Dark Lyrics


1. Animosity

You're so ignorant to think
I will fall for manipulation
I could read the lies off the tip of your tongue

You think you have every right to pass judgment
When you're a walking contradiction
Blood tides will drown the ignorance
& death will come for all

No one can save you, you insect
I don't need beliefs to prove of my existence
Fragments of dust
Is what you'll become

You live your life like you want to die
& try to save yourself with all your picket signs
Generation, after generation of being told what to believe
Exposing this cold world
Full of ruthless human beings

No substantial foundations [2x]

No matter what you say
You are sinners in the end
No matter what you think
You are the true bringers of death

You move your mouth before your ears
Only listen to
What you wanted to hear
Never think for yourself
Easily led to follow the crowd
Why are you so afraid of being wrong
There will be hell to pay & it's free of cost

2. Tyranny

Forced to be controlled by subliminal mind condition
Materialistic traits born into imprisonment
Consumed by consumption
Luxuries blind humanity

From the harsh truth of false accomplishments
This is known as modern day slavery
Divided nations filled with disgusting pigs

Freedom is life’s greatest lie
Freedom is a figment of imagination
Humanity is the pig
& government is the butcher

You are all in line
Every one will get a chance

Enslaved to work everyday for nothing
I won’t bow down to their oppression

Never will I carry out your lies
A world full of copies
A world full of greed
A world full of tyrants
Controlling everything
Cast into the flames of regret
Enforcing ideas that contradict

I will never fall to my knees
I’d rather die on my feet
Abusing power at their own needs
Manipulating society

3. Blood Tides


4. Leviathan

Keep begging for mercy
Cry for forgiveness
No one can hear you
& no one will listen

There's no hope for
Taking down this beast [2x]
Nothing but false beliefs
Another fallacy

I never thought that it would come to this
Question a world that gives no explanation
Say goodbye to all your hopes & your dreams
The filth in this world just keeps haunting me

Everything under what you believe
To be Heaven is, slowly coming down
To a screeching halt
& there's no turning back from this

Nothing on Earth is equal
A creature
A nightmare
A monster you all fear

Dread of disappear [2x]

Keep begging for mercy
Cry for forgiveness
No one can hear you & no one will listen [2x]

No one is fierce enough
To stand against this giant

It will devour anything in its path
Nothing will live & no one will last
The mere sight of this is overpowering
Until there's nothing left

You worthless human [3x]

5. Abolished

Condemned with constant callousness
Afflict misery to those who deserve it
Prepare for the end
Beg for your life
There will be no trace left

There's no escaping this [2x]
I see the fear in your eyes

I will make you suffer
Then start with the pain
The hatred built inside is what's controlling me
I will erase your existence
& there's no stopping the monster I've become

Your fate will be my closure
Your end will be my cleanse

Every time you weep you wish this was all a dream
Haunting your thoughts, I am your greatest illusion
Living a nightmare
As I live my fantasy

Accept your punishment cause there's no forgiveness here
This will be the last breath you take
As I wipe you off the face of this disgusting Earth

Strapped onto this chair you look into my eyes
You know I'm under control [2x]
Beaten to a mess, savor the pain & burned alive till nothings left

Burn to a crisp [2x]
I have lost my mind & there's no coming back from it
You scream, you shout but
No one can hear you now [2x]

I am the executioner [4x]

The executioner

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