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1. Dance With The Devil

Spread them wide open for me
I want to see what lurks in there
Give it all to me
To get all of me
Give some for you
It's still for me
What goes around
Also comes around
And what goes in
Comes also out
I smell the fear
Mixed up with tears
But it's your stench that disgusts me
Tear it all off now
Just make it hard
Make it last all night
I hope you still have lust left for me

Don't try to hide
No need to cry
I'll love this lust until I die
Let me see you smiling
Take my hand
Dance with the devil
Don't tell your mom
Don't tell your dad
You'll get something they never had
And finish this off

Let's keep it simple between us
Hush hush, what's the rush?
When skin turns to blue
You'll realise it's all about you
Let me touch those curves
Would you do it for me
We have reached the goal
The climax, the end
I'll make you beg
If I let you stay
Have some lust for me
Even though you keep running from me
I know this is the real love
This is the real thing
This is the real love, love, love

2. Obsession

Loose the chains holding me
I have the freedom to fly
Still I find myself
Bound tightly to the ground
To the wall, to my will
To the lies I despise
Stuck in the trenches at the war zone of my mind
I preserve sanity
Made of fragile glass
Search my way through the maze
How long will I last?
Made my plans for tomorrow
Still I'm stuck in yesterday

To leave the past behind
Make a sacrifice
For a new dawn to rise
Break the barriers
To finally realise what you can become
Don't deny my rights
And claim what is mine
I will draw the line
It's not my demise
I'll make my way
So don't you dare to wear me down
Just leave the past behind
Make a sacrifice
For a new brighter light
Break the barriers
To finally realise what you have become

Remember times when breathing was easy
Now it's like the whole world is holding me back
Let me through, time for you
To get out of my way
In the mindless wars left unsolved

A demonic insanity turns reality into a haze
Feed the madness of this world
It is not just a phase
In this progression of obsession
And the need for oppression
Are you ready to make a change?

3. Face Of Pain

Yet again I find you asking hwy
The reason behind that violent smile
You are disturbing something really dark
If you look at me, what do you see
Another painting left just to be
A twisted sequence, distorted delusion
Can't rest until my work is done
Still you want to stay

Stay now with me
It's all right here
It's the end of the world as we know it
As I show it to you
The face of pain
Forever in nowhere
It's alright there
As I show it you
The face of pain

Paint your final touch on me
Colour the demons of your own
Smile is all that you know
Your mind is a ticking time bomb
The canvas is torn, pain is born
Why don't you let me be
Some things are better left alone
And not to be told, still you want me to stay
Show it to me, show it to me
The way it used to be, give it to me
And breathe the air with me
Still I feel what I am told to feel
Pain stays with me, forever in nowhere
It's alright there, as I show it you
The face of pain

4. Sick And Beautiful

Perfection to imperfection
We shed this bitter tear
Let it devour our children
As your mistakes create my happiness

Tore these remaining limbs
Eat the flesh, all of it
Make gluttony our middle name
Your lovely filth becomes our bed

We love to make love
And make you feel the beauty
We love to make love, just let it show
We love to make love, nothing sick at all
We love to make love, it's just so beautiful

We dance beneath the scarlet rain
This makes us sick and beautiful
Eat the flesh to fill your emptiness
To become sick and beautiful
Behold the beautiful vile lie
Try to be sick and beautiful
Like a stain our creation
We make it sick and beautiful

Let the blood paint the walls
Prettiest color of 'em all
Call us shallow or call us whores
We end it to condemn our flaws
Your failure becomes our blessing
While you whisper in disbelief
All stains must be removed
With the pristine mind we make our move
We fuck under your despises
Spit on the beliefs of your innocence
Like thousand knives we'll pierce your mind
And we will not run out of time

5. Shame

What would you say
If I unfold my life like a book to you
Which words would be spoken out loud
Or the ones you fear and bury to the ground
I will give you pain and roots
Show the beautiful truth
So tell me do you fear me now
Or still want to be at my side

Don't leave me alone now
I hold you just a little while
Don't leave me alone now
But now it's time to say goodbye
Now write on my skin
This frail moment
Our life with a single word
Don't you ever
Show it to me
Make sure that no one ever finds it

Show me the hope and the pure will to do
And how to believe in something new
The thing that I can't be to you
I build my fortress on dignity and strength
But my throne is quiet and empty
I'm longing for you
We are breathing dust
Inside this house of shame

