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1. The Coronation

Blow your trumpets, let the feast begin.
Sing for us minstrels tonight.
Let the coronation shimmer and shine
in the golden sun so bright.

In a velvet mantle he takes the oath:
-I will protect and serve my homeland
in the name of our lord.
Stand by me and we will prevail.
[The crowd:]

Remember the words of the old and wise
about what's wrong and what's right.
Do you know greed's face, the tongue of the snake
or the shades of black and white?

Receive the crown
and wear it with pride.
With it comes more than just the glory and gold.
Embrace the task
to stand by our side.
Fight for our freedom with the powers you now hold.

2. Trail Of Flames

Soaked in the silver rain
they rode through the woods.
Crossed the mountains
and crossed the rivers so deep.
They came at dawn
with fire and steel,
left at dusk, a trail of flames.

Reach up high to touch the sky,
brothers in arms side by side.
In defiance we unite
for the glory and victory
and for the times soon to be.

[Erik and Valdemar:]
The trail of flames will be our harbinger.
Let the fire mark our words.
The trail of flames
our messenger on black wings,
let our answer be heard.

Ride on for me my friends
and fear no more.
Ride for freedom
and ride for the truth.
We'll come at dawn again
with fire and steel
leaving nothing but ashes behind.

Although we're bonded by blood
we're divided by the Lord's pride.
Dishonouring we will not stand
nor will God who stands by our side.

3. Under The Sword

They burst through the gates
with swords in hand they made their way
cross the hall of the high lord.

-As long as that man lives
peace will never propagate
between me and my brothers here
so yield yourself to your fate!

The king stood still in the back,
grey in face and without will
not knowing wrong from right.

-You have brought shame and disgrace
to soil your fathers' name
and heaven will not easily
forget the game you've played.

The limbs of the lord was chained,
he was bound to a horse then they rode away
through a cold winter storm.
Travelling night and day
through a kingdom of snow
and finally arriving at
the castle of his foes.

He was shackled to the wall,
in the tower high above the ground
he was kept like a common thief.
And meanwhile the brothers three
feasted into the night
and toasted time after time
until the morning light.

He was sentenced to death by the blade.
In the name of high treason
he died under the sword.

-We have harvested the crops
of the evil seed
that grew between you and me
but now united we'll lead!

4. Night Of Infamy

Step inside and join us tonight.
Don't stand in the cold like strangers.

Thank you brother, we kindly accept.
Let us feast tonight to the grace of God

The night continued in a high mood
but when all had went to bed
a darker temper started to intrude.
The royal pair, surprised!

This night of infamy
I will never forget
nor will my brothers,
the vengeance I'll get.
I'll leave you restless,
I'll leave you blind
until one night:
A stab from behind.

Although my eyes beheld cheap
I should not have mistaken the wolves' scent.

Their souls awaits nocturnal domains
their sweet taste of victory is only lent.

[Birger and Marta:]
Locked behind steel and stone,
locked away by infamy.
Listening to my reflections of life.
Starving us to skin and bone,
leaving us to agony.
Seeing signs too late of their strife.

Now we are the ones to rule
the kingdom like it should,
as finally the credulous fool
is set aside for all of time.

5. Hooves Over Northland

From the western realm they marched
Through thunder, storm and rain
On a mission to quell the snakes.

[King Haakon:]
-You will search every hole
And turn every stick and stone.
Bring them out to light.

The hooves were pounding over the northland
While the battle cries rise high,
Shaking up the distant skies.
The reaper had them close at hand
Not losing them out of sight
From early morning until the night.

From the southern realm they marched
To gaze into their eyes
Illuminate all the lies

[King Menved:]
-No mercy will be shown
To stop their reckless minds
Burn them out and make them blind

[King Haakon:]
-Pace onward you boldest of men
Our time will come when we reach the end
We will descend

[King Menved:]
-In the mist of the twilight tonight
When the sky is clear and the stars shine bright
Their land we'll smite.

6. Pledge For Freedom

- I hope the future guides you well
Through archways paved in gold.
I hope tomorrow leads you right.
(To the gates of heaven!!)
Count on me to stand by your side
in storms as well as sunshine.
Count on me to hail your name.
(As you see the bright light!!)

Drop the crown onto my head,
I'll mourn your death with
tears that needs to be shed.

Fall down and bow your heads for me
I am the king you all sought me, to be
To pledge you freedom

There are no dark clouds in the sky
So trouble not your mind.
There is no reason to rise.
(Keep your great halls heated!!)

I hope the future guides you well
through archways paved in gold.
I hope tomorrow leads you right.
(To the gates of heaven!!)

Drop the crown onto my head,
I'll mourn your death with
tears that wants to be shed.

Fall down and bow your heads for me
I am the king you all sought me, to be
To pledge you freedom

No more lies, deceits or malice
Will haunt this family again
Linger on to life, and confirm you shelter
Mark my words, I tell you the truth

7. Ravenhair

[The Queen:]
-There you finally are, sister of the winds
And mother of my future deeds.
I'm in a battle I yet can't win,
So help me and tell me what you need.

