Dark Lyrics


1. Reminder

Mighty vessel in deep
Darkness and death reign on it
The crew was taken aback
As soul-hungry fiend attacked

Survived only one intrepid
He struggled with beast till end
His only salvation was sacred cross!

Slashing the deep waters of the billows
Glorious vessel utters its pray
How many soldiers of fate and fortune
Were buried for losing their way

And I know what's your biggest problem
And I know that is your lack of belief

Fiend molests your soul
Don't you give in, don't you give up!

Tempting words of the beast
How sweet they are and charming

Come to me to find yourself immersed in sea of pleasure,
I will give you all the wealth and every joy you need
Be my loyal servant forever,
See the whole crew now basking in lust

I'm your Alpha and Omega,
I'm the One who brings you light
Darkness is with me forever
Darkness is my truth and might

2. The Chosen One

Deep at night
Through storm and wind
I saw a bright light
Deep at night
The service over
It lures me outside

Behind the gates
Messiah waits
For me to cross the line
Through squalls and walls
Dark creatures crawl
The Fallen Angel cries


I stumble, I fall,
I grope, I crawl
Wind lashes my face
Hail scars my limbs

A beastly maw gaping ahead
It drools with fire
Ready to gulp me in one bite
I see a feathered heavenly creature
Flapping from above
It slashes the evil
With long sword

Surrounded by beasts and divines
Half in mud, half-choking,
I keep moving along
My light pathway
Where am I going Why me
Mighty roar quells
These questions in my mind
I'm falling in the dark
And silence reigns...

3. Marooned

4. Battle Cries

Petrified by sunlight
We are falling to sink

In sight of farewell we're ready to fight
But limbs refuse to follow
Hunted by scares
And haunted by previous lives
Being healed
I must be feeling stitches
Of kind in me

Shaking of infernal cries
Spacious arena opens up
Around it angels
Unicorns in front

Around it angels
Unicorns in front
Eyes full of dignity and might

The four horsemen ride
We're stumped by their might
In encirclement

In split-second they indulge into battle
To fulfill the prophecy

Snow of angel feathers
Falls from the sky
Dark rain of demons
Leaves its black seeds on the ground

5. Dirge For The Planet

Miraculous crystal
Given by stars
I can foresee the future
In fabulous glass
Lie spilt on the caves
Mock scribbled on us
Earth's doom day is close

Dancing on the ashes of the world
I behold the stars
Heavy gale is blowing to my face
Rising up the dust
Barren lands are desperate to blossom
Dark stars strive to shine
I still remember the blue ocean
In this dying world

The seas overdumped
The rivers are dead
All planet's cities turned a deserted land
Annihilation declares its day
Life slowly
Utters me 'remain'

6. Under Cover Of Night

Under cover of night we go
Blind children of fate
To be last to fight
Makes us horribly late
Divine sunshine of the moon
Embraces with remembrance
Making no trace of despair
We shall petrify descendants

No trace of despair

Don't you ever feel like I do
Don't you ever kill like I
Don't you ever feel like I
Don't you ever love like I

Kill and mutilate
These are words that I hate
Kill and rip
These are words that I...
I hate

7. Stranger's Prophecy

Dolorous stranger came to me
Telling that all the world is fake
Clad in shabby clothes
He spoke with his smooth and low voice
Of distant planets and distant souls
Of near Judgement Day
And close end
He told me of eternal life
Which's on razor's edge with death
He told me of eternal fight between two colours
Black and white

That's true I know he was right
But it takes time to find the answer
And no one is forced to make his own choice
Of either side the good one or the darkness

I testify my willingness to live
And serve the truth as long as I am given
I take my time and I'm here to be
The human being for the world I live in

8. Angel's Revelation

Falling from the deep blue sky onto sinful earth
Dying angel uttered his final words
Snow-white feathers stained with red holy blood
Feeble wings folded, head tilled downwards

Down there on the shores of Firelake
Minions of demons are joined by hordes of undead
Versus them armies of white angels advance
Winged horses pull chariots of crusaders
And the fight begins...

Though my heart is bleeding
Stubbed by evil force
How good it is to die
Fighting for the truth

9. Abysmal Temple Trek

Ancient Gods, give us shelter
From the dark paths we crawl on
Paradigm of peace in temple
Encrypted in the sky of scorn

Hear the wind howling through
These gorgeous divine gates
Look into your soul
Ruined with hate

Carrying a torch of hope
We descend further into dungeons
Hungry pair of eyes looks as we grope
Lurking behind carved columns

Hear that rustle, hear that growl?
- Surrender, you humans, no chance for you both
Who are you, a demon or local ghoul?
- Consider me master of your soul!!!

Run my friend, run for your life,
Or give up your soul to rejoice the beast

Chased by flamed tounges of fury
Spite-covered claws
We dash out of the haunted temple
Towards the changing laws
Of Destiny

10. The Outcome Descends

Ruslan Drozd ‒ Guitars
Oleg Yavorskiy ‒ Guitars
Andriy Salnikov ‒ Drums
Thorn ‒ Vocals, Bass
Alyona Korol ‒ Vocals (female)

Thanks to le-best18 for sending these lyrics.

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