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1. Rubbish Planet

"Gimme more toxics"
screams the river
"You're gonna die on this rubbish planet!"

2. Controlled By Fear

Light gives birth to cold shadows
All our imaginations gone forever
Uninterrupted, the voice is in your head
The eyes are blind, you're controlled by fear

You are...controlled...by fear

A puppet that kills and cheats on command
Holy crusades in the names of light
Millions of murdered heathens mark the way
Countless defrauded people punished with civilisation

We must...control...ourselves

It's the fear of God that makes them obey
While the holy ones stab them in their backs!

3. Prisoner Of Your Ideals

You're a prisoner of your ideals
Just a prisoner of your materialistic ideals
You're a prisoner of your worthless ideals

4. Under The Chainsaw

On our knees we're living our lives
Compressed in social forces
It's like living under a chainsaw
You arise - you get KILLED!

5. Trouble Maker

Causing trouble's all you do
We don't fucking need you
You are raping our scene
You're so Goddamn lame
Trouble maker

6. Proud On Your Pride

7. My Hands Deep In Your Guts

It was so easy to do
And now
I got my hands deep in your guts

8. Which Way?

9. Pneumatic Slaughter

Stereotype killing
Screaming animals
Terrified looking eyes
Uncontrolled movements
Now he's pushing the button
And they're at the end of the way...

To the pneumatic slaughter

10. A Life In Rigorism

A life in rigorism
A life conducted by ideals
That had become dusty ages ago
Hypocritical propriety and false morals
Self-obligated pain
Automasochism as an anchor
For your rotten mind and evil thoughts
A life in fucking rigorism
The fools have arisen again!

11. 7 Up

12. Circle A

13. Running Through The Blood

The gun in his hands he starts to run
His head is empty, survival of the fittest
But then the pictures reach his brain
He's breathing quicker as he keeps one bullet for himself

When he was running through red rivers of blood

14. Raise The Siege

Please raise the siege
You're not gonna win
My mind's mine so raise your mental siege
I'm not gonna let you fucking in!

15. Pelzfotze

Heut hab ich wieder einmal eine gesehen
Oh wie vornehm Sie doch gehn
Nerze, Biber und sogar Tiger
Müssen dran Glauben, ist mir's zuwider!

Reiche Weiber die kaum mehr atmen
Nachher noch in Fetten braten
Unschuldige Tiere erleiden Tod und Pein
Oh ihr Fotzen ist euer Herz doch klein!

16. I'm Positive

When I walk the streets
People point at me
Their kids, they don't play with mine

'Cause I'm positive, positive, AIDS-positive

Help me, I'm positive, please help
Got the virus in me now and forever
People don't touch me
How I welcome my end

17. The Two Sides Of The Coin

The coin has got two different sides
One with our laughing Western society
On the other one, death and starvation is grinning at you!

It's so difficult to do things right, so you say
Fatten the ones, starve the others
If only both sides gained the same value

18. Locked Away

Did things he shouldn't have done
But now he really regrets
Walls around him, he knows he's never
gonna leave this room 'til he's fucking dead

So he's the fool he's gotta pay
For the faults in our society
No rehabilitation, just pain and disgust
Is he locked away from us or are we locked away from him?

19. I've Seen

Sitting here staring at my blood-covered hands
Thinking of nothing but what I've seen

So I went out again, tried to forget for an instant
Grabbed my victim, my work was about to begin
Why me? What did I do wrong? I've seen

I now fight the voice inside of me that wants me to do it again
Know that I must stop but it's a senseless trial
'Cause at the end it will overcome and I'll lose
And I'm out there again - why? 'Cause I've seen....

20. Absolution

21. First Class People

First class people, better than the mob
First class people, more equal than others!
See them sit in their first class cabinets
Painted faces smiling at those lower people
Feeling so secure, setting themselves apart
Tell me who rules the world?
First class people, greedy brainless bastards
First class people, the first to go!

21 Song EP (a.k.a "RUBBISH PLANET")
Temple Of Love (Germany), 1988
(Some 1300 in black vinyl, 100 gold, 100 clear)
Recently issued as a bootleg with extra track "Break The Chain" (originally by Infest)

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