Dark Lyrics


1. Wounded Skies

[Music by Justin Burning]


2. This Paradise Crumbles

[Lyrics by Richard Medina, Music by Justin Burning]

This life you lead
Seems to bring you
All the happiness you need
The ones you love
In your times of grief

The tears of joy
Stream from your eyes
From the peace that you feel
From the love inside

Through how could this last
For so very long
Then one day it turns
And it all goes wrong

This happiness in your life
Has now turned to bitter strife
You wonder what went wrong inside
All you touch just seems to die
The beauty that you adored
Seems to be so ignored
By a God in which you believe
But has turned to deceit

Those you love slowly die in your arms
Their blood soaks your hands
And won't wash away

The skies turn gray
Rain storms to the ground
The air thick, so black
The walls come down

The disease spreads
It kills without a sound
This crumbling paradise
No more life to be found

[Repeat Chorus]

What was once such a peaceful land
Has quickly turned to waste
Its tears of blood that
Begin to flow down his beaten face
His mournful cries tells
Tales of the decades of his pain
He's lost his mind, descending downward,
Drowning deep in gray

3. Drowning In Gray

[Lyrics by Richard Medina, Music by Justin Burning]

I sit in my room
To contemplate
All the reasons why
Why am I here, why must I live
Through these grieving times
Overwhelmed by hurt
Deep inside my soul
A quick ending to this all
I lose my self-control

With the noose clutched in my hands
You can't understand
This blatant travesty
Has become part of me

Drifting through the seas of sorrow

Condemned to
Fade away from my life,
From the lies
I place the rope around my throat
And close my eyes
Falling down towards the ground
The choking sounds
Finally I will see the way

Though something went wrong
I am still alive
Trapped in misery
Forever, in agony

They find me hanging
From a tree
Bleeding, pleading
Please don't set me free
Releasing the rope
From around my swollen neck
They bring me down
Refusing to let me rest

Why didn't they leave
Me in my misery
For all the world to see
They must hate me

They place me in a room
No windows I could see
They think insanity
Is what ails me
They test me everyday
But can't see the way
Into my barren mind
To see what they could find

I fall into a state
They call it catatonia
So helpless,
They have left me there
Never to awake
But they have made
A great mistake

Drifting through an endless sea

Condemned to
Fade away from my life,
From the lies
A dormant sleep that won't last,
To their surprise
I will awake from this state,
From this pain
Finally, they will see the way

4. The Catatonic

[Lyrics by Richard Medina, Music by Justin Burning]

Why must I endure this strife
From the ignorance
In their minds
They believe that I am dead
That a smell of nothingness
Is left

One could not believe
What the catatonic sees
Through my eyes,
I see eternity
A surreal world
That fate could not perceive
Tainted life
Unfolds this tapestry

The fear runs so deep
In the souls of the weak
Blind, are their eyes
It is answers that they seek
I could answer all
But they refuse to see the way
The lies of Christ
Keep them in disarray

Though this is my prophecy
They make a mockery
Of what seems to have become of me
They want to take my life
Cover up their lies
Avoid the truth I have inside

Probing my dark mind
To see what they could find
On my pain they somehow seem to thrive
They live with no regrets
They think they've cheated death
But now the truth has come alive

The worlds begin colliding
Their screams heard in space
The atmosphere collapsing
Burning through the face

Their souls will never rest now
For them an ageless plight
Their peaceful sleep awakened
By the destructive light...

5. Virga

[Music by Justin Burning]


6. Destructive Light Of Dawn

[Lyrics by Richard Medina, Music by Justin Burning]

The earth you see
Resembles me
A cold and dark disturbing place
A world of god turned to disgrace

A new day has come
The suffering begun
The beauty you once knew is gone
Disappearing with the birth of dawn

Cries, as the searing sun appears
Through your eyes and deep inside
Fear, of this excruciating pain
You run to hide and question why

A prophet spoke of this pain
But you chose to just ignore
You turned away, betrayed
The feelings you had in your heart

The seeds of humanity will be defiled
Until the end of time, you see
The visions you cannot deny

The destructive light of dawn
Each day, grows so very strong

Why can't you accept the truth
Your souls have died and
Your God has too
Blasphemy, a new life for you
Still you pray and an end
You can't comprehend
The sights you see in front of you
The light that burns keeps haunting you

You could not describe
The horrors that you see here
An epic tragedy
Lives controlled by fear
Sure catastrophe

As the sun drifts closer
Scorching all on earth
They never will recover

[Repeat chorus]

Unrelenting, this heat you can't bear
Life is filled with torment and great despair
The end approaching with every new day
As you face extinction and cannot be saved

Where is your God now that nothing is left
He abandoned you and now
Laughs at your death
The sun is here and the earth is in flames
What was once the way is now dead in space

Fall Of Empyrean is:
Richard Medina - Vocals
Dan Sobeck - Bass
Justin Burning - Guitars/Keyboard
Steven Henson - Drums

Thanks to Keegan "Rooster" Kemege (kemege2, aymansarhan for sending these lyrics.

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