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1. Upon The Grave Of Guilt

Deep inside the black and winding mazes
I'm running from my ghouls,
My own thoughts are replaced by
The hidden faces deep from my soul.
Longing to see time rolling by
To case the thoughts of regret
My bad conscience tears me apart,
How will I ever forget

Dark recollections
Gnaw my inside
I've tried to run
And I've tried to hide

Reaching the barrow
Of my memories
To lay the final stone upon the grave
Searching inner kingdoms

For control
To put the lid of oblivion
Upon the grave of guilt

As I look into the mirror
I do not see my face
Two lying hollow eyes is staring back
With the look of shame and disgrace
My past is darkening my future
As my present dies
Every morning is a step towards
The edge of my soul's demise

Yesterday's demons
Is like a plague to my mind
That never seems to cure
Imprisoning me to
What I left behind
Letting my conscience
Unchain no more

2. Heresy In Disguise

Behind the dark walls
Dark secrets hide in the shadows
An evil presence
In the fortress of light
Darkness is falling
As the spirit of God slips away
You're a sinner by night
And a holy saint by day

In the sacred corridors evil is set free,
Lurking among the shadows of the monastery

Heresey in Disguise
Heresey in Disguise

His eyes glow like fire
As he turns the ancient pages
Discovering mysteries
Not revealed in many ages
Brother William, brother of sin
What do you do as the sun descends?
Beware of what you might see
As you open the door
To the beast

3. Wings Of Serenity

Oh, you graceful eagle
That soar in the air,
How I envy your chainless life
You are calling from your sky
Living under the sun,
Just riding the winds up high.

Your cliff is your castle,
Your nature's truly royal,
A king in brown and grey,
Look down on the foolish man
Competing with time,
Chasing his precious day

You're flying on wings of serenity
Into the blinding light.
You're the majesty of freedom
Living life at its height
You're flying on wings of serenity
You're soaring above the ground
You're the majesty of freedom
Tranquility is your crown

Oh, please let me follow you
On your journey to the clouds
Take me up on your wide wings
And show me your world
We will cross the skies
New horizons we'll see,
Cross the slumbering landscapes
And disappearing into the dawn

4. A Quest For The Crown

Many men are sent on a quest
For the crown
Searching all corners of the great land.
The minstrel tries to sing as before
But the jester he laughs no more
Many men are sent on a mission of hope
Asking fortune-tellers and the wise men
Where the royal crown is to be found,
Promising rewards in silver, gold and pounds

When the kind returns from the crusades
There is no big welcome on the shore.
As he hear the new of the missing crown
He shouts at the sky:
"have I ever let you down?"
The elderly call it a sign as famine
Strikes the land
Caught in the grip
Of the reapers cold hand

The mission must succeed
Or the kingdom will fall
With it falls the future if us all,

No crystal-ball mange to find
Guidance in their holy quest.
God is the last hope for our nation
Of earth, stone and damnation.

Many years had past since the kind died
When one day a young boy looked down
Into the moat.
Something was gleaming deep down,
What could it be ..........
If not the kings crown.

5. Mindtraveller

I travel over high mountains
Through deep valleys and forests
Crossing great rivers
In search of knowledge of the gods
From far beyond place and time
I hear a whispering wind,
It tells me to strive on
Through the horizon of my thoughts

I am the mindtraveller
My quest is man's destiny
Teach me secret holy spells
And the wisdom of the elderly
Gazing into my mind
Entering my soul.
Is there not a secret to unfold.
(Here I have advices to be told)

I am the mindtraveller
Seeking wisdom of yore

I am the mindexplorer
Striving to know so much more
Spirits of history fill my soul
With divine old words
I am on the right track
Out of the haze I'll emerge

I reach unknown croners
In the back of my mind
Never been here before
Still I recognise it all.
I hear the whispering voices
Clearly all around me,
Echoing in the valley
Where magic intellect dwells

Finally I can see the blind
Not knowing why they exists,
I hear laments of nature,
Where led the path we missed?

