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1. Masters Of Our Land

Look around - what do you see my friend?
Storm clouds filled the Aryan sky
Weeds are taking root in ancient land
Old oaks and young birches cry

Open up your eyes - what do you see?
Wolves are locked up in the cage
Stupid rams and sheep are walking free
Hens are clucking on the stage

We will fight together
Till we clean forever
Our Slavonic land from all what's wrong
Brothers Slavs, unite
And stand up for our country
Let our children sing their fathers' songs

Earth is slowly dying day by day
Father Sun is going out
Songs of birds are gone and woods are grey
But we are alive and will stay!


We'll defend our woods and mountains
We will fight until the end
Aryan blood is in our veins
We're the masters of our land
Yes, Aryan blood is running through our veins
We're the masters of our land.

2. Victory

The day of victory is near. I see it clear
The day when our nation will live without a fear
When we won't be afraid to show our pride and might
When we will say ourselves: "We're ready for the fight"

That day our banners will be raised up in the sky
Let all our enemies can see - we'll never die!
Our weapon will be shining in the rays of Father Sun
I know we shall possess the crown

Forever will be banished all bastards from our home
We'll take up high our banner let all can see - we have returned!
At last Slavonic nation forever will be free
And we will celebrate the day of victory!

As Phoenix from the ashes we will proudly rise
We'll shake of rusty fetters, we'll open up our eyes
And then we'll stand together for our great Motherland
The scream of million voices, the might of million hands

The battle will break out as the thunder burst
And every "holy prophet" will be nailed to rotten cross
We never needed of these fucking jewish lies
Gods! Please accept our sacrifice!


3. Wolves Are Alive

Darkness and fear - that's what I see
The moon is shining over trees
As the eye of eternity
Why many people turned to sheeps
And with prayers on their lips
They can say that they are free?

Yeah! From the darkness we'll rise
And we'll melt the ice
By the fire in our eyes
We'll bring the freedom again
In the churches' flame
We shall burn bastard's name

How all of you can be so blind
Or these bastards cleaned your mind?
Don't you know what's left behind?
Jews are ruling on our land
How you cannot understand
All our fate is in our hands?


From the woods we'll return
As the firestorm
We will burn paradise
Soon gods will show us the way
And we'll proudly say
Wolves are really alive!

4. Flame Of Rage

Thousand years of jewish aggression
Humiliation of Aryan nation
White race is falling
Monkey that's gnowing a bone
Climbs up a throne
White girls give birth to coloured degenerates
How is bearing Earth the monkeyman families?
As weed they'll never die
If we don't try

Let burn in every heart
The flame of rage
And never die out
Till we finish our revenge!

We must resist this degradation
We must revive the civilization
We must remember
Our land belongs to white race
And no-one else

We're going on the way of Forefathers
This is our way, and there's no other
We'll stand for Aryan Land
To the end


5. Winter Will End

From the south the winter has come
There's no flowers, snow is around
Sun is shining but warmth is hiding
In temples built for the clown

Who can say there's no other way
I'm not a fool to blindly obey
Stream of life seems frozen but I know
The spring will come here again

Ain't you tired to live in the fear?
Gods! Please bless us - the battle is near
Take the sword in your hand
We have to defend
Our great Motherland...

And winter will end.

6. Crosses Shall Burn

All of you talk about love and happiness
But what did you bring here? Slavery and death
You're building your churches and praying your messiah
You think he'll set you free... dirty jewish liar

No! Don't believe these lies, open up your eyes
Do you see the churches on our land?
We are occupied. Now we have to fight
And destroy these churches that still stand... at the end

Soon we'll return to the glory and fame
(Till the end of days)
Crosses shall burn in unholy flame

Brothers don't you say you cannot understand
There's no other way - your future's in your hands
These fools are hoping for this liar - I say he'll die in pain
I'm waiting for his second coming to kill him once again

Now we must take our swords and without a word
We will come as ravens from the sky
Now the time has come, we must carry on
Fight and christianity will die... in the flame


Yes! Now the time has come.
We must carry on

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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