Dark Lyrics


1. Torture Inseption

2. Kill For Pleasure

The filthy sound of death and pain
Brings the pleasure that I need
The rotting hides, rotting flesh
Innocent victims cry out in pain
Bloody corpses make me feel great
Ripping out your eyes, tearing off your face
All feeling's gone, nothing to say or do
Smell of death lurks around the place

Now you believe, your better off dead
But blood... an evil seed
Orgasmic pleasure, ready for anything
No direction got nowhere to go...
Kill for pleasure

Stop praying there's no saving
Slit your throat drink your blood
You feel your body start to sweat
The pleasure of watching you die
You turn around, run and run again
It's the only thing to do
Ritual hunt every night
Half eaten carcass stained red

I have a deal with Satan, contract signed in hell
Painful death's the bloody cost, Must you die!!

Say your prayers to God everyday
and you all will burn in hell
The lies they tell you won't come true
and in the end you simply die!

Satan comes to see that no one's saved
By my lord my god, master Lucifer
There is no life or birth
When the undead walk the Earth
Evil, Abuse, Violent torment
Black as the night he begins his fight
Glowing eye, he wears no disguise
Leaving black Earth in decay

3. Sense Of Ignorance

Burn my eyes and try to blind me
Don't need a reason for the pain I'm feeling
I think I'm going insane
The more intense, the sense of ignorance

Hate, breeds hate!
The pain will never leave me it's scarred my brain
Stagnant state! Stench of hell!
No family, no funeral, no rosaries for...

Disillusion, desperation!
Agony, the final conflict, give birth to death
Human hell, I can't take!
In the end, I lay there breathless, six feet under

Brutal existence
Aggravation infinite greed necrosexuality
All that's left is hate!
All that's left is pain!

Nailed, to the cross!
My blood boils up, spread the hate
Raging shattered past!
The spirit of demise has conquered our minds again

4. Drenched In Blood

Mutilation, Incantation, Strangulation scared to die, to die
Desecration, suffocation, conformation, life ruled by fear, by fear

Feeling the hatred of those damned in hell
Eyes dripping blood, realization of death
Master of forces and powers of Satan
Bleeding fast, Poverty fall onto your fate

Die! Lose of vital signs
Now sleeping drenched in blood, Waiting for death to unfold
Do you want to die? Drenched in blood!!

Instruction, domination, constitution, motive to kill, to kill
Immolation, examination, isolation, peace of the dead, the dead

Die for the immortal one skin is turning black
Experience, mortality leaves you ripped and torn
Inside your carcass starts to melt
Pressure in your skull, inside your brain

Die! Lose of vital signs
Now sleeping drenched in blood, Waiting for death to unfold
Do you want to die? Drenched in blood!!

5. Lust And Desire

Ripping and crawling, it tears your apart
Lust and desire, all that i need

A time to kill
Sick lust fot skeletal flesh
Death's pointing at your head
No sense of crime in my mind

Malicious entity
Possessed with cruel notion
Putrefied will is mangling your flesh

Unconscious, kill after kill, no regret
Impulsive massacre has begun
I'm in pain, need to hate, and kill again
You will suffer to die

Use the need, losing control, to my hate, to my scorn
I'm the one to taste your death, stainde in blood

Desacrate and rape
Thrashing through the crimson mud
Immortal lust

I'll be dancing on your grave

Psychotic lust is fed
Inherited endless dead time
Becomes death's vile parade
Trust in only the pain i sense

To hate, with hata, i hate you, go die !!

6. Agony

Chaos rampant, an age of distrust
Confrontations, impulsive inhabitant
Preordained life, fall of humanity
Extraction, termination, pains are agonizing stain

Lying, dying, screaming in pain
Begging, pleading, bullets drop like rain
Minds explode, pain sears your brain
Radical amputation this is insane !!

Deeper neurotic conflict inside
Freezing cold, excessive force
Empty personality's mutating
Slow, self destructive, systematic

Cascaded darkness, walls close on me
Nailed shirt but my eyes still see
Severe anguish as my body evolves
falls to your knees and crawl
The pain of life after death it resolves
Nightmare, shred, torment
Embryonic death remnants of life
You see the agony in my eyes!

Here in isolation seeing more than the eye can see
Safe in silence it's soothing to breath
so far out of reach
Body that rest before me with every dying breath
Spellbound and gagged I commence your fresh to dirt!

I deal in pain all life i drain
I dominate I steal your fate
I deal in pain all life I deain
Memories can't ignore, rise force of agony !!

7. Evil Force

Evil worship
Preaching and tempting
Confine you to a chamber
Deprived you of hope

Force Of Evil
Evil divine
Desire for drenched in blood
Darkened future

A world is full of blasphemy
Sacrificed for a dictator
A world never to be imagined
Too late to notice
Left to die !!

There exists a place of agony
A living corpse, with no one to confine
Lost in a world of pleasure
Now here comes the torture
Mutilation's a terrible sight
Whipped unmercifully and left to bleed

Evil ! Wickedness ! Inclemency !
Suffering ! Bleeding ! Livingh Hell !

8. Feel The Hatred

Awaiting a messiah to save me from insanity
I see through the eyes, torture with brutality
Infernal darkness and pestilence,
mutilation has begun
Evil strikes with storming pain, bringer of death

Immates in holocaust. method of annihilation
Next god's sacrifice in the name of evil
Eternal morbid circle you don't realize
Senseless violence all around, a lesson in hates

People must die, destruction to all,
Embedding the terror, die in despair

Feel the hatreed, built up in me by your wishing hell
Feel the hatreed, in my veins the horror
Feel the hatreed, bestial force and lust
Feel the hatreed, possessed by eternal hate

Agony brings misery
Immortal beings left to die
Tortured into confession
The sorrow of this internal pain

Prince of darkness,
ruler of hell stands in front of me
Evil thoughts run through my brain
all signs point to my way
You feel, that you'll go insane
but still you have to meet
With death, in flames, tomorrow you're dead

Evil minds, bring evil ways,
horror is the price you pay
Immolation of the masses
blinded eyes asking why
Contamination seeds the ground,
death and mortis depriving life
Life, death, or eternity,
paranoia is no answer

9. Eternal Pain

Death of emotion, birth of decay
Fear of the future, hope in the past
Mortal choice, burden of life
Asking myself; am I to die?

Maliciously tortured, ripped to shreds,
Innocent victims
Killed by death !
Frenzied thrashings, drenched in blood,
fleeting screams,
You've succumbed !

Death, aggression, terror from below
Rotting corpse, slowly rotting away
Fatality diseased, a victim of rancid decay
The fuse of life growing shorter

Started my games, you're lost without your miracle
Your life will end, unable to see sunrise
Remember your will before you come to this place
I'm here to cage your soul and make you learn yo obey
You'll adapt to a new existence and never return
Nothing is left for you now
One and only, eternal pain !!

I am here for the dead !
I will kill for my cause !
I am not of this earth !
Humans are easy prey, eternal pain of slavery !!

Suguru Ando ‒ Bass
Kazuhiro Mochida ‒ Drums
Akihiro Ito ‒ Guitars
Jiro Mochizuki ‒ Guitars
Toshio Komori ‒ Vocals

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