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1. The Fading Light

[Lyrics by Richard Medina]
[Music by Cristobal Felix]

The light that burns within
Is the key to life
In all mankind
Though how will it last?
An answer that they
Could never find

A flame once strong
Flickers in the breeze
Life as we know will end
Freeing the earth of disease

They fall away
Like the leaves of a dying tree
The flame of life will come
To be but a dream
A faint glimmer of hope
Will still exist in time
But will fade away
With the dying light

The earth will uncreate
Handing man its own fate
With the fall of this race
The earth becomes
A peaceful place...

2. Slowly Dying Inside

[Lyrics by Richard Medina]
[Music by Justin Burning & Cristobal Felix]

Why can't they
See the dark
Inside of me
Deep within me...

They expect me
To put on a smiling face
They want me happy
But I can't lie
As I wipe away the tears
That stream down my face

The beauty they see
In this atrocious world
Has forgotten me in this life
I enjoy the misery
That breeds inside me

Please tell me why...

Happiness is a cruel myth
It eludes me every time
Creating a void in my life
Even just the thought of love
Is fantasy in this day and age
Nowhere left for me to hide
From this self-inflicted rage

Sleep, my only escape
From this pain
As I live inside a dream
Or so it seems
A perfect world
That never will exist again
This torment deep inside
Won't end

My life in ruins, I can't pretend
Darkness shrouds my every move
My mind is all that's left to lose
Sinking further every day
How could I live this way?
Defeated in this futile war
I cannot take this anymore

The light of the world
Grows dim in my eyes
As they bleed
Promises of a good life
Turn to lies before me

Save me from myself
This just isn't right
The want, the fear, the pain...

I cry myself to sleep every night
I feel I've lost the fight
The hurt never leaves
From my life
I slowly die inside

Is there a cure for this disease?
Or will I die in misery?
The pleasure in my life is gone
How did I last this long?

There was a time I had seen
The beauty of mankind
And unbridled love
Now I feel the anguish
Trapped within my soul
As I give in
The end is here for me
In this lifetime
Welcoming my demise

3. No Hope Before Me

[Lyrics by Richard Medina]
[Music by Justin Burning]

I've come to the end
Of my life in this time
The hope I once had
Is now gone and has died
I search for an ending
A quest – for the pain
I must endure forever, seemingly
My existence is bleak

Once, I had felt the joy of life
It seemed so good to me
The beauty of my wife
Was there for the whole world to see
With the birth of our son
I thought that I had it all
In the game of life, I'd won
Until it all began to fall

What had gone wrong?
I still don't know... why?

Feeling the blood
Of my only son
It covered my hands
What had I done?
Feeling that loss
And what it now means
There I had felt...
No hope before me

Ridden with the guilt
I had inside
I couldn't hide from the pain
Abandoned by
My heartless wife
I took her life
A stable mind
Has gone insane

Why me? Why this grief?
So many tears
With no sympathy
Why live this dismal life?
As death awaits
Please, just let me die
With the blade
Upon my wrist
How could I even resist?

4. Into Emptiness I Fall

[Lyrics by Richard Medina]
[Music by Cristobal Felix & Justin Burning]

I stand on the edge of life
Staring down
Into a sea of despair
Why did I even seem
To really care?

Reflecting on my life
And what it once was
Recalling the glory
The peace, the joy, the love

Was it all but a lie?
A promise of better times...

A gleam of hope
For my soul?
Or the loss of all control?
All alone
And left in thought
A battle that was never fought
In a world so unkind
As I slowly lose my mind...

A vision of me
Left without a cause
A sad display
And must be wrong

But continues to show
My life's defeat
Giving way
To this fucking misery

Sending me
Into a fit of rage
Bringing upon
The end of days
Killing me slow
Until it takes my life
Arteries cut with the blade
Of my knife

[Repeat Chorus]

The anger
That it makes me feel
Invokes a pain
So surreal
Now that I've lost it all
Into emptiness I fall

5. Failure

[Lyrics by Richard Medina & Steven Henson]
[Music by Justin Burning]

How could I
Have been so blind?
Success was meant for
The chosen ones in life
Not for me
The lies to myself must end
No reason to believe

I knew that it was coming
But I did not prepare
The final rejection
Filled with utter grief

I could have been angry
Like I was in the past
But this time, I clutched
The grip of failure's hand

The tears that I've wept
Were never ones of joy
But streams of burning
For the chosen ones
How many times must I fail
While they succeed?

Take it all away
This hurt inside
It's killing me
I can't even try...
So plain to see
The victories in life
Are not meant for me
Just here to die

[Repeat Chorus]

6. Fallen Ways Of God

[Lyrics by Richard Medina]
[Music by Justin Burning]

The tales He preached
They believed
Slaves of Christ
Are trapped within
A twisted web of His deceit
They pray, day to day
Though faith in their God
Is lost
Finding Christ
Is not the way

Could they believe the lies?
Or will they see
Creation was evolved
Not of a deity?

Discovery of the truth

Is revealed
The fate of the world
Is in their hands
Becoming real

Darkened ways embraced
Rebirth of the human race
Depression becomes widespread
Knowing that their God is dead
Bright lit days turn to night
No promise of an afterlife

Now that they see the truth
They have the right to choose

A race once proud
Has fallen apart
Living a lie
From the very start
Mindless drones
On their knees to beg
For a world
Only a God could give

The weak at heart
Are drained of hope
Losing their faith
And all control
In a godless world
They are left distraught
New life begins
With the fallen ways of God

7. A Mourner's Tears

[Lyrics by Richard Medina]
[Music by Cristobal Felix & Justin Burning]

Your life on this earth dissolves

As the tears
Of those around you fall

Despond and in mourning
You can hear the silence
Victim of a cruel
And senseless violence

We feel in us
Never-ending sorrow
We know for you
There is no tomorrow

Through our lives we see
These countless tragedies

In you, we see our future
A life six feet deep
Hopeless in our thoughts
And stricken with disease
It preys on our fears
Through pain and fallen tears...
A mourner sees the way

What purpose do we serve
When death is what we deserve?

No longer mourning
But together in death

They lay us to rest
Could it be that it's true?
They now feel
The never-ending sorrow
They know for us
There is no tomorrow

We've come to join you
In a place they fear
To suffer together
Though without a tear...

8. In The Shadows Of The Sun

[Lyrics by Richard Medina]
[Music by Justin Burning]

The sun that shines
In the sky
Brings the world its warmth
And continues life
It starts each day
From deep in space
Though in the end
It will burn away

We hide from the light
And embrace the night

Until we see that day
We will live this way
Dwell within the earth
In these damp, darkened caves
Never to escape
Always on the run
Finding ways to hide
In the shadows of the sun
We thrive

Extinction of our dying race
Is at stake
Though we grow stronger
With every life we take

Lurking in the dark
Feeding on the fears of man
Draining their blood
So we may live
Living with the pain

And disgrace
Of this sheltered life
Killing what we need
Consuming everything we see

We gain our strength
With each death
Giving us hope
That we seek
Still, we can't succeed

And the torment
This causes inside
Brings visions

Of a world that we fear
And its burning light
Searing our flesh into dust
Though we'll die if we must
To live again

We've survived
For so many years
Even with the progress of man
The end is so near
Darkness will cover the earth
Giving way to birth
For we shall rise

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Pre-Chorus]

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