Dark Lyrics


1. Nuclear Devastation

Nuclear devastation [3x]

2. Bloodbath

I've come to kill you
watch you die in pain
I'm possessed by death
worshiping evil
conceived to kill
living just to die
I feel the end has begun

My face shows no emotion

The mind of an animal behind human eyes
death on death makes the world go around
I'll kill till I die

Your blood spills everywhere
and it pours as rain
death and torture is my game
I'll just kill again

Bullet holes through flesh and bone

The face half-rotted off
human flesh feeding frenzy
destroy till there is no more
the darkness breeds violent sights
indiscriminate acts of mass murder
horrifying hell, terryfying death
in's you who's next to die


Hallucination, annihilation
irresponsible atrocity
this mortal life plunges
into the pandemonium
violation, destruction, execution
no way to survive

3. Die In Pain

You have betrayed me and beat me down
your visions are totally insane
you are unclean and you are the freak
I won't take any more shit

I feel nothing in myself only killing of you
I break you inside out
death ? the only choice for you
never ending death

Die in pain

Your blood is spilling everywhere
pieces of you scattered on the ground
break you up smash you up and fuck you up
take you to where your body will lie

4. Kill And Possess

Satisfy the need, good day for killing
The ultimate sacrifice has come to us
Lusting for your flesh, forbidden desire
Sickened evil minds, manipulated death

Blood begins to boil, start the binge
Blasted to hell, the end is near
Nothing you can change, silence seems so strange
No one hears you scream at night

Get the gun, get the weapons
Eat the flesh, eat the guns
Hate god, hail the devil
Kill, kill, kill and possess

Rot in heaven, rot in hell
No way to repent from your wicked lies
Holy water turns to blood
Taste it as the sky turns to red

Die in the pentagram where you'll be slaughtered
Immolate your soul in the name of the devil
Unholy priest hold your cross higher
Your fate is to rot, burn in hell

Heaven defiled
Christ denied
Evil desire
Burning in hell

Masters of evil
Blasters of hell
From fucking hell

5. Annihilation Betrayer

There are no favors there are no saviors
false messiah
compulsion of betrayers
addicted to power

now is the time
to strike back

Torture! into confession
torture! death agony
torture! just can't wait
torture! by fire

Side with the strong and crush the weak
all you see is money
the poor are left to help themselves
abuse of power

6. Hate, Destruction, Kill

You try to fly with broken wings
You take off high to avoid death
Corpse of the wicked
Widespread grief and terror

Give me a sign that you exist at the threeshold
I'm coming from behind delight in slaying

I saw your face in the crowd
Impressed so deep inside my heart
Nothing's gonna stop me now
Like a shadow of domination

We'll force you to be nice to each other
Kill you before you kill each other

"Somebody please come and help me"

Hate! I hate you all of you
Destruction! I promise you agony
Kill! Death is deliverance
Thirst for revenge
Hate, destruction, kill

7. Human Flesh

Fear me not but fear my hell
Man made me so I could kill
Eternal hate to men and world
Endless lust burned in my head
Kill with no regret
Piercing, impaling, no judgment
Eternal scream that slowly die
I need to hate in my brain

I eat the human flesh
Backing in your dying breath

One cryptic reason for kill
Cause for I’m insane
Defile and desecrate humanity
Your life is godlessness

I’ll sell your life and preach your death
I breach your life
Within my world of hate
Corroding from inside

8. Sickness

I shall redeem myself from the clutch that grasp at my inner self
Looking inside your future uncertain
The fear grows as a sickness uncured

Sickness! Uncertain of being back
Sickness! Time of insane
Sickness! That’s about to die
Sickness! A life of intercourse and lust

The tears in your eyes as red as blood
To suffer alone in disgrace
Rotting skinny corpse left alone
Dream of dissipation

A sudden inspiration a feeling so strong
Your life is not worth a day
Destroyed and defiled as on a proving ground
Infected pain, dead awaits

Creatures fucked by a greedy pat
The first time I’ve taste blood
Saw the rampant mainstream dying off
Remember the atrocities

Eat me: come on my taste to satisfy my fucking pride
Call me: do the cannibal for me, eat me, call me, hate me

Under the scale of secrecy
Nobody will come to know the truth
Impure with impeccability
Heinous deeds coming soon

9. Haunted Victim

Twisted brain decays
Abstract world of pain
Anguished mind
Tortured after life
Submit to parasites
Thoughts drown in a mental haze
Extraction from reality
Feelings now devoured

Kill with hate
Kill with pain
Kill without sense

You can't see
You can't here
You are dead

Hunted victims
Out of lust
Splits open for all who have died

10. SDTD

A time is coming
All eyes shall see
To eliminate all future pain

Enter the ritual
Of life's desire
Revelation laid to rest

My life is evil
I bring your pain
Inject the venom
From inside
I watch you die
Flesh of death

You make us in your image
Or do we make you in ours
The quest for pure supremacy
Take your place begin the ceremony
I represent all that's righteous and holy

Hidden feelings suffocation
Mental surge excruciating
Life of pain and misery
Suffering the fear of pain
Choice of death, what will it be
The fatal conflict has been fought
Endless struggle, death is sought

Rancid martyr pillaged horror
Abdicate morbid fate
Malignant cancer, Necromancer
The sovereign one he is dead

Corpse of being rabid flesh
Sublimated virtues lie decayed
The fatal seed has been spawned

Suguru Ando ‒ Bass
Kazuhiro Mochida ‒ Drums
Akihiro Ito ‒ Guitars
Jiro Mochizuki ‒ Guitars
Toshio Komori ‒ Vocals

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