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1. The Sorceress

I search alone, dark the night,
Deep the blackest forest,
Down the devil's hopyard on my way from Salem I lit a fire
Magical brimstone sparks ashes from the hazel wood
Dancing with the banshee, fire rose up to the sky.

The dead of night parts the sky,
The Salem witch hunting eyes Malefica spells
She soars the ocean shore of Kildare
Over tombs of the harpy fields
Ride the great beast abandoned girls
Lonely girls ride the great beast
Virginal goddess of Hunt Diana

Through the Brocken Spectre rose a lureing
Sister of Morgana, forever dressed in black
Journey through the witch trials learned of lore
And wives tales
We fathomed the deepest oceans o her darkest mind

Searching lands of giants and dragons sail the oceans of serpents and krakens
Under ages of dark the Salem witch
Burned beneath mindless torture of men through the castles of demons and wizards
Cast to their fate the Moerea the sisters
Two hundred fifty thousand the Salem witch

In the bog of the Witch Meadow run
Malifica revenge plague have begun
Burned alive for a crim never done

Children of the darkness dance on the coven of the lost
In blazing pyre suspended in air she demands holocaust
She can exorcise with the whites of her eyes
She'll devour your children, in a wink of an eye,
Descend from the sky to the cauldren of the damned.

Her burning lips urned the infamous kiss
She took me by the hand
In a wink of your eye she ascends to the sky
She unveiled my talisman I'm the witch finder general.

2. Valley Of The Dolls

Bedroom mirrors do tell who's the fairest of them all
Lime light silhouette transparent attic walls
Dancing shadows cascade paper walls
Wailing ghost guitars send in the clowns

Painted plastic faces stealing mommies make up
Masque the false gods with mannequin smiles
Prima donnas play upon their pedestal of fame
Unborn girls false fascade illegitamate child
I won't play your game

Blasphemous black bible bias you betray bigotry
Slay the hydra prety fair maidens spread leprocy
Hungry children feed from hype of perpetual ego's
I slay the hydra, burn the talisman, holocaust
Run with the pack illegitimate child the unborn wench at war.
Tear him inside she became a bride wedlock to a whore.
Shatter the dream the tangerine dream bow to kings not queens.
Back where you reign rule your domain Valley of the Dolls!

Bow to kings of yesterday they have given you wings to fly away,
What have the phantom queens but deceived you
Army of shadows climbing silvery mountains lineing molton and ask kiss my
Camouflage the battle scars with oxy ten and maybelline
Cloning the hero's in hype magazine
Pirates of underground lightening twice the speed of sound. You will prevail.

3. Fata Morgana

Morrigan you come again
Morgan La Fay, raven on my sill of frost far away from the sea of the setting sun
Island of fire and albatross
Taught so well magic merlin the wizard
Maiden of beauty dressed in rainbow
Come to me

Damon girl daughter of saul queen of the under world...
She'll have us all
Damon girl foul temptress of lust
Peasants to kings your heart surely turn to dust
Damian she's the mortal of man
Lives in your dreams in darkness, reaches out her hand
Come to me

Fata Morgana... She will take you
Hungry scarred harlot hunting another heart
Morrigan fallen angel queen of magic
Kneeling at the widows altar, temptress of my...
She's the widow of my dreams

Far beyond the realm of dream, your wildest dream
Ascend to the plane, an imaginary game to play
Past the golden pillars of the lore to Lemuria
Imagine your queen... take her she's yours
Damian upon her throne mirrored mirage of your desire
Of my desire
Passion slave, her life I gave
Jump into her fire

4. Guardian

These walls are stained engraved with pain
You will find them under shadows casting shame
Some it's all they've ever known,
Angels of the fortunate sons come and go...
You may not
Entities pass in the night Guardians and the
Reaper fight the will to live shall win
Mares of hope ride through their dreams blinding light awakens sleeping dawn it seems
It was all a dream, an endless dream

I will wish upon a star I believe in you
And if my will has strayed afar I rememebered you
Will you remember me
I the one you sentenced Pennance unabsolved
Answer me save my will have you forgotten me

Pace the hallway blindman for a million miles of stars
His mind has seen. think you may he lives in darkness
We're the dark he's seen the light of dream
Karen, she's been asleep forever
I know she hears me
She has so much to say,
The machine shoots sparks through
Her eggshell mind
A tear streams from her face
Into my hand, into my heart

