Dark Lyrics


1. Intro

Beast of horror bring forth virgin ears of man beneath the weight of mortal sin recite ye tales of evil forgotten

2. The Center

For too long ive waited and watched the sphere shall be clensed of your filth know that the center is here to enter your minds consuming your hearts devour your fear fallen from the earth into a pit i lye in wait fear me i am the center of all that you feel believe it you've known i am the center your lives are mine surrender prepare to die humanity a disease on my back a plague which i intend to cleanse you are weak meaningless to me I'll take your life and swallow you whole i am the demon eater of flies shead your tears you're spared not human stench suffocates me i wont stop til there's nothing left risen again free again kill bow to me cry my name children die bravery exposed mother's tears shower my feet your god lacks the strength to be real I've come to taste his mortal mistake
your bodies quinch my thirst for flesh revenge I want you've soiled my home a sphere bathed in living disease come now I will set you free

3. Exhale Mortality

my ears they bleed thoughts full of pain and agony reveal oh god what disturbs me from night's rest my end is near I lay petrified in fear it fills my lungs with angst something nocturnal unholy a choking ecstasy intestines unfolding bile spews lungs collapse in mystery my world stops turning
darkness speak to me why me your chosen light fades to black filthy dog i am your master your end you are my feast i hunger for the flesh of man through your world i've lurked about always near open your eyes and discover all that you fear death stands before you collector of souls a blackness falls upon me i cannot breathe frozen i lay bare drowning in the horror of all that lays unseen a new world approaches a tangible disease so insidious the ways of thee man and beast alike unworthy I'll take your soul with ease i gladly cast you from this world this fate you chose i'll show you pain and horror that you've never known body raped of all sanctity the roads are paved with them they preach of wisdom honor and greed through eyes i inhale the insidious falesy my body lacking the strength to resist the will to be free i drown here alone in painful agony
hell surrounds I exhale mortality

4. Horrifier

Awake a man quiet in repose who dwells in carrion rotten flesh and bone the night is mine wielding bane as I desire within lies a vex which god and man alike detest darkness strikes full moon arise unleash the horror within the curse demands of me skin melts and begins to fall from their fingertips a crowd gathers to see their faces fade away nothing but rage and hunger left in me horrifier mortal guts bursting from my skin the beast crawls within transforming my body I refuse to fight it off it becomes a part of me piercing teeth human flesh is no longer what weakens me this disease gives me a hunger i have never felt before wandering again without hope my beast follows snarling ever close i spread disease pain and sorrow hidden within my cloak of purity a lie a front for morality i feel no pity no shame for what I've done you fear the strong because you're weak I'm reborn of a higher breed your human lives are food to me I breathe new life unto this earth reborn in light of the moon cursed to walk alone for all time under the moon beam's curse

5. Born For War

they say we're traitors to faith what truth do they know fools bring this slaughter to me eradicate their ways crush them with distain my hate growing boiling my veins rise now reborn under me slaves to a god in flesh destorying humanity decieved by lies demise is so near they preach of christ and peace as if he were here now we flood the streets with fear go forth and murder all that you see no god no mortal shall deny this from me rape their women their children slaughter their weak a new age has begun it's their heads that i seek see the signs know that i'm the way
ill leave their cities riddled with decay you'll hear their bones crush from our weight soldiers march freedom is an illusion you belong to me this world shall bathe in flames no where left to flee my malice unmatched my will is law and by your hands my fire shall enslave them all burn them alive seal their demise tear them limb from limb my war now begins born for war

Thanks to fatherhorror for sending these lyrics.

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