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1. In Portraits Of Shadowed Life

For those who’ve heard the bells ringing
For those who’ve felt my gazing eyes
I am what you call a dream
To whom I draw the line of sanity

To furthest hill I long my tears (to fall)
Til my soul leaves this poignant world
To be what is one with the night
“I am what is your inmost might”
For who has seen those windswept flowers
For who has held the rarest rose

I shall crown him as the king to be
While his servants laments shall be my wine
“I am what will forever be”
In blood that is written
From the wounds of your pale skin
To join those who have risen
“I am eternally lost in the winds of oblivion”

In portraits of shadowed life
I saw her embraced by the light
A light which you shall never see
For you are what is forlorned
Forlorned shall never be
Just a pale mourning of those forgotten

Filled with sorrow drowned in my endless tears
Under the stars of the nightly sky
I have wept a thousand times

In my bitter sadness
I can now see the beauty in death
As I vanished to forever sleep
I saw the angels that wept
…I saw the angels of death…

2. Frostmaiden's Veil

So black her hair and pale her skin
With a deadly kiss so pure, so grim
A thousand tears of ice to weep
Have men of betrayal, now asleep

For years have passed and years will be
Touched is she with a gentle hand
Mother of seasons for you to see
By the veil of the mightiest, scarlet and grand

Kuuletko hänen huutavan tuskaista huutoaan
Kuuletko hänen huutavan läpi lumen, alta maan

”For my veil is eternal...”

By the veil of her is covered the path
Seasons shall come but the veil won’t fall
Those who ride the winds of her wrath
Hear the beloved frosmaiden’s call

“See the shimmer from the frozen gardens
and feel the breeze from the snow covered shores
for I am the lady of the north”

3. As I Wither Away

Oh, how I grieve your graven kiss
“In dusk’s fading light”
Slowly I wither in my growing loneliness
Like a flower in the summer’s dawn
Where is the beauty of your soft, pale skin
As I drown in the shadows of past

Slowly drifting away from you
Screams of anguish in emptiness
As I mourn my loss of life

Oh, how I grieve…

“Watching as the snow falls down”
And the shadows as they dance on the walls
“At last, we’re together as one”
My funeral… has begun

Alone I have lived, alone I will die
With you… my life…
Without you…

4. Witches Dance

A black cloath of forbidden wisdom
To ride the night in fullmoon’s celebration
The wind has stopped it’s whisper-like humming
It’s calm before the storm

Forest so vast and beautiful its shades
Witnessing the dance of those once human
Now just bleak of before been
Shall they become what they’ve foreseen

Why do they gather to that macabre dance?
Around the darkened bonfires glance
Witches dance…

“Oh, streaming winds, give me thine strength
give me thine mighty storms
I am the queen whom the light shall dread…
Enchantress from the heathen north”

Again it’s the time of the summoning
A woman is granted with ravenwings
To fly through the skies so bright
And to land where the seas throw their might

Paths that lead to the darkest woods
See them cast their mourning spells
For those not knowing what is grace
Shall not die with witches’ embrace

5. Reverie's Night

Look and mesmerize what shall be
And what has been
Over the night and far to the sea
Those stars that heard they scream

On that morning he wanted to feel
That day was written in prophecies

By that day the sun…
Gave birth to its beloved child
The moon that’s now gone…
The whispers of the elder ones

Look and mesmerize what shall be
And what has been
Longing to shadows, longing for seas
To stars I want to scream

Look and mesmerize what shall be
And what is yet to see
Over the night and far to the sea
Those stars that heard they scream

That evening the skies started to weep
That reveries’ night of eternal sleep

6. My Beloved

Her skin is soft as wind
Pale like my palms of sin
And her eyes like dark blue seas
Stare me with icy dreams
In my dreams
“We shall be”
In my dreams
“In the worlds beneath”

And the nightfall is for my bride
Mistress of dawn, embraced by night
Shimmery meadows before the dusk
Beyond the shadows, they will turn to dust

Her skin…

Timeless is our lovelorn night
Secrets of caressing might
Are not held by the blinding light

Forever in our eyes, we see the dying lies
Of the truth of the past,
to days to come will they last?

Fading to dreams, there is something that calls
Her divergent love in those shady halls
For there I’ll return, for there I will yearn
Willing to where the rays of light will not turn
Her spellbinding eyes take my breath
In forbidden paradise for her I have bled
For her lost I will shed tears unseen
Bereaved I will be to see what is planned for me

Her skin is soft as wind
Soft like the swan’s white wings
And her voice makes the weathers fall
Oh, hear the beauty of her song
Storms have torn
“But we stand tall”
Storms have torn
“In those shady halls”

7. When Stormclouds Gather...

Dethrone the castles of fading light
Watch as the flowers wither in the coven of the storms
Let the blackened clouds lead us to another rainy night
Hear me heavens, hear me cry
God of the storms and clouds up high

Flowing crystal streams like fire in my eyes
Enthroned the mighty nature of black whirling winds
Fire in my eyes
Black whirling winds

For beneath you are, we of our infant cries
Grandest are the elder ones, men before our kings
Of our infant cries
Men before our kings

Dethrone the castles…

Bring forth the ancient times of wrath and hate
Chant us these storms for they are our fate
Of wrath and hate
For they are our fate

Under the icy scarlet skies fulfilled are dreams
Through the halls echo the oblivion’s scream
Fulfilled are dreams
The oblivion’s scream

8. Hämärän Kutsu

Tuonelan tuolta puolen, manna majoilta
Nuo veneet mustat vievät yli virran
Kasvottomat enkelit ikuisilta ajoilta
Kunnes aika armahtaa meidät vielä kerran

Kuulen kuinka tuulessa kuiskaus meille soi
Hämärän siivet nyt kantaa meidät voi
Kutsu vahva ikuinen, vain metsät seuranain
Siellä missä iäisyys on pieni hetki vain

On aikamme tullut jo hiipua pois
Kuin patsaita jäätyneitä ruumiimme ois
Nuo tummat hahmot kun ratsailla nään
Ovat sielumme kohdanneet matkansa pään
Paikan ikuisen talven ja jään...

”Talvinen metsä, tuhat mustaa yötä”
syksyiset lehdet peittää maan
”Talvinen metsä, tuhat mustaa yötä”
Pohjoinen tuuli meitä kuljettaa

9. Nightshades

[bonus track]

10. Talven Tahdon Jaavan

[bonus track]

11. Dark Oceans Calm

[bonus track]

12. With All My Sorrows

[bonus track]

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