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1. Intro

2. Battle For Souls

[Music & lyrics: Felipe González]

[Verse 1]
The people think It’s the battle of two worlds
The people think It’s the Good against evil
But that is a lie of the liar
You must look to the sacred book

There is not the same power
All evil is subjected to the truth

We are in a “Battle for Souls”
We are in a “Battle for Souls”

[Verse 2]
Don’t Believe in the false prophets
They want to control you like a puppet
The Sacred Book is never wrong
It’s teaching you to save your soul

3. My Vision

[Music & Lyrics: Felipe González]

[Verse 1]
God gave me a vision,
Go and live in another land
He told me, that he’s with me
In any situation

It’s hard for me to believe it
Is hard for me to leave everything behind

[Verse 2]
When I felt like I was going to die
He allowed me to start a new life
I’ve been dreaming every day
And God confirms his word to me

I know that you will not let me die
Now I can see in the sky
The signs of his love, I don’t have another choice
I must keep going on, in my vision.

4. Shine In The Darkness

[Music & Lyrics: Felipe González]

[Verse 1]
We must Shine our light , We must go and tell others
The majesty of the kingdom, how great is faith in the king of kings

The final age is coming soon
The time is now; we must preach the word of the lord

We must shine in the darkness, The prophecy became reality
We must shine in the darkness, we are the people who will make the change

[Verse 2]
We must be prepared, Because Jesus is coming to the earth
Take your war weapon, The bible is the best sword

5. We Got The Power

[Music & Lyrics: Felipe González]

[Verse 1]
There was a Man who came to us, But he was also Divine
He came to die for our sins, He came to die for you and me
But his own people didn’t receive him, They didn’t believe in his promises

[Chorus ]
We got the power to be children
Children of God
We got the power to receive him
Receive him in our hearts

[Verse 2]
All things were made , and would not exist without him
In his name we can be free, the lovely name of Jesus Christ
But the key of the door is in your hands, Only you can use it

6. Death To Life

[Music & Lyrics: Felipe González]

[Verse 1]
I pass through the pathway of death
I saw my life in danger again
But God decided give me more time
To keep working on in his land

I should be grateful
I must be a good worker

He revived me, from death to life
I'll give him the honor for all eternity
He revived me, from death to life
Now I have to tell the whole world
“He gave me life”

[Verse 2]
I had to trust Fully in him
I had to believe what the Bible says
Because I had no other way
Believe in the King of heaven and earth

7. I Never Met You

[Music & Lyrics: Felipe González]

[Verse 1]
You say you are a Christian
You say you love God
They see your face every day
And see the love of Christ

[Pre chorus]
You act like a holy man
But in the secret, you laugh the name of God

[Verse 2]
With bible on your hand
And daily prayer
You steal so much money
That someone gave with love

[Pre chorus]
You act like a holy man
But in the secret, you laugh at the name of God

No, no, no, you can’t fool God
No, no, no, your lies will not save you
No, no, no, when you are in the presence of the creator
He will look to you
And say “I never met you”

8. Repent

[Music & Lyrics: Felipe González]

[Verse 1]
The final time has come
Many signs have been revealed
Every eye shall see Him
And His arrival is near

[Pre chorus]
Now is the time, we got to believe
And the apostasy is inminent

Prostrate yourself before His feet
Repent of all evil now
If you confess your sins and become saved
His justice will reach your heart, will forgive you

[Verse 2]
The prophecy told us rightly His word
A global order will come
Some will say evilness is the right way
And goodness is evil others will say

[Pre chorus]
Hunger of hearing they shall have
They will surrender to iniquity

9. Guardian Angel

[Music & Lyrics: Felipe González]

[Verse 1]
Since I met you
You Changed my world, and all my ways
I fell in love with you
You fell in love with me

[Verse 2]
It was a beautiful sunset
God was uniting us
In one mind and soul

Cuz you are my guardian angel
My other half, you're my air
On this altar we climb
We will be one for eternity

[Verse 3]
I promise to believe in you
I promise to take care of you
After many years
My love will remain, until eternity

No matter how old we are,
Because our love always will be. yeah yeah

10. My Salvation

[Music & Lyrics: Felipie González]

[Verse 1]
From where comes my help.
From where comes my salvation
When my soul is afraid
Because of desperation

[Verse 2]
When the enemy is attacking
How can I defend myself
Because this war is not in flesh
This war is in spirit

Lord, to you I will sing
You are my light, my salvation
The Strong of Israel
You gave your only Son
For me, to save me

[Verse 3]
When I see my adversaries join
To demolish my flesh
They stumbled and fell down
Therefore, Jesús I will serve you

11. Through His Own Blood

[Music & Lyrics: Felipe González]

[Verse I]
I’m walk down the street, seeing people everywhere
Trying to understand, what is the meaning of life
I see the different faces, going through the motions of life ,
I can’t take that any more

I’ve discovered the one, who give me the chance
To break my prison, you must believe in him

I’m a soldier of the Jesus
Soldier of the rock
I’m a soldier of the Jesus
He gave me salvation, through his own blood

[Verse 2]
Many people think, the way out is
Commiting suicide, fear is in their minds
God gave us his word, the Bible is the only chance
To understand what’s happening, we have to see the light

12. Nobody Can

[Music & Lyrics: Felipe González]

[Verse 1]
Thank you father for giving me the strength
You didn’t let me die in the enemy’s hands
You have a purpose for me beyond death
You showed me when I was lost, all your love

Because that my love grows stronger every day
I just wanna be under your reign

I will serve you
I will praise you
Who can keep me from your love? nobody can.

[Verse 2]
Now The Lord has given me a mission on this Earth
To Tell all the people about His Love
He will return like a thief in the night
You better Believe in Jesus Christ

13. Streets Of Gold

[Music & Lyrics: Felipe González]

[Verse 1]
I was born to be a rocker, I was born to play metal
This is the thing, the people can’t understand
Can Someone tell me what is wrong in that?

The only reason for my music
Is giving praise to my lord

I am rockin for the lord, Cuz he is the truth and the life
I am rockin for the lord, Cuz I have my hope in the streets of gold

[Verse 2]
I’m sick and tired of religion
They will not rest until my flesh be destroyed,
I just wanna be a normal guy,
I just wanna sing metal for God

14. Psalm 103

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