Dark Lyrics


1. Bereft

[Music by Kevin Leeds]


2. Breathe Deep The Cinders

[Lyrics by Richard Medina, Music by Fall of Empyrean]

Look into my eyes
And see all the pain
I slowly lose my mind
Drifting further away
I never could accept
The ways of the world
An outcast with regret
Destined to die alone

Born to suffer in the end
Life, I just can't comprehend
Hate that I can't dismiss
Love simply does not exist

What they see is real
Is a delusion to me
The god they have embraced
Is such a disgrace
When, when will they ever learn?
Escape, escape is to burn

How could I believe
That I could succeed
In this land of filth?
I have lost the will
To live

Time has come for me
To leave this earth in flames
Burning alive,
Redemption will come
With my death

I torch the walls all around
In this dark room
Hoping that the fire
Will engulf me soon
Patiently, I wait as it arrives
The end is here at last

Smoke fills the vacant air
I begin to breath in deep
The cinders
Without a care
My life begins to ...

... fade away
Slowly dying
Continue to breathe it in
As the flames come upon
And scorch my flesh
Enjoy every moment
As I feel my own death
I am one with the ashes

3. Vast But Desolate

[Lyrics by Richard Medina, Music by Fall of Empyrean]

The dawn breaks
From this peaceful sleep,
I awake
I breathe the air
Enjoy the beauty of life
Without despair

The joy I feel,
To be alive
Just seems to unreal
I make my way out
To face the world,
To start this day

But something seems so wrong
Where has everyone gone?
There are no signs of life
Did they all just die?
Why did they
Just leave me here
To live with this misery?

I look around
Is there one soul
Left to be found?
My growing fear is
That there really is
No one here

Whispers heard all around me
But speak not a word
It has to be
All in my head
Or is this all a dream?

The memory of the past
Continues to haunt me
Playing tricks with my mind
Only one cure
For this disease
Searching for the bitter end
There's no reason to go on
And end to life
Just seems right
To join the others
Who have died
A land so vast
Now desolate at last

4. Anhedonia

[Music by Justin Burning]


5. The Air Is Still

[Lyrics by Richard Medina, Music by Fall of Empyrean]

A great land
Once flourished with life
Once had shined so bright,
Grows dim

Humanity, denied their
Only right to life,
Has died

The earth, now just a shell
Of a world we once knew
Before it withered away

So peaceful yet bleak
The light and the warmth
Of the sun is gone
Left in space to decay

The stars have left the sky
So black, in the dark of night
The cold of an endless chill
The air is so still

The air is so still.

6. A Long Silence

[Lyrics by Richard Medina, Music by Fall of Empyrean]

She promised me love
The light of the world
Will soon leave me
Sick of her life and
The pain that it brings
She shoots herself dead
Right in front of me

Her blood stains my face
A long silence
Throughout this place
I just can't believe
That something like this
Could happen to me
My unborn son
Still inside her
Drowning as she bleeds

The hurt that I now feel
No! This is not real
The joy and all of the love we had
Is gone

Why couldn't she see
How this devastates me?
To see the death of my wife
Right before my eyes

Into a fetal form
I lie beside her on the floor
The thoughts inside my head
Tell me I should be
Joining her in her death
To suffer together

A calm has come over me
I plainly see how it should be
To be with my family
Lying dead with them
For eternity
In complete misery

I take the gun
From her cold, bloody hand
I place the barrel
Deep inside my own mouth
As far as I can

Closing my eyes
I pull the trigger
Putting a hole right through
The back of my head

I fall to the floor
Bleeding there motionless
Next to my bride
As the silence fills
The room once again
At the end of my life

7. Lifeless In My Arms

[Music by Justin Burning]


8. Veins Split Wide

[Lyrics by Richard Medina, Music by Fall of Empyrean]

The days are slowly
Passing by
Each new day
Is the end of life
Growing sick of all the lies
I hate myself,
I just want to die

I feel so all alone
Locked inside my home
The visions that I see
Foretell my destiny

My veins split wide
I refuse to live
This worthless, useless life

The burning fire and desire
I once had, has faded away
All the passion
And the love
For my life is gone,
Destroying my faith


Why can't I care
About living life?
The pain of reality,
A loss of hope
The end is all I see

Pierce the blade
Into my wrist
Cutting open my vein,
I bleed out
The time to end this
Is now
Next gash goes into my neck
Second artery split
I feel weak
Collapsing down to my knees

Giving in to my death
Passing out in defeat
Everything turns black
The end is complete

9. Catharsis

[Lyrics by Richard Medina, Music by Fall of Empyrean]

This life is so unfair
And the world
Just doesn't care
This hurt I have inside
Has nowhere left to hide

Release from this prison
There is truly no reason
To go on in this hell
Cleanse the earth of myself

Left with such distress
Each day a fucking mess
The happiness has died
My death I can't deny

I place a bag
Over my head
And tie a rope
Around my neck

The air grows thin
A solemn state
How great it feels
To suffocate

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