[The Witch:]
-Let's hear what burdens your royal heart bears,
Is it a burden of love or of hate?
Tell me what obstacle lies in your way
And I'll see what can be done to fate.

[The Queen:]
-Twice they count, the unfaithful.
The infidels of the crown.
The dark one's pretenders
Trying to bring us down.

So let your magic be unleashed
And dispose of the false serpents of the night.

[The Witch:]
-Poorly my powers will bite, I can not harm royal blood.
I am not able to assist you in your fight.

[The Queen:]
-Witch, be gone then out of my sight
And take your feeble pitiable tricks and hide.

[The Witch:]
-I shall be gone soon, though I give you one advice:
Take the highest caution your wisdom can provide.

8. The Sceptre Of Deception

-It is with joy that I greet you.
Come inside, taste what is served for you.
Food does not lack, neither do wine.

Action or fate,
let's stir the mighty cauldron.
Love versus hate
by the sceptre of deception.

-Toast for you
and your glorious kingdom,
the home of heroes since early days.
Toast for us
and the newborn friendship.
It will now lead us on our way.

When the night became morning
the fire was no more, just reddest glow.
Down from the stairs the guards did descend.

-Storming in upon us in the night,
what is this supposed to be.
Give me my sword and I'll:..

-Our swords are useless here and now
so give up this pointless fight.
Doomed is our luck tonight.

-Ease this burden for I can not bare it,
when dark shadows upon my soul play.
Can't look into the future
as my eyes cannot see the light of day.

-Maybe you remember the game you played
me and my queen years ago?
Now it's my time to play!

-Who is laughing so evil?
It's the queen behind the walls of greed!
What cruel deed has she now done?

9. Hear Me Pray

-Fly away my homeward mind,
out from darkness and touch the sky.
Chained and restless
yet flying high,
on wings of joy leaving my
fate behind.

I feel the silence,
I feel the dawn
coming closer for every
breath I take.
I hear my maker
calling my name all day
so God, hear me pray.

-Please forgive us for our sins,
let not eternity yet begin.
Lost and broken
for the things we've done.
Longing to be caressed
by morning's sun.

Oh, please wait with paradise.
We are but fools in this
castle of ice.

10. Child Of Innocence

Hold the sceptre to the sky,
hold it high to be cleansed.
Climb the ancient stone,
you child of innocence.

Take the sceptre
you who didn't crave it,
reach to the heaven
and let it be blessed.
Cherish the throne
of blood with your purity.
Crowned by us,
estates in unity.

We chose the boy to be king,
there is no blood in his crown.

Remember the past
and bear it inside.
Witness the end
of the deceiving ride.

11. The Gate

[Bonus Track]

Additional info from booklet:


The Christmas of 1290 was soon to come and Magnus Ladulas was lying in his bed in the castle of Visingso. His body was weak of sickness and old age but his mind was still clear and sharp. He knew that it was not only his medical situation that was critical but the whole lands fate stood on crumbling feet. The future of his blood was unsure on the throne. Civil war was lurking around every corner in these unsteady days. There was however a way to evade a formal election and thus also a possible war. Some years earlier Magnus had been as provident as choosing his oldest son to be successor to the throne, although it was still an electional kingdom. Birger was now ten years old, still all too young for his royal duties. The king then called for his Lord High Constable, Torgil Knutsson.

-"My three sons are still young, will you faithfully rule the land until Birger is man enough to take on the royal robe?"
-"Whatever you think is wise I will do for my land."

Torgil was deeply honoured by the duty. He got to be a wise guardian and the people were happy. With time the nobles' influence gained ground at the other estates' expenses. He withdrew the privileges of the church such as exemptions from taxes and army duty, something that did not taste very well in the mouths of god's men. Torgil's land properties expanded and he led a crusade to the east to be able to control the profitable trade with Russia.

At this time peace ruled the land but on the contrary the temper was another outside its borders. Denmark and Norway had icy relations since Danish magnates had killed the Danish king Erik Klipping and then fled to Norway where they got a refuge.

Many people had gathered to join the ceremony and the streets and town squares were filled with excitement. High mixed with low without judgements or prejudices. There was plenty of food and entertainment during these joyous days. Torgil who arranged the coronation had twice the reason to feast. His daughter would on the very same day wed the youngest of the brothers, Valdemar. He thought that if he had Valdemar as son-in-law he could count on the younger brothers' support if Birger in the future would join up with the church and turn against him. Nothing could make this day more perfect.


In a prison cell in Stockholm the former crown prince now received the tidings. He had stood on that very stone himself in the middle of the meadow as a four year old. Now he was one potential pretender too much. He had been involved in neither his uncles' death nor his father's coup d'etat so to him he was an innocent man. None the less, the execution was a political necessity to not risk history to repeat itself. As his exiled father heard of the fate his son had met he was so weighed down by grief that he had to be laid in bed, never to rise as the chronicles say.

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