
I only hope there is a special place for those like you
'Cause if there ain't I'd rather burn in hell alone...

Handwriting's on the bathroom wall
Headline is screaming, "Stand or Fall!"
I'm beneath the wheels of a motor truck
Takin' none from no one
Your loving's like a fax machine
Sends an image, but it isn't real
Blaming others for your bitter pain
Tears, they fall like acid rain
You'd better watch yourself
You're gotta push your luck too far, and I'll be coming down
Coming down upon you

Ooze from out of nowhere
Back to country-somewhere should you go and stay
Make it somewhere far away
See your wallflowers as you grip the power of your sacred book
Take another into your crystal ball
Kingdom soon will fall
Then you'll want your mother
Fuck THAT sit, man!!!

8. Running With Sodden Legs

Moaning in a nightmare
Pain like a shattered tooth
Born of viral tendency, can't hear the storming boom of a fired gun
Smack-dab in the middle of shit
Bathing in the bowels of hell
Slipping in between the sheets with a happy, headed for a rush of orgasmic greed

Hardly in control
Hot and cold
Viral tendency
Infectious memory

Falling in a cold mire
Living in a world unknown
Feral lies pawn the sins of even-trival, pain becomes your home

Soaking head
Visions of the dead
Try to shake it off
Like there waiting for the sun

Running with sodden legs
Wild, poisonous suffering
Contagion; die alone
Lover becomes a bone
Realize consciously oncoming insanity
Strumpet comes again and again
Synthetic copulation ends

Bringer of a gold mine
Bringer of a pile of dung
Every mind a bringer of an aberration of someone else's thought
Nightmares disappear in the dark by the light of day
Spirit of a shallow soul is reconnected with a confused, exhausted shell

Reminded of

9. Imitation Salvation

Here we meet again
Tearing at the mind
As the reflection tests my pride
I've been the guilty, the war bringer, time and again and again
Believe me, my son, hell isn't far

God praise her
Heart gazer
Blackout in all the misery
Street angel in the sun
House demon screams for all my love

Countless tears I've cried
Yet I seem to keep them all inside
Rising up into my eyes, even with the level of the floodgates
Bound to love I'll never know or show

One too many, one too few
God only knows all that I've sacrificed for you
Cursed by living, nursing pain
Have mercy on this cross I bear

Give all my wages while my baby's left to fend
My fingers dig for more to send
Then they ever see the light?
Twisted visions of what's wrong and what's right

I've seen the light
It's burning in my head
Don't you bother hearing the tongues of evil men

Lies abound the carpets of the deep-shag saviors and the gold-lined sphincters of the ones who claim they're saved
Something is telling me that the ones they praise they'll never face...

10. Feel You Burn

do it do it do it do it do it do it do it
do it do it do it do it do it do it do it
do it do it do it do it do it do it do it
do it do it do it do it do it do it do it

11. Black With Sin

Calling out my name, I heard you speak
I should not have been so arrogant
Knowing full-well the consequence, I paint you black with sin
Tell me that I am the chosen one
I want to believe you
Pull the knife out of my back as I call you out

Black with sin
Tattoed be fore I had a chance to begin defending my case
A real low
It's what I have to bear
Living day to day under the tag of a blasphemer

You say I am unholy
I just wanna say my say
You hold me within your caged heart
Awestricken, you fill my glass again
I must see you drink it first
If I should go down, I beg you, don't let me drown

List of the skies of the damned
Keep them under command
Hold your head up high
Deep in your lies
Pain of the weak and the frail fighting tooth and nail

Wake up in your jail, watching you and your kind take it out on mine
It leaves an aftertaste, bitter like a...
Demons burn all the souls that they seem to deem fit
All the while they smile

Smiling through the teeth of a pig
Wretched whore
Trying to get some more
Get you through the door
Fucking all the pigs as your man, sorry man, eulogized by all, takes a final fall

Get you through the door
Now you're on all fours fucking like a whore
Begging for some more

Never heard of love?
You say we're victims?
I don't buy it
Excuses all are lies

From time to time I lose some power
So goes a day in the life
The frenetic world of a blasphemer

Kill me fast - end the misery
I dare you to let me go
Hands red with my own blood, I paint you black with sin

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