6. Lie

You walk in the room
Where shadows creep on the walls
You find yourself alone and hurt
And there you see me shivering
Hiding in the corner
Body bare and naked
As the cold concrete floor
Waiting for the end to come
This is he day when it will start
Never deny the mistakes I made
And with no fear I will face'em
Waiting for the end to come
Question yourself, this place ain't fun
My body is spent and mind is gone
Will is bleeding out from the heart
Let me hear your voice
Whisper silently those words to me

Let me disappear from here
This place is just too cold
Don't search for me
I don't want to be found
A day will come
When you will find
Your meaningful lie for your life

Waiting for the end to come
Another day and still no sun
I did what needed to be done
Still you stare like mindless ones
Waiting for the end to come
Close my eyes and come undone
Nothing what I used to be
But regret won't travel with me
I want to hear those words again
Tell me now did you do your purpose
Played your role and made your move
Your little time and little minds
Can't even see the truth
Your work here meant nothing
Your existence meant nothing
So lie to yourself day after day
And unleash your judgement on me

7. We Dominate

We are the light
The truth that never dies – don't let it die
The righteous 'cause, the beacon that
Lights up the fucking sky
Give the reason for tomorrow
Let the blood boil under your skin
Trust the venom leads to a better place
You are the voice, the unspoken truth
The thing we need
And together

We dominate, the world is yours
We dominate, stand up straight, stand up tall
We dominate, make them scream out your name
Forever, together, start all over again
We dominate, and I am yours
We dominate, take my all, make me your whore
We dominate, I wanna scream out your name
Forever, gets better, just to be sensational

We ride the night, we make you rise
We are the closest thing to the gods
Your little mind affection
Offers a little redemption
Now you see the true tomorrow
See the flavours, all the colours
Trust the will that runs in your veins
Forever – gets better – it's now or never never
Forever – gets better – we burn the sky together
Just be sensational

8. The Last Call

Take a step to the unknown, fall down on the cold floor
Face down and it gets hard to get up although I try
To push myself, my chains will drag you down
I feel so powerless, I start to shiver stumble in my own
Feel like a child, reaching for something that is not there
I refuse to give up, won't let my life waste away

Now you've seen the last time that I crawl
No final act, curtain call
Your common crime it won't be yours
But will be mine
I'm not afraid to lose it all
To watch my life crash burn and fall
Breathe it all in for the last time

Set free your insanity
It's the sleeping monster that awaits
To be revealed
Familiar poison, taste of yesterday
Taste of defeat, the dreams that I gave away
Slowly blinding, taking your breath away
This is the last of the times I'm giving in
My name is the last thing that you'll ever know
On the grave that you almost forgot
Well, I did not
So now shut up or I will smash your face
Your pretty face all over the place
When all I see is red that colours my pain
Fills my mouth with vile tongue
Far too long you have stood in my way
I fell no remorse to let you slip away
Standing on the edge
Choices are in my hands
There's no turning back
This is the, this is the end

9. Mindshifter

Mould the minds
Lack of control
Give the shape to this reality
In this gravity, am I real enough for you?
Mould the minds, still no control
Ignite the fire inside, without blasphemy
Can you feel this within you? Mould the minds
And regain the control
Release the beast that you just want to burn
And let yourself to be undone
Play with all the senses, deceive them
Be the monster or disaster

Now we'll resolve with fear or else
Take control of me
It has taken over everything
We float between dimensions
Powerless to change the pretensions
Seen to much of this fallacy

Mould the minds, my lack of control
Welcome to this state unknown
With the power of our memories
Power of memories, the monster – monster
In me – in you, illusion and the reason to break
Free, play with all the senses, deceive them
Be the monster or disaster
We float between dimensions
Give me a reason to leave this place

10. Ruin

I can't see you; I close my eyes
Memory of your smile is fading
A nameless fear consumes my mind
Lack of words and my own understanding
I don't feel sadness nor regret
I would have not wanted it any other way
I watch you disappear
Hope you know that I would give it all
But can see your fading light
Hear the voices screaming out
Demanding echoes from yesterday
I am so mesmerized
By the demons of my own design
I'm ready to join the shadows dance

Cold is your bare skin under my hand
So distant and obscure
I see the shape of you
Burn down the memories
That we had to lose
But I will not forget
Never the shape of you

Silent is my cry
Like echoes in the night
Can't turn it away
Rewind, rewrite everything, every time
I did my time, still stuck in this fight
Can't make it go away
It will begin all over from the start
Tonight I will try
To remember my life
Can't see through the mist
It must be found at the other side
Fragments of my mind
Past my face I'll hide
Can't get my rest
I'm so scared in my bed all the time

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