6. Entering Eternity

Riding through the echoes of the past
While the hooves pound the ground
Looking through the mist of the night
In the dim and covering light of the moon

Pale cold moon be my guide
Through this forest of the dawn
Enchanted wolves lead the way
To the land of infinity and destiny

I am entering eternity
Unfolding a new day
My future waits for me
To take me far away
I am opening realities
Never known before.

Here will my soul fly free

New dimensions open for me
As I reach my final horizon
Entering the world of the spirits
Dwelling in the shadow side
Of the living world

I'll be the soul of the wild hawk,
The whispering in the blowing wind
Or at the misty glade
I'll be the beast as the hunting wolf
Or the prey as the hunted hind
I'll be riding rays of light
Or lurking in the night's shade.

7. Royal Galley

By the rail he stands
On black waves he rides
The tomorrow belongs to him
And the queen by his side
Do not fear the storm
Master the oaken galley
And be brave at heart
For your king and country

Turn the prow towards the storm
For it's too late to turn back

Royal galley under the sky
Ooooh ooooh
Breaking waves oh, so high
Ooooh ooooh

The ship is swaying
Great white sails are torn
"Work harder faithful crew,
Or you'll do nothing more."
The firm hand of doom
Makes the ship heal.
Rocking out of control

Bending up its keel
The impsing galley twists and turns
Struggling in the wild waves

Royal galley sailing no more
Ooooh ooooh
The ship is doomed forevermore
Ooooh ooooh

Panic and agony hands in the cold air
As we're heading towards our destiny
The figurehead is going down towards the black end
Never to be seen again crossing the seven seas
Clashing waves are our tragic requiem
Since the maiden voyage was the last to be

The golden flagship of the fleet
Is heading for its deepest grave

Royal galley lost at sea
Ooooh ooooh
Down in the deep, resent in peace
Ooooh ooooh

8. Substitutional World

You stared too long into the sun
Forgot the rest of the sky
Don't let the gambler lead you astray
The truth is slipping further away
Take a good look up to the sky
And tell me what do you see
Isn't there a sun amongst the clouds?
Then where else could it be?

Substitutional world
Has become their home for all time,
They will never taste the real
They live in a cage
Restricted by their own hands
They will never feel free

Have you ever been dazzled

By the bright morning light?
Have you ever heard the birds sing
Have you ever tasted the gifts
Of mother earth?
You've burnt all your precious wings
As you had to touch the sun
The ashes in your breath
Is the bitter taste of what you've done

The higher your lucky star rises
The deeper you will fall
Who are you to impersonate god
Who are you to know it all?
As soon as you see tomorrow dawn
The future unfolds before your eyes
It's bit a sweet dream you dreamed
It's a nightmare of the world's demise

9. Lord Of The Blacksmiths

Where the winds sing
The laments of times long gone
Where the elves dance
Their dances of solitude
Hearken to the mountain
Can you hear the echoes
Of the hammer's beat
From deep within the shadows?

The lord of the blacksmiths
Keeps forging on
Through the endless time
Master of the anvil
Allys the metals
With an essence of magic

With wisdom and sorcery
From the beginning of time
Magnificent mworks are forged
For gods and for mighty kings
Uncrushable shields
Powerbelts and magic rings
Swords that never miss
Sceptres and crowns and other things

There is a holy presence
In his hidden existence
Listen to the hymn
It sings in the galleries
Powerful runes he carves
Into the shining steel
To have protection
From the powers of mystery

10. The Past Still Lives On

Here I walk
On pathways so old,
Travellers of yesterday I still behold
Hearken to the waves
Caressing the shore
Oh how much land have they seen before

Oh, mountain great
How much you must know
So tell me stories from ages ago
Oh, vast sea
Whom shops sailed upon,
Why did they sail and where are they gone?

