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1. Nice To Eat You

It was sudden as a flash
As we looked eye to eye
In that moment time had no role
The lust in your sight I felt
...Lust for corporal touches
Violence and tender of sexual love
No style was strange for you
But I am not so fucking sure
We want the same thing to do
...As we scrutinize each other
I wipe my saliva-streams
From my hungry mouth in clandestine
As you turn your face away from me
But our love glowing up
...Will take different way
Nice to meet you, nice to kiss you
Nice to lick you, nice to fuck you
Strangled you've a surprise in your eyes
It doesn't matter we fall in love
Love is so close to epicureanism
And my passions are the proof
...So damn apparent
Each piece of your tragic body
Will have place in my evening menu
Be this grilled, be that fried
Searchiing for in recipe book
...Chinese. Greek or Japanese?
It will be so nice
To spend the time with you
The best thing is just coming now
What a shame you can't taste
Wish me please good appetite
Nice to meet you
Nice to eat you, nice to puke you
Nice to shit you, nice to eat you

2. The BOdy Bag Blues

Getting cold and getting rigid
Blind eyes as the gate to emptiness
Chest furrowed with exquisite cuts up
Welcome to my forensic battleground
As anatomical atlas you are wide open
The goal is body encyclopaedical arrangement
Placed into comly plastic package
It is so easy and so fun
All of you will be used
It's my body bag blues
You've no right to choose
That's my body bag blues
...My forensic blues
Exploring your cavity
Alphabetical ordeer in this abdominal chaos
With inexoarable tools of my trade
I am going to introduce
With interest I work on
Maintence of your shabby remains
Your innards shapely I will wrap
In vitro collection "Tissues, organs and veins"
I finish with no hurry
Your damaged deaad body carefully I repair
And then out of my slab you will be
Into body bag scrapped

3. Culture Meat

Carnivorous parallels
We forge the next links
In our food chain
Of wild individualities
Rapacious, destructive
Will arise...
Dissolving in bottomless misery
Of our primitive instincts
Everything inhuman, bestial stimulates
That frenzy need to devour
Cult of flesh
To be feed
Cult of flesh
Culture meat
We want to feel that taste of blood
Of fresh pulsating tissue ambrosia
Gorebath is our horrendous salvation
There's no life without kill
Your weakness is source of our power
Your motionless bodies are to consume
We are like scavenger demons with need to slay
We are your carnivorous nightmare
You are as exquisite titbits
Well served for our necromantic feast
No seasoning with culinary magic art is needed
Your warm somatic fluids are quite enough
Carnivorous parallels
We forge the next links
In our food chain
Of wild individualities
Rapacious, destructive
Arise now...

4. Noise Part III

5. Red Stars Hypocrisy

Would I like to say thank you?
For these millions tormented
For thousands maimed
No! I want to kill you
Now you act like nothing happened
Red flags like never flapped in winds
There's array of your peaaasant no more
You saluted from your pedestal
Concentration camps filled with the honorable
They were enemies of country and government only
They were not wanted witnesses of present time
So they've to live their lives in infamy and oblivion
Fictive actions incourt with predefined rules
Written by you - red stars hypocrites
They've no chance to save themselves
Human's life...Gor you a valueless commodity
I wish you the death, for that all
I want to see tear drops of your pain
Senile ruins facing the suffer

6. Where's Mine Resurrection

Dreaming, broken by impassive world
Pain in me, your words, fire in me, your sights
So cruel and lethal
Where's mine resurrection?
God's light cuts me dead
I am imprisoned in your spirit
Talous of your thoughts dig
My hopes hurnt from inside
All what I like, all what I believed
Now dead littering is in mud of your pleasure
I vomit of your laughter, I suffocate of your pleasure
Why don't dead see me and living ones pass me by?
So alone, still alive, I wanna rot!
Drowning in that fucking words
You hammer into my head
I want to die and to live
One day living and then dying in pain
Is that your wish?
You are full of lies and pus
And I die inside you

7. Defy The Fear

I lived in doubts of life
You saw that and stood onwalls of dumb
I was deaad in slumber
In was blind in life
And you stood with your back turned to me
I laughed as it was mad
He came to me in my doubts
As I slept he told me
I am the chosen one
He told me about his power
Peelings and moods
As he's been grinding the world with his hand
In heads of others
As he's worn clothes
Of other's blood
As I'll be in shaeds with him
Shaeds of pain, suffer and urge to live
I ask if it's mad to dream like that
The life is just like this
Everybody enjoys other's shame
Everybody smiles as others suffer
You let me to flounder in pain
You stood on walls of dumb
You slept in your circle of silence
You stood with your back turned to me!

8. Headscratcher

I reach inner space of your head
To scratch the remains of my dreams
Storeed in your reeecking mind
Where everything is dying fast
You can't imagine the life
With that infinite pain
Strike down the suffer bound inside
And start to think of death
How to survive another day inside your head
I want to find that forbidden world
Hidden in turns of your hate
Controlled by brain's brutality
I curse the day when my eyes saw you
I hate the voice you spoke to me
I'll never learn why...Why is was happened

9. A Roadkill Recipe

Fleshpiles of tissue mass
Lethal velocity
These creatures put to death
With tire impression
They lay on the lanes
Yes, it's my larder
I can choose everything I want
Whatever takes my faney
To appease my strange taste and hunger
A roadkill recipe
Cooked it will be
Shriveled piece of flesh
A steak with asphalt mesh
I need no recipe book
So let us fucking cook
Shapeless roadkill pancake
Firstly deboned and sliceed
And then corned in sweet-hot sauce
The scent of ripe meat
Mixes with odour of spice in bizarre
As in flame of burner I grill it
At last dinner can be served
I love the couvert fantasy
Whatever will augment that taste
A roadkill recipe
Cooked it will be
Shriveled piece'of flesh
A steak with asphalt mesh
Yes, kiss the cook
And then you can puke!

10. Breathe And Bleed

Your fast heart beats I conduct
I will dominate you, your body and mind
Be a part of my gore masterpiece
Eyes like windows flung wide to fear
As I carve bizarre ornaments
The body as costume for tragedy you will act
This deadly slab will be your stage
Resurrected in my disgusting parody of life
Dance steps to blood-draw I will let
In this swaying move something wonderful in
As dead ballerina on leading vein-thread
You will dance for no audience of my sick brain
For tones of silent tender music
And then in fall of applause you'll die
Close your eyes, you'll be a powerless actress
My lethal choreography only for you I write
Beautiful in quite suffering you'll be immortal for ever
Death is like a blood red sunset
Ascent as a glimmering postmortal star of mine
Our macabre showtime is beginning now

11. Hřbitov

Každou noc ve dvanáct
hroby se otvírají
mrtvoly vylezou
klouby si narovnají

Jen já tam s nimi býval
u hrobky jsem stál
a poslouchal jak hrají

Hrají ho kostlivci
jen bílý zuby svítí
a mrtvoly tancují
hroby se propadají!

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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