I'm a fire without a flame
A helpless child without a name
With broken wings catch me I'm falling
I'm a question with no answer
Who are you that takes my life away from me
Unveil the bondaries of the black

I had a dream I was you strong as the fire
In your veins then when I called out your
Name I would remain to witness the pain
I am beyond silent black I will be back
As your guardian

Angels in white you have sacrificed
You witness and bury the pain
You walk hand and hand with the fear stricken child
Strengthen the weak and the lame
Have you seen beyond the unborn
The pillars of pennance and lore
Perpetual journey into the realm the sovereign servitor

5. Prelude To Ruin

Look to sunrise man tell me what you see
The eagle has flown underground abandoned
You abonded me
Fifty two falling stars are burning up the sky
Blazing torch falls to the ocean bottom where
Black predictions lie
Have you faith in scripture visions of kings
Reaper of reality your destiny the sisters sing
Vultures scavenge the subsconsious of your mind
Their ally is time for you to fall and yield
Your mind to the cynic

They should be held so high and not looked down upon
They are the root of the country.
The roots so firm and tranquil, when will the spirits be welcomed,
Listen the music is heard again.
When there are lofty high roof tops carved walls and yielding crops
When the palace is wild for lusting.
When the forest if wild for hunting.
Existance of anyone thing has never been but the prelude to ruin

Wars and temper tantrums are the make-shifts of ignorance
Regrets illuminate to late. Depth beyond sin is fathomed
Wandering through the devils field sowing his seed

Guardian angel guide us through the night we compel
His long constant fight. the moerea they call your destiny the sisters all of three.
Clotho she spun the web to live the thread so tentative.
Lachesis she measured out the years.
Atropos cuts the thread with her shears.

Time Time Time an imaginary line mine not yours nor yours mine
They lead the blind back to mothers womb tomb of the unborn child
Coming events cast their shadows before wintery wind the eye of the storm witness the past the future
Holds more prelude to ruin

6. Giant's Lore (Heart Of Winter)

In a time long past tomorrow sleeping in the castle of the black.
In the Leland hills are the monster tracks of a giant.
The darn of autumn playing in the garden of the rising sun the children they run in the yard of the giant.
If he awakens he will crush them in the earth, fear the children inherited at birth.

Thunder clouds close the skys he opened up his eyes
He's awakened hears the children in his paradise
You must leave this land forever more or live behind these iron doors o the darkest dungeon
So they left with the passing storm
The Gods were awakened they will crush him in the earth.
He is forsaken till he shares his worth.

Kings queens pirate giants castle walls dungeon doors
Bound to earth treasures sunken heart to the ocean floor I will remember knocking on the cold side of your door
Spring came soon to the outside world but the worth wind whirled through the castle halls
Children played in the outside sun, frost giants stayed in the garden walls.
Seaons past locked in winter filled with remorse his frost bitten heart

Through a crack in the garden wall came a child with the gift of spring
The frost giants went away the dawn
Of autumn came into the garden of the rising sun
His heart was awakened he was forgiven then
Always remembered as a giant among men.

7. Time Long Past


8. Exodus

Morning desert sun horizon rise above the sands of time
Mystic journey to Arcana travel starry spheres in trine
Sands of the dunes dust of the bones
Swallow the trace of creatures left behind
Gods of the fire fall from the sky reaped
All the fruit and plagued earth dry

Distant vision tempting water fall to me
Knees I'm going to drink it dry.
Blazing desert sun reflection on the water
He caught my eye
Up in a tree preying on me vulture of fear why don't you let me be
He said you're mine one day
Spit out the sand of the mirage
Be on your way

Exodus ascend the plane
Exile this medium of bondage
Far beyond the myriads of crypts and pyramids
Beyond the harpy vultures guarding their tombs
Arcana awaits.
Exodus ascend the plane
Exile this medium of bondage
Far beyond the prophecy of tyrant guardians
Traject the esoteric sisters they are mythical
Nah nah nah nah nahhhhh
Arcana awaits you.

Oh guardian predestination calls
Silent wind I felt what you said
Soon I'm exhumed for consummation
He charmed my soul with his book of the dead
He read it said beat no children
He will inhere the malignant fear in man
Sovereign the force more than emotion
It controls your destiny at hand

False guardian I will compel false as the fear of heaven and hell
I should have known its all a mirage just as well
The power of good will not be shown by conquering fear
Let it be known its a constant resist
While facing transformation

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