Behold the traces of history
Open your eyes and you'll see
That all across the land lies
Secrets to be revealed
The past still lives on

Lost mariners
Who still sail the sears
Who were your children you no more would see?
Earth, wind and water
And burning sun,
Bring me back to when we lived as one

11. Per Tyrssons Döttar I Vänge

[The Ballad of Per Tysson's daughters in Vänge]

[Lyrics: Tradititional, Translation: Mathias Blad]

Per Tyrsson's daughters in Vänge
Oh how chilly their woods
They were fast asleep a long time ago
Whilst the woods burst into leaf

The youngest was the first one to awake
She soon awoke the others

They sat themselves down upon their beds
And plaited the hair on each other's heads

Then they dressed in clothes of silk
And made their way to church

When they came to Vänga hill
They met three robbers who held them still

"Pray, would you care to become robbers' wives?
Or would you rather lose your lives?"

"We would not care to become robbers' wives.
We would much rather lose our lives."

They chopped their heads off on birch-wood stem
And soon three wells sprung forth by them

The bodies were dug down in muddy ground,
The clothes they carried to Vänga town.

As they arrived in Vänga farm
Fru Karin came to greet them.

"Say, would you care to buy clothes of silk
That nine maidens have knitted and crotcheted?"

"Open your bundles and let me see
Maybe I know them, all three."

Fru Karin quivers as never before
And runs to Per Tyrsson who stands by the door

"There are three robbers outside our farm
They've gotten rid of our daughters"

Per Tyrsson grabs his sword and then
He runs to slay the two older men.

He asked the third one before he stroke
"Who is your father and mother?"

"Our father Per Tyrsson in Vänge,
Our mother Fru Karin in Skränge."

Per Tyrsson went to the smithy
And forged himself iron round his waist.

"What shall our retribution be?"
"We'll build a church out of stone and lime."

"Kärna Church shall be its name"
Oh how chilly their woods
"Oh, how willingly we will build it ."
Whilst the woods burst into leaf

[Per Tyrssons Döttrar i Vänge]

[Lyrics: Tradititional: Swedish Version]

Per Tyrssons döttrar i Vänge.
Kaller var deras skog.
De sovo en sömn för länge.
Medan skogen han lövas.

Först vaknad den yngsta,
Sa väckte hon upp de andra

Sa satte de sig pa sängestock
Sa flätade de varandras lock

Sa togo de pa sina silkesklar
Sa gingo de sig at kyrkan

Nar som de kommo pa Vänga lid
Där mötte de tre vallare

"Säg viljen I bli vallareviv
Eller viljen I mistra era unga liv?"

"Ej vilja vi blie vallareviv
Hellre vi miste vart unga liv."

De högg deras huvu'n pa björkestock,
Sa rann där strax tre källor opp

Kropparna grovo de ner i dy,
Kläderna buro de fram till by

När som de kommo till Vänga gard
Ute för dom fru Karin star

"Och viljen I köpa silkessörkar,
Som nio jungfrur har stickat och virkat?"

"Lös upp edra knyten och lat mig se,
Kanhända jag känner dem alla tre."

Fru Karin sig för bröstet slar
Och upp till Per Tyrsson i porten hon gar.

Dethaller tre vallare pa var gard
De haver gjort av med döttrarna var."

Per Tyrsson tar sitt svärd i hand
Sa högg han ihjäl de äldsta tva

Den tredje fraga han innan han slog:
"Vad heter er fader och mor?"

"Var fader Per Tyrsson ivänge,
Var moder fru Karin i Skränge."

Per Tyrsson han gar sig at smedjan,
Han lät smida sig järn om midjan

"Vad ska vi nu göra för syndamen?"
"Vi ska bygga upp en kyrka av kalk och sten!"

"Den kyrkan ska heta Kärna."
Kaller var deras skog
"Den ska vi bygga upp sa gärna"
Medan skogen han lövas

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