Dark Lyrics


1. Behind Vacant Eyes

[Lyrics by Steven Henson & Richard Medina, Music by Justin Burning]

A decrepit man intently stares
At the now calm lifeless horizon
While most of his memories no longer exist
There is one never fading

I was alive with youthful integrity
A cold December night
Accosted my senses whisper of the wind
Shaped my reality
Took by surprise decayed pretenses
I deciphered the meaning
To my advantage delivered false promises
Baited the trap
Deceptively clever I engaged the victim
Gained pure conviction
With deceitful lies I taught myself
To be abhorrent
Took admiration of helpless thoughts
Sufferance was comfort
Like blankets in winter a cold heart hidden
Misfortune always evident always there

Each day a new veil hiding the past
Compassion had vanished
Leaving no trace my new found guile
Is my future
There is no shame when harm is blind
Contemplate the unknown
Whose eternal rest would always stir
A mind at ease
If only he knew his only victim
Was in the mirror
They say self-reflection is good for the soul
And cleanses the blood
But if your heart is oblivious To your grasp of life
Then the gray shadows down at your feet
Fade into black and vanish

Desolation unaware
As you look at yourself endure the pain
See the fear deep in your eyes
As you hide behind a blank disguise

A decrepit man intently stares at the now
Calm lifeless horizon
While most of his memories no longer exist
There is one never fading
You look in disbelief as you see your own life
With his tragedy
Hopeless destiny in your mind you cannot
Fight what you soon will see
Your eyes shed the tears of blood
You can't ever hide
When you see the visions behind vacant eyes

2. Cascading Rivers Of Black

[Lyrics by Richard Medina, Music by Justin Burning]

The beauty of eternal darkness
Now spreads across this land
Changing our reality
The end of time has come for man

Barren wastelands
With nothing left alive
Withered vegetation
Where no light ever shines

Searing winds have scorched the earth
A new beginning is given birth
The water thickened and painted red
From all of those who have bled...

Cascading rivers of black
Flow with blood from the dead

Now the time has come
For us to reign
Misery is given life
Through everlasting pain

3. Solar Journey

[Lyrics by Richard Medina, Music by Justin Burning]

I stand alone now
In this ruined world
Desolation was caused
By futile wars
For those who fought
Are all dead and gone
Though constant battle
Has made me so very strong

As I take a look around
At this dying earth
There is nothing left for me
So what must occur
Dark revelations
Embrace my tortured mind
The solar journey
Is the only path I find

The time has come to leave this place
Drift alone in deep space
Journey towards the burning sun
Back to where it all begun

I board my vessel
And head for the stars
Through this cosmic trail
I will travel so far
Enjoy the serenity
Here alone in space

This solar journey will
Take me back in time
To defy the ways of God
And all mankind
Returning to the ways
Of everlasting pain
Where chaos is the law
And blood falls like rain

Now approaching the sun
It's burning my skin
Blistering flesh appears
Final descent into the flames
Finally the end is here
I couldn't imagine
That the pain I will feel
Is worse than before
Exploding within
This journey complete
As I pierce through the core

There in front of me is my destiny
To invade the world
Of the holy trinity
To bring it down is my master plan
As the war begins I make my final stand

The time has come to burn this place
Annihilate the human race
Showing them that I am the way
The world never thought
It would see the day

Now that I come to this journey's end
My mission is completed with their death
Returning to a place that I call home
To suffer forever all alone

4. This Sanguine Farewell

[Lyrics by Justin Burning & Richard Medina, Music by Justin Burning]

My hands shake just like the fallen leaves
Dyed the color of my lover's blood
Sanguine ecstasy calls to me
Driven forth to desperate ends

Oh my love is newly dead
There's no path in front to tread anymore
The night forbids any sanctity
From the act my heart's pain has lead

Oh...where are we now?
My withering bride
Within sinful arms
Forbidden lust
I've chosen not to defend
Oh...where am I now?
In constant anguish
This crimson paint
My memory
Of the bond that between us is dead

This mournful eulogy I sing for you
A final dedication to your end

Oh...I can see you now
A haunting beauty
Your skin so white
Your life's plight
Is reflected in dead eyes
Oh...where am I now?
Trapped within this hatred
Feeling anger inside
I cannot hide
How much that I resent you

Now my dear the time has come
To send you
Into the afterlife
Where you shall suffer eternally
Forever in misery

Fall Of Empyrean is:
Richard Medina - Vocals
Justin Burning - Guitars
Dan Sobeck - Bass
Steve Henson - Drums
Cris Felix - Guitars
Kevin Leeds - Keyboards

Thanks to Keegan "Rooster" Kemege, aymansarhan for sending these lyrics.

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