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1. Design

I can see the design

Alpha Omega the architect
Maker of all that there is
Creator of all the galaxies and eons of time
The Ancient of Days divine

Through your Word all reality
Was spoke into life
I believe
Upon this rock you built your bride to be
Sacred anatomy

I see the design

2000 years since you visited
Of God and man born the crown made of thorns
Blueprinted covenant the old becomes new
The veil that was torn was sewn by the King of Jews

In the end, a new beginning
The Carpenter returns for His church
To unveil the holy destiny
The people of the Son set free

I see the design
I see the design
I see the design
You, You are divine

2. War In The Sky

Seven churches
Seven spirits
Alpha and Omega died
Rose again though Satan lied
Fighting deceivers
War on believers
Driving the bride to despair
Ghost pilots take to the air

You don't know
What day or time that
God will be back
I can see
The spirits flying
Death defying

War, War in the sky

Rumors of war
The veil He tore
The life exhausted through His breath
We escape the second death
Evil reprobates
Spirit of the Air suffocates
Though God submitted to die
Rose again, ascended through the sky

I see the war inside me
Satanic schisms lie
I see the war is ending
I see the demons fly
Demons die

3. The Four Seasons


4. Darfur

Cleanse the land
A thousand generations
A fool could see there's something wrong
Land and creed
Human life comes second
Mow the masses down to dust

Eye for eye
Life ends life

Your children fail to listen
Listen now your children scream
A watching world does nothing
A nation's blood upon our hands

Eye for eye
Life ends life
Open your eyes
The precious life

5. Polarized

My eyes they are mine
A gateway to my mind
So how am I walking when I'm blind
'Cause I can see only what I want to find

Standing here in the pouring rain
Takes me back to the days of pain
Looking at myself I see
I'm polarized
So I should change

My heart is in decline
Failing a great design
I've wasted so much time
Holding back on reaching those outside

Everything I hear and all the things I see
Is distorting all my views
It's destroying me
And I can hardly hear You and I can barely see You
It's distorting all my views, it's destroying me

I was so blind, you gotta love your brother, you gotta think of others
I was so blind, you gotta walk a mile, you need to make the time
I was so blind, you need an open mind, a fully open mind
I was so blind, you gotta look inside
I've gotta look inside

I'm suffering from narrow mind
Prognosis: I still have time
Listening to all sides
So, I can separate the truth from all of the lies

6. Biotech Babylon

What you see is what you get
The coveting begins
Climb your tower made of gold
And many mortal sins

Titan gods half human myths
Superpower, little wits
I can see your vanity
Stick that chip into your brain
Circle down the sheeple drain
Steps beyond humanity

I see you got it, you got a new knife
I see you got it, you got a new life
Beauty fame and wealth they seek
Eternal youth they crave
I see you got it, you got a new wife
Lightning-fast synthetic mind
Your master's clock it's A.1. time
See you're losing everything

Take another look upon the blood you've spilled
Do you need another world to conquer and kill?
What you made is phony in your vain ideal
Science is your prophet but you can't make it real

Replicate the cyber cells
Spawning new prosthetic hells
I can see your vanity
Bolt another plastic face
Covering the age disgrace
Say goodbye humanity

7. In Remission


8. My Last Ride

We were close, when I was young you held me
We were close, 'cause I was cute you loved me
We were close and all this time you needed me
So close, you had all the time in the world for me

You can't hear me, you can't see me now
You can't hear me, you don't even want me around

We were close, and somehow I could read your mind
We were close, we would eat and sleep at the same time
We were close, you just had to take me everywhere
And when you spoke, I was the only one who seemed to care

I was man's best friend
I was man's best friend
That's what you told me

I was your best friend
Those were the words you said
You dropped me off today
And left me in this cage

What did you think was gonna happen to me?
What did you think was gonna happen to me?
How could you leave me here with nothing to say?
What did they tell you as they led me away?

You can't hear me, you can't see me now
If they don't kill me, I will die of a broken heart
They're on their way
Oh, it's too late, it's too late
Now it's too late, it's too late

9. Freeloading Larceny

Freedom to believe is one
Two or more petitions Son
I can see the wailing on the wall
Take from me as if it's free
In the name humanity

10. The Order Of Melchizedek


11. Stop The Bleeding

War, the first impulse
Brainless, their teeth are red
Bringing the burial
Until the last are dead

Once the firstborn dies revenge takes flight
Burning the flames of vengeance
They punish the innocent ones

I am an echo from your past
And the future's fading fast
So, listen now this voice is reason
Take the hands of wounded brothers
Make a stand don't wait for others
The world needs love so burn the brightest fire

War, the first impulse
Brainless, their teeth are red
Never stand down
But know you are the one who wears a crown
See the fearless fire
Calling an end to time
Culling the ones who cower
Mercy to all mankind

I know you know
I know you don't believe this world is hopeless
Now we must believe together
Sharing all to love forever
Stop the bleeding now and the answer

Thanks to tgeswein for sending these lyrics.

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