Dark Lyrics


1. Primitive Again

All that I can see, is the blackened dust on the ground
Frosted remains of the world, I feel
Once bright and green was it all, that's told
How can this be true, I never wanted this for me

I don't feel for anything
I was just left in the cold
If ever had any hope
Now I feel just old

Now it's time for me to rebuild all my life
Forget all the dreams and hopes from distant past
Now it's time for me to stay on this long road
With a clenched fist I stand, no one will stand in my way

Reversal of the process, of turning into nothing
I will win this war, it's you who goes down in flames
Nothing else will I ever do, is to stay on this long road

I'll become war, and I don't care anymore

Now it's time for me to rebuild all my life
Forget all the dreams and hopes from distant past
Now it's time for me to stay alive and just carry on
Blood is rushing back
I will find my way
I didn't come this far
Just to turn around

2. Chronicles Of The Dead

Now here I am
In the coldest rain of night
I'm the last man standing and
I try to remember

Burning remains
Of my home, my light
Why it's just gone
Why there's no life in sight

New law rising
A triumph is
In all their minds and thinkings

Their figures
Carved in marble
And ill-advised, insane

Among the scorched ruins
The writings of the last of the living
Words of wisdom and peace and life
Future dreams, all smashed and torn

The knowledge I must pass on
But there's not a soul on this planet
So in silence will I crawl into my shallow grave

All are blind to see it clear
Propaganda reaching all
Decisions made in haste
Protesters deafened with deadly force

Armies marching on
Nations are on fire
Millions are bleeding
Millions are burning

The knowledge I must pass on
But there's not a soul on this planet
So in silence will I write the last chapter of
The chronicles of the dead

The final battle, flaming showdown
Total chaos, total war
Take your last breath and wait
Still waving the flag of hate, soon dead

This knowledge I must pass on
But there is not a soul on this planet
So in silence I'm writing my last words into the chronicles of the dead

3. Shadows In The Wasteland

In the starlight, hallucinating
Knee-deep in a lake of fire
Radiated, mutated
Fade away to the darkness

Shattered dreams, twisted nightmares
All I hear is everlasting silence
A flash of bright light in the night
My mind got clearer, focusing thoughts

In the coming days I can see the new dawn of man
No more dead and gone, no more lost in the desert sand
In the distant skies, roaring storm cracks open the sky
We're rising from the shadows in the wasteland

I see patterns in darkened forms
All the colors are out of space
Visions unlike I've never seen or known
All fade away as I feel the shiver

4. Kingdom Of Dust

Now I'll stay and rest a while
Been going on for weeks
No destination

I won't stay for long
I only stay forever

In the kingdom of dust
Only sorrow I feel and see
In the cold barren emptiness
Keeping hopes up with my shotgun

Stormy winds of daytime
Sand in my eyes, blinded by the sun

Waiting for the stillness of the dark
When the wolves keep me company

The only light in the desert night
Is the moon in the sky
And the fire in my eyes

In the kingdom of dust
Nothing but agony I feel
In the cold barren emptiness
There's only the desert breeze

5. Desert Breeze


6. Shades Of Gray

Our new world is taking shape
Gone is blue and green
All what's left from old now is white
But only as a false sign of hope

I try to get a grip
But I keep on slipping
Crushed in the void
Drowned under the frozen waters

Moving through space
Shifting their shape
Deafening deep silence

Floating above
Spiraling down
All shades of gray

I embrace the gray
For what other color would I know
A lifetime spent in the dark
Where nothing grows, nothing stays

7. Dying Dreams

Lifetime of waiting, warm feeling of sunshine
Just wanting to wake up, inhale crisp clear air
Come in through an open window, the rays of the morning sun
I'd get up go outside, I'm home and I can feel it

Gone are my dreams, I'm not surviving
Alone I am hoping, all hopes I'm losing
Sickening thoughts of doom taking in
My dreams are dying, just gone, forever

See in the distance, the trees are green
Mother earth organic, its leaves are falling
A reward of a life of nothing but failure
Drown in ashes, death of a dream

After all, be proud of this life
You may feel blank but don't feel fear
Burning smoke of death reaches you
All that's left, a long lost world

Leave it to them to decide my fate
Temporary peace is over soon
The morning sun goes dark, disappears
It's cold again, I'm lost among the dead

8. Mayhem Machine


9. Evolution In Reverse

There was a time many years ago
As it's told by among the living
The world was living it was breathing
Before the war, before it all

We are going back to ancient times
But not to the time of some old wisdom
What we're going through, what we are
Evolution in reverse

On this blackened ground
Nothing will breed or grow
How could have it been any better
Ever seen anything but gray

As I'm staring in the distance
Wonder what it looked like on that day
The cold metal of the mayhem machine
Brought down fire on all the world

Sometimes I feel going back
Being one with the nature

All that matters to me no more
In this paranoid forgotten burnt world
I will go on until my time is up
In the end disintegrate and die

The black rain flushing all life away
A primal scream echoes in the sky
The life of a primitive drifter
Along the edge of desert I'll wander

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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