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1. Dulce de Leche

As they sit on the backs of hard, hard workers
The workers start to slant and slack off. [2x]

So we fall into our own puddles, made of blood and sweat.
We feared this day that our tired eyes and tired mind would be tired of being a slave.
Wanting peace, we create, we need to get away to build tolerance.

There you go.
You bring crashing walls to the ground,
But we build ours now to put pressure on the womb.

We understand what you’re trying to say to me.

These arrows have carvings of all the words you’re trying to say to me.
Moving slowly, slow motion
Word for word I take into me.
I take into me...

And all the words you’re trying to say to me (these arrows)
It's coming in, it's coming in slowly.
(Have carvings of all the words you’re trying to say. Moving slowly, slow motion).

2. Enjoy Yo'self

Wake up,
I open my eyes with the intention of doing nothing.
Put my hands outstretched,
Feet on the floor,
Plan my day to act,
To act like a fool. [2x]

Fool is what I am,
Who parties with the past’s surprises as a present for today.
Missing out on knowledge and what I can be today,
Today he caught up with me.
What else is there for me to say?

Isn’t it just like they say?
You see someone you do not want to see.
Oh, what a surprise! Oh... shit.

3. The Force

My fist, I thrust,
As fast as a bomb
You hit the ground,
You're buried underground.
It's the force, you force me.
You cause me to end your days on this Earth.

You can beg for second chances or fight the warriors way.
You can beg for second chances.

Do what you will for awhile...
The gods have given me a choice to take or end your life,
Or torture you to the end,
So then you scream out, out loud forgiveness.
“Will somebody save me?”
He's down on his knees again,
Figuring out, a way to con his death to get out.
This is his con, this is his choice,
This man.

You are so cold,
Yet you do it more,
You’re not going to be happy
'Til you end up just getting in a trash bag.
So you cry out, then you cry wolf.
You’re just scratching on the back of Armageddon.

We can see you're heading for your deathbed.
What if I was the one to cause that,
Or the other person that you con to believe in?
Here we go, he's starting over.
Oh my god I should’ve done,
Listened to the man who wanted to spare my life.

What you should’ve done was listen,
We should think before action,
You caused me to gut this fucking Earth.
To your God (to your god),
Your God has forgotten your name.

4. Mace

I'll bring the fire to your stair.

Take you to a place where (we can) [4x]
I'll bring the fire, to your stair. [2x]
Cradle emotion right against the stairs,
Isn’t just like I told you?
You let it build up and it will surely flood.
The blood will surely flood 'til you have nothing to walk on,
'cause you'll fall right through it.
Creating a space... that is hard to live in.

Emotion becomes the fire where the Devil lays his eggs.

Say what you want ‘cause you got it.
Hey, you’re the one with disease.
Say what you want all about it,
And you'll be crying on your knees.

These actions remind me so much of me and so much of then.
Don't be stale, just let go of the beaten and live.

6. The Last Dragon II: The Revenge Of Sho'

Don't be stale,
Just let go and just fucking live,
'cause what was that gun, that gun,
That gun will reach and bite you.
Don't be stale,
Just let go and just fucking live
'cause was that life, that life,
That life will reach and bite you.

I can say this over and over again.

You can do what you please,
You’re the person in you.
You can end it if you want to,
Or can learn to breathe through.
Breathe through,
Breathe through this all if you want to.

Show me what you got. [2x]
Let go, [3x]
Swing and let go!

This is for soul.
Surrender yourself today.

Swing and let go. [4x]

7. The Silver Epic

Moving away through the darkness,
And as I move, I see people pass away.
Shed your tears and say goodbye,
‘cause I know these things don’t matter.

What I feel,
Is nothing for either one of you.
My feelings are silent, your feelings are shame.
Take what you want from me, I kneel to no king.
Needing anything is putting too much weight on my shoulders.
I live a life of secluded wonders, so take what you want from me.

Surrounded by desire you place yourself to want.
So bleed the blood of hard work.
Slowly but surely you're a fake.
I'll just write a text message,
Just for you to get it through your head. 
Point, wink and send. [2x]

Did you get my,
Did you get my text message? [2x]
Did you... get my..... text?

Hey, today,
Oh, you take it all away,
You don't